Lenovo Yoga: gaming tablet and laptop

My misadventures with a tablet, I think I can classify among the most classic, was back in 2010, when during the usual summer vacation in my grandmother’s place in a charming locale I was having a nice time with my tablet showing it off to relatives and friends, when it happened.

The incident happens by sheer coincidence the last day of the vacation, when during a hot day at the end of August, we were opening a bottle of Coca-Cola, while I was unmindfully doing something in my tablet and while I was holding the glass with one hand with the other I was fiddling with the tablet and then suddenly I touched the bottom of the glass which spills to the last drop over the tablet.

And now what to do? Being tech savvy and knowing that much of the liquid has gone inside, I take it and wipe it clean and turn off the tablet in a matter of 30 seconds. I open up the entire case slowly and try to clean it up to perhaps avoid a disaster and the subsequent scolding by my father. I take a roll papers and start to wipe the whole system, the screen and the chassis.

I open the tablet and suddenly my blood freezes with the battery is still there, pretty vigorous in its cradle! While taking it off I note with horror that there are traces of the beverage also under the battery, with the last glimmer of rationality but I shun the idea of taking the hair dryer to dry it up and continue to dab with paper towel. After all, the last thing is to not boot again. I turn my tablet and I see that the drink reappearing again and again magically on the screen, with my hopes dying. I realized that the tablet had practically took a bath in the water and sugar, and caffeine for sure would not certainly start up again.

But after fiddling with the wires a little in fact, after a few hours once I push the power button the orange light comes on, and there is still some hope, I tell myself. I hold the power button and two lights come on, and my  eyes shine But when the screen remained black and is not lit and the lights went off I realize that there was nothing to do, with the battery perhaps irreparably damaged.

And as I look at the black screen and the coke that dripped, my father arrived, but the icing on the cake was after hearing the terrible news, he said, resigned, given the precedents of when I was little more than a baby, just have it repaired to my utter relief.

No everyone in my family makes fun of me with the moral of the story is Never drink while you are working with the Tablet!

Now a few tips on better ways to use the new Lenovo Yoga Tablet. If you're starting out on a long journey or are just taking the tablet in a local café, use these tips to help charge the battery to last longer.

You can make your tablet battery run longer by turning off or reduce all the unnecessary features that consume more energy.

Close the wireless card, if you do not plan to access your network or Internet connection. Lower the volume level or put it on mute, if you do not plan to use it.

Reduce the brightness level of the screen. If you use your tablet in a well lit area or outdoors on a sunny day, try setting it to two or three notches.

Disable Bluetooth. Unless you're using this device, you can disable it safely to avoid draining the battery of the tablet.

The memory of the tablet in use requires more power to hold the data. Also, using more memory means using more swap space or virtual memory on the hard drive of your tablet. All this adds an additional load to the battery of your tablet. Instead of allowing multiple applications open, use only what you need at a given time. Close all applications running in the background on your tablet, such as the synchronization software or backing up the tablet online.

Do go for simple applications that do not use a lot of RAM, much of the hard disk or a lot of processing power. Use a basic text editor, which is not heavy for the processor and RAM. The heavy-duty applications such as games or movies are particularly detrimental to the battery.

Avoid extreme temperatures. Batteries are based on chemicals and will be depleted more quickly in extreme temperatures. Try to charge and use the battery at room temperature.

Use energy-saving settings available on your tablet. Unplug any external devices such as a USB mouse or an external drive.

Shut down or hibernate the tablet, rather than using the standby mode, if you are not going to use it for a while.

Clean the battery contacts with a bit of alcohol on a damp cloth which help increase energy efficiency.

Keep the battery cool. Batteries lose power if they are not used soon enough after charging. If you use a fully charged battery within two weeks after charging, you may find that it is empty. When fully charged, disconnect the plug, the battery will last longer and provide better performance.

Configure your tablet for the various scenarios in which you use it (the airplane, the cafeteria, office and so on).

Avoid propping your tablet on a pillow, blanket, or other soft surfaces that can heat up the tablet quickly.

If you use the tablet for too long, it may overheat and damage components slowly, shortening the life span of their lives.

Be careful when you charge the battery. Never put it to charge when you're not nearby.

If you're working on the Internet with your tablet, do not turn it off or you'll lose the data.

Be careful when cleaning the tablet. Always clean them when the battery is completely drained and use a slightly damp cloth.

Take a break if the battery is running low. Be sure to fully charge the battery before you leave home if, where you go, there's nowhere to charge it.