Vaccines: Help the body fight back


Yet another mass hypnosis we have been experiencing for the theory of immunization vaccine. Let me make clear from the outset that the intent of this article is to make us ask questions in order to understand if the parents of today are sufficiently informed about what might happen to their children when they are subjected to these practices.

A few decades ago, we were led to believe that an inoculation containing heavy metals were to replace what had been for thousands of years our immune system. Since then our immune system, the vaccine have raised the white flag and with them our health. They made us believe that all of a sudden there were the incurable diseases and pandemic whose causes were unknown and that without the vaccine would reduce humanity to extinction.

They have been able to involve universities funded by usual banks and pharmaceutical industries, professors and doctors to carry out the plan to promote vaccination. They have been able to touch sensitive keys in a strategic manner such as fear, the industry highest turnover that has ever existed there. They believe that to be the responsible parents children absolutely had to be vaccinated.

At the same time they "forgot" to tell us that breast milk has always been there are all the antibodies and nutrients that defend the child from all diseases. They "forgot" to tell us also that if we do not eat right food to our animal species born disease. After all, bacteria and viruses develop only if the soil is fertile for the development.

They "forgot" that the lack of sanitation affects the development of the diseases. They "forgot" to raise public awareness and the risks and contraindications. These large forgetful events have not forgotten to terrorize humanity with the so-called influenza, a flu weaker than a common cold, but according to them could lead to extinction. We were told that we had to vaccinate en mass on a global scale.

Despite the media terrorism a lot of people did not take the bait, the vaccines were still in warehouses to rot, when suddenly the pig is dead. If they have not heard anything who knows, maybe the holidays will be over on a nice plate of lentils.

They told us that diseases that were in circulation between 800 and 900' diminished by 1940 thanks to vaccination practice . This is very strange. In fact, infectious diseases fell, in parallel with improving sanitary conditions, well before vaccination programs were mandatory. It is clear that the Polio was disappearing on his own before the advent of vaccines and in a very incisive manner.

A  large number  of  studies  has shown that unbalance in the immune system with vaccines, can cause neurological disorders. These studies show that vaccinations can trigger neurodegeneration, also because 'the vaccine viruses (poisons and heavy metals) are neurotoxic and immunosuppressive. Early damage that can give the vaccines are the alteration of intestinal pH and bacterial flora of intestine, candidiasis, allergies, asthma, epilepsy, neurological problems, leukemia and lymphoma, muscular dystrophies and sclerosis, cancer, birth, babies shaken down, etc.

Mercury in vaccines only exacerbates this process, as well as producing other types of poisoning, but unfortunately not the only problem and the only cause of this exponential increase of diseases in children and young people vaccinated. This is the reason why, with the increase of vaccinations we also had an exponential increase in cases of autism. Vaccines create genetic mutations of cells, mutations that to the offspring from the mother.

In fact, vaccines are a highly dangerous cocktail of toxins that can lie dormant for years and re-explode as time bombs, even after several years. Though to sell a greater quantity of vaccines, the pharmaceutical industry is taking the world population in ignorance about the existence of great options that are far safer and more effective and above all non-invasive, taught by natural medicine to strengthen our immune system.

A detoxifying power is the best we can do to minimize the risk of the person who unfortunately has already been vaccinated, or who had a poisoning from improper nutrition, smog, or hazardous work now there are natural systems to keep the body detoxified, starting from suitable power of the human species.

Foods with fiber, fructose (not glucose), water, antioxidants, rich in vitamins and minerals can be the best "medicine" ever. Hippocrates, father of modern medicine is no coincidence that said "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food".

As always, if health and awareness go hand in hand, we become free from the shackles of dogma imposed by society from “Spa Diseases" and everything becomes easier. Fear is the first natural enemy that man must overcome along the road of knowledge.