How to spend a romantic Love Day

Every couple has their own secret, to love day after day and we have our own. We live an epic love life. We are the heroes of our great love story. I, the hero, did not believe in forever, I thought that one woman is not enough to fill a lifetime, and that I love you was an obvious statement, that I never wanted children and that marriage was an outdated institution but they all capitulated at our first glance. The love at first sight, I assure you, it exists.

The first kiss brought the first night together, which led to the date on which we started our history, which coincided with sharing the same roof. All this in the space of a second. You can not waste time, when it is time to love. There are many views that we saw together, and each new sky greets us with its gaze. With her, I learned that home is where your heart is, and that the walls have no value without her.

The first night together, I asked her to marry me. Thus, on two feet, we have revolutionized our lives for a love beyond magic.

The trips to the moon to regain her senses, 
Fires of dragons that protect the kingdom. 
Nymphs with their feet in the water, 
Powerful green trees hanging down. 
Mountains guarding little angels, 
Blue eyes that held the sky earth-bound. 
In solstices of summer and winter,
Music festivals to dance all night. 
Kings and Queens that carry the sun, 
The words of the languages of each country. 
Lying on the grass under our star, 
With the infinite on the heart and without fear.
Beyond life there is life, always and again.
Here, this is the night when everything changed.
That was how it all started. 
A new beginning, a new life.
A child was born and he was born 
With a mother and a new family.

Exactly two years ago this wonderful night in early autumn all began. I could not fall asleep, I wonder why, and tossed and turned around in bed till I fall asleep and then again wake up early. What was it? No, I did not think! But it was she who feel, little aches and pains I massaged her back, with small waves of energy coming.

Almost immediately regular, through a child so precise and so eager to make me happy, you have always shown throughout your pregnancy to be sweet, sensitive, gentle, caring and thoughtful.

What was going on?

We were transforming into something else, into something that we did not know. Our dream time was over. The Expulsion from our water paradise had arrived. We were ready! To think some things never to be yet we were.

Ready to take our new life, ready for the revolution, for the transformation to say goodbye to what we had been up to that point. The earth was calling us with all her strength. I spoke softly, but also wanted reassurance I was afraid. I did not know where we would take that trip.

She reassured me. Meanwhile, she invited me to lie down saying that it is better if we sleep a little more. Then begins the slow trickle of our waters and between sleep and the other we can finally wake up. Maybe it helped, maybe waiting for us even just to make a few words.

Here they are, more and more intense and regular. Precise! I do massage her back as, I lean on her to make her feel some relief as it all increases in degree and intensity. She cannot stand, she must lie down.

Her body exudes strength, and can no longer control it. I leave it to her. Abandonment. No resistance. It’s a sweet abandon. Love. It’s like to be alone but be sure to be helped if you need it, the quiet confidence that we can go towards our new life so that they protect us.

The pain is mixed with strength. The dilation is complete and begins the push. Oh, I remember the incredible power of her body.

Where did you get all that strength? And disarming, I do not know if it is painful. Everything is mixed a bit. Yes, it is painful but why then she is also so beautiful?

I do not try to understand, I follow the flow, feel her body.

I feel that you push with all your strength, with all your great little courage. I'm not afraid, we are together!

God is with us in every moment, in every breath and surrounds us. Its power is rooted in the Earth, keeps us there, strong, confident. No, not even for a moment I thought to escape this. That was my place and you had your own, no one could do this for us.

No, I was not afraid, ever. Not even for a moment. I was fully present, here and now, shining in my aim in the path that nature has written for us but at the same time it was a dimension that people normally  do not know.

Some describe it as a journey, telling it, others are made to feel on another planet for me it was like being in another world, a world of our own where no one could access. That was our space, our journey, our world our intimacy.

I hear you, I will follow you, you know where we should go, and perhaps I already know. And that the road will not stay back if left. It’s like a dance. And maybe this is the Dance of Creation?! I like to think so.

There are moments of despair, we get tired, and between a wave and the other we rest. At times she becomes impatient and I tell her where we are with the story of a tube of toothpaste and the fateful words "to not take it anymore!"

She nailed me to the couch, do not allow me to leave even for a second, I do not change position, it annoys me. She sank her nails into my hips. Poor cannot even breathe. We test every so often to encourage ourselves, caressing, kissing each other but she can not stand it. She is too focused!

I see no end, I lose the space-time conception or maybe not. I do not know how much time has passed or maybe yes. I do not worry about anything, it's just you and me. I feel her talk. What I do not know, her voice is like the background, distant, muffled like you feel it too from the heart. We are elsewhere.

Here then slowly the door opens, the door between Heaven and Earth that lets our baby pass through her, fallen from heaven in my arms. I turn around, I want to see you. She tells me to go over your head with the leg and get you. For a moment I look at you and I can hardly recognize you. Who are you? Where do you come from?

Is it really you that I feel our baby? Oh my God, you're so different from what I had imagined or not! You are wonderful. I love you so deeply. I love you from the centre of my heart, from the root, from the depths, from the deepest depths of mine. How is this possible?

Don’t know, I do not know, what I do know is that I hold you close to my heart, oh my heart!

Truly have she done? Really she have given birth? She made you so wonderful?

And yet, I have not done anything!

I just followed my body. She already knew. I just followed you. You already knew that.

That from that moment everything changed. And our zero point. From there you go, as if it had never existed before, as if it were another life.

And since our inception are already two years. Two years of revolution and continuous transformation. Life brings life and you have to get used to flow with her if you do not want to lose it.

So we celebrate our day, the arrival of our baby on Earth. All this is sealed in our cells forever!

Thank God for this gift endless! Thank you for honouring us in this life.

So the story even if the words have their limits, but I'll try because you can always remember the wonder and greatness of your birth, in our special day when no greater gift on earth can adorn your fingers than a ring of platinum that I present her for carrying the lovely gift for which we will live our lifetime!