Is Ignorance Bliss - The Light of Happiness

Ignorance indeed is bliss, he thought to himself. Ignorance and bliss are the bland and the savoury, two different moments on the line in becoming a learned initially and later forced more and more intelligent that can reach up to bliss. When knowledge is open to all the notes of the heart it's like finding your way home after losing for a while with orientation, thanks to the light that illuminates in the ignorance and finally unifies the streets of matter.

If we identify with all that is transient, which has only a momentary function, we are really ignorant, well away from the awareness of our true nature, just like the prisoners in the cave of Plato's myth. When we begin to discriminate the different rustles of the wind through the leaves of the trees in the garden of our consciousness, we begin to know a little more of everything that affects the bliss of a stable mind.

When the sun dispels all of the Soul the forest of our illusions and reveals the vision of the heart, then there is the bliss that holds the treasures of ignorance. In YOGA ignorance is "avidya", that state of confusion and mental blindness, because of all impediments and of all suffering. It is due to the limitation of the Spirit in the form the particle of divine energy is hidden by veils of matter, forgetful of self, and only through a multitude of experiences may acquire knowledge that will allow it to open a passage to freedom.

The desire of knowledge therefore pushes, from one experience to another and eventually leads to the recognition of a false existence and the unveiling of the true existence, which is the supreme consciousness and bliss in absolute perfection.

It is the search for bliss, to be able to free from the necessity of pain, which then leads to ignorance dissolve in the grand jewel of discrimination in the wisdom that enriches the flavour of our experiences, and it is the right fit for every thing in which the "know" is used to enhance the flavour of life and make it better to direct our thoughts and our desires toward its achievement is the best way to achieve it.

Beautiful and incorruptible is bliss,
and is easily known by those who love it
and is found by those who seek it
to prevent those who desire to be recognized
he who rises early in the morning
will not have to work hard,
because they shall find it sitting at the his door.
Think it is supreme ignorance,
and who is vigilant on her soon to be without pain,
because it goes in search of those who are worthy of her,
in the streets appears to them with kindness
and meets them in every project
Its principle is a sincere desire for education,
care is love, and
love is the keeping of its laws;
respect for its laws is no guarantee of incorruptibility,
and incorruptibility makes us feel closer to God,
so the desire for bliss leads to kingdom
If, therefore, the principles of the people,
you delight in thrones and sceptres,
honour ignorance, then you may reign for ever.