curtain draping techniques Ideas on rod

The draped curtains or folds are the most popular because they are suitable for all contexts: classic, modern, country or ethnic group. It's not just important to choose the fabrics and colors best  for your home but also the accessories, the type of support and Curling best suited for your style of decor. In this quest with the post, we'll explain how to do, with lots of ideas and tips.

In the selection of curtains are basic fabrics and colors which you can choose by browsing the various styles of furniture.

For colors, in general, keep in mind that the dark curtains make the room seem smaller (to be avoided, then , in small environments); those clear, the larger. Also reasons to fantasy with great design seem to be moving forward by reducing the sense of depth, the opposite effect is achieved if the drawings are small.

Draped curtains for classic furnishing:

With classic furnishings are perfect curtain folds and curls very rich. In particular, in older homes with large windows, decorated with classic taste, you can employ rich fabrics like damasks and brocades and heavy fabrics.

In cities and small rooms, lighter fabrics are better such as polyester, viscose, pure or mixed linen, raw silk, which, among other things, make filter in the house a greater quantity of light.

To enrich and embellish the draped curtains you can add tassels, cords, borders and tie-backs and use sticks made of brass.

Draped curtains for country environments

In countryside contexts, the curtains can be more or less curled depending on personal taste. Cotton fabrics also work, paired with sticks in wood or wrought iron and coloured choices maybe in polygonal shapes or or squares. A highly innovative idea, especially for the window of a country kitchen, is the idea of two curtains with different patterns and curls and different fastening systems.

Draped curtains for modern

In modern environments curl must be discreet, barely visible and light fabrics such as linen, viscose and polyester, which may be fixed with sticks or steel wires, thin, linear, almost imperceptible. Cords and tie-backs can also be used with modern tents provided in essential materials such as leather.

Draped curtains for ethnic backgrounds 

Even in areas of the ethnic, curl tends to be barely visible and the light and impalpable fabrics, such as organza and voile can be chosen from in shades of red, yellow and natural lands.  It goes well with original accessories in ethnic style for a fabric treated in detail.