National Best Friends Day - What I had to learn

You have made my memories beautiful like a ray of sunshine, you have turned the tears with smile in your liking, you have warmed my hands which were cold in the winter chill and walked with me in my choices with discreet silence and constant presence. You have coloured my days with authentic joys, but for me it is a life that you're close to me, and that you love me. You are my best friend, you are the joy of my heart.

We must never allow others to measure our worth, nor afford to shut ourselves up in a cage of emotional dependency, and never allow anyone to decide the course of our lives. Our lives are we, and only we have the right and duty to decide, especially deciding to respect ourselves!

Can you give joy to my days again, keeping my thoughts, and you know it makes a difference in every moment of my life to the very existence and for loving me. You are my best friend, remember now and forever.

I'm sitting in the pews of my window and, suddenly, I remember the good times that we lived with in college. The first day of college, our teachers. We were shy and awkward with emotions, and we could not talk! During the following days, we began to learn about all of our companions, our friends, with whom we spent happy times and they are still our friends. The first year of college is spent happily and without problems.

The second year, although we have made new friends, we never leave, and indeed, we were even more united! In the third year, we had little problems, because I had begun to spend more time with the other girls. The years that I remember as if it were yesterday, are those of the fourth and fifth, because they were the years in which we unite and although we are in different classes, our friendship still lasts and endures.

When something scared me the only thing I could do was flee. I behaved like a coward but I could not get away, I could not stay and fight, I had to flee, first of all, to think to assimilate the situation, and only later I could go back and move forward. You chased me, no matter how fast I went and all the times that I stopped just to catch my breath, she was there and stood beside me.

But today when I fall in the puddle and the heart gets wet like my feet, I turn around and there is none, she is not there. I'm alone. Besides, what could I expect? If my best friend had been following me this time, I would have had to flee again, forever, because it was the way she had managed to terrorize me.

No, she knew me so well that she knew she had to stay where she was, which was useless to run in the rain like me, without an umbrella, without shoes, without a goal, without courage. She was not a coward, if you had a problem, and it remained there she would face it. In this we were very different.

I take refuge in the room, slam the door and let myself be choked by the pillow. When I turn up, I still feel the lips that burn for the kiss of fire and frost trembling from the sudden touch.

Why did she do? "Best Friends" was the expression perhaps too little for you? Or maybe it was too much?

I feel sighing heavily and close the door, walked away in silence. And the silence reveals itself suddenly heavy, difficult to sustain. In the room I hear only my breath and confused sobs that, inexplicably, I can no longer hold back. I jump up, perhaps because of the unbearable cold that I feel in the feet, or chest pain caused by a beating heart.

To clear the silent emptiness that filled the room, I take off my wet socks and walk barefoot towards the stereo. The CDs do not know what's inside, not even control, turn on the player, turn up the volume, and then I let myself fall to the ground, with back glued to the wall and clutching my cold feet against me. The CD shrill fills the room, screaming at my place, which rest in silence to listen to her.

"Happy Ending" was the song. That she loved to sing, pretending to hold a microphone in her hands, making me believe that you have a genuine smile on her face, the illusion that those who sang were just words in a foreign language that they did not have a meaning.

Liar! "This is the way you left me, I'm not pretending. No hope, no love, no glory, No Happy Ending. ”And there's never a happy ending for those who flees to the problems. This is the way that we love, like its forever. Then live the rest of our life, but not together.

I hope that we will continue to deal with each other. When I think of all those good times, I am pleased and hope to relive them! Hope and cross my fingers. I would like us to go forward all two at the same point! We could also experience things together unforgettable and which does not erase easily.