Book Review: Pitfalls and Parachutes: Durgesh Shastri

Pitfalls and Parachutes by Durgesh Shastri in print by Partridge Books look at the diverse character qualities of individuals in different periods of their existence covering a variety of genre starting from drama, romance, to humour, where book lovers will discover themselves extremely absorbed in the existence of the personalities as they go after an anthology of fifteen uniformly enjoyable attractive and intuitive little stories.

The volume shows the fascination of today’s males and females for wealth and authority who by means of this undesirable temperament, consider that everything can be accomplished so long as they have these two stuff. As a result, there is a wearing away of fundamental individual character such as truthfulness, humbleness, dedication, courage, and sacrifice and of course many with a twist in the story with adore, offence, relations, academics, the background blend is broad.

The central characters choice to assist a misplaced woman possibly will cost him his work. Telly news broadcast turn out to be a reality in the being of Cyrus. Pramanik's standing is at a record low with someone can craft it bad. Can something other than making fun of make an individual's primary day of academy a nightmare?

Why does an unidentified endowment trouble Kanha so greatly that he employs goons to harm an elderly gentleman? Deepak makes a decision to prevail over his false notions and will they leave him so easily? Michael sets out to execute his companions final desire. What's his final desire? Can a lash out transform somebody's existence?

Do Sumit land a career inspire of a terrible interview where no reference is considered. Kanchan has to decide among her lover and other half with her son embrace a sinister furtive. Rishi has sweared by no means to flutter kites another time but what if he breaks it?  Will affection flourish in activists challenge in Valentine's Day?

By means of the draw on of hilarity, the narratives are planned to illustrate the need of protecting the attributes that grounds an individual to compassion with the majority of the personalities in the tales consider they are ensnared in a hazard and cling others liable for their state who are in look for of a parachute to seize them to bigger summits and the left behind who are already elevated proudly in different form and extent parachutes operate as if they are gliding lofty above others in a parachute with both fall short to recognize that dangers as well as parachutes are just a condition of psyche who are in a parachute and with their astute conclusion carry on to ascend high All the four types fail to understand that pitfalls and parachutes are just a state of mind.

The narratives are youthful as well as sparkling and have upheld the uprightness of the volume by inscription of tales that has essence and is intended for each age faction where amusement is at the centre of all of the narratives with the author choose it spot on as to which tale would appear where with thus, as the culmination continues finding closer, the narrative go on getting attractive and as you shut the paperback, you seal it with a beam.

Each tale is inscribed with a connotation either express or concealed with thrilling finishes with the writer certainly endeavour to continue every one of the narratives as half- finished or didn't state as to how the tale finished or personality comforted with his lone point is to craft his booklovers presume and understand rest of the piece with the writer endeavour an extremely good collection which will locate its place in each short tale aficionados bookshelf.

Each narrative is noted down by means of such a striking idea and aim so as to it amuse you all through with neither any narrative very hard-headed nor very disheartening where every bit of is  even-handed which craft the tale appear authentic and genuine with a appetizing buffet on offer with a little for all and sundry.

Further appealing is that they walk the globe in the region of us with the ease of the recitation in nearly every narrative its in the first person engaging the booklover from the phrase go and grips shared eccentricity of temperaments, places along with dealings with the mere continuous in the equation being time where all the tales are put in diverse conurbations of contemporary India.

Straightforward, sympathetic and amusing, and a enjoyable and pleasant interpret for booklovers, the recitation is realistic, easy and candid, with the articulation clear-cut and with no superfluities where the booklovers would be capable to recount the temperaments in the volume with the above cited shapes.

Unputdownable, the paperback is pleasant as well as cheerfully satisfying with the author a marvellous narrator who makes out unerringly what a fine tale ought to enclose with a fine design, suitable setting well-known to the booklover, with a twist here and there and an amazing finish with just lone tale of pure mind's eye where he articulates of a situation at an upcoming moment and excluding that, the personalities portrayed by him are sentient and unpretentious.

Edition: Paperback ♥ Pages: 182 ♥ Publisher: Partridge ♥ Published: August 2013 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1482801422