Safety Tips for Women & Girls - Travel Alone

A woman should have the right to travel alone, to walk the streets at night, park under the house, having no fear. Unfortunately, what it is for a woman is not always what a woman can expect.  I invite you to take a few minutes to read through this post, that can be placed in everyday life, with simple instructions and are easy to perform with what to do in the street, car or train, which numbers should always be ready on the fly on your mobile phone.

Times have also allowed us to experiment with avant-garde technology solutions to allow those who are in danger of being immediately rescued. But first it has to come from women with the ability to rise up and say enough is enough to incorrect, violent and arrogant attitudes that are still part of the miserable sub cultural baggage in many men. It is not enough to know how to defend aggression or attempted abuse, which is necessary, but it is a first step. We must all work together, men and women, each in their own hand, to promote a society in which certain false values and certain conceptions that produce violence and inequality are weeded out.

I ask you though also to have trust in institutions and to report abuse, you contact police because then violent attitudes can be stopped in time and punished. The laws are there to be applied, but to do so it is necessary for your cooperation.

1. Try to keep your attention at a very high level about everything that is around you, especially if you come home alone or is in isolated places. When you travel on regular routes try to find the police station, and hospital.

2. Adopt a strong attitude even if you feel a situation is of danger. Search for people, rooms or houses nearby from where you can get potential help.

3. Avoid dark or deserted streets even if you are in the city centre. If the road is illuminated try to walk close to the sidewalk in the opposite direction to that of travel. If you sense a dangerous situation, keep your phone in your pocket or in your hand.

4. At the station, the subway, bus or train if you are alone and forced to travel at night, avoid empty compartments.

5. Do not leave personal documents in the workplace or at home of friends.

6. Do not make withdrawal transactions from the ATM in isolated or dark areas when you're alone.

7. Maintain the confidentiality of your information (address, phone, email, cards and services, acquaintances, work) according to the level of co-experience that you have with people.

8. Carry a book with some phone numbers fundamental to call in case of emergency. Save on some trusted cell phone numbers in speed dial. Save on one or more phone numbers to call in case of emergency

9. If you have already planned to return in the evening alone, do not wear flashy clothes or jewellery, hold the phone in your pocket and documents instead of the purse. Always check that the bag is closed.

10. Do not put personal information on social networks.

11. Avoid the parks in the evening. If you spot a danger and you're sitting next to someone with whom you feel you could not trust, with simplicity quickly change the spot. If you feel danger, try to get close to a group of people.

12. If you are followed by someone when you're reaching for your car, activate the anti-theft device so that the people of the neighbouring buildings can be alerted and the possible attacker is forced to flee. Never give lifts to unknown or little known people. If you notice suspicious vehicles write down the license plate number.

13. At home always keep the door locked and always be careful to open balconies or windows, if you live on the ground floor or first floor. If someone unexpectedly knocks on the door, do not open even if the person is provided with identification cards. If someone rings the intercom without identifying himself never open the door, if you're not sure who he really is. Do not receive strangers when you're alone at home. Always look through the peephole who's at the door and make sure it is someone you know well.

14. In order to feel safe at all times of the day, to move freely, and to have the possibility to ask for help with a simple gesture, Smart Suraksha smartphone app is a complete solution for personal safety, a advanced technological app equipped with a GPS locator and an alarm button, from which you will be able to send a distress call.

The path is long and complex, even more if we think that in a multi-ethnic society such as that in which we live today very often we come to ways of thinking and act against women, unworthy of a civilized country. This post is intended as a trusted friend, recalling its simple guidelines that will cooperate actively to promote your and others safety behaviours which once acquired can spread themselves a sense of security around those who adopt them. Who is self-confident transmits this message to others, and already this is a first defence.