Whats Your Big Plan for the future

The plan of life is an inseparable mix of thoughts and feelings, in which imagination and intentions programmatically complement and balance each other slowly changing in their proportions. The plan of life implies a "double-think" in the sense of imagination, fantasize, desire, aspire, want, and at the same time to prepare the necessary actions, including the various stages, managing time, evaluating the pros and cons, understanding feasibility implying the coexistence of a design thinking hot and a design thinking cold.

So many times I stop to think what I will do in my life, both in my work life and also my personal life. I ask myself often, perhaps always, the question of what I will do in my life, how significant will make my being, as I leave footprints on this world and suddenly I feel lonely and insecure.

When I think I will do something great in my dream job of veterinary sciences, because I really love animals and nature and I think this work can give me satisfaction. Then when I think about it more carefully, I realize that to achieve this dream I need many exhausting years of study.

Then I'm torn between the desire to realize this dream and the fear of not making it to study so much. Speaking with my mother, I realize that I need to improve my strength of will, because she always says that a man's life is beautiful and should be full of projects and ideals, although to achieve them often, you must do much effort.

My mother says it's like going to the mountain, the uphill path is so hard, but when you get to your destination you have a lot of satisfaction. So I also think about my life as a great but I hope to build a family and to raise my children and teach them the beauty of life, people's respect, honesty, equality and tolerance towards those who are different from us or think differently from us.

I think that to leave footprints on this world it must be an example to the children and the people around you, living as free men, but being able to fight, even having a hard time, for the ideals. When I wear them to think about these things it all seems very difficult, but I have a great point of reference, that is my family, on whom I can always count on, and I know that if I need I can find help.

There is a beautiful saying again! Reinvent! Start a new life! It’s easy to say, but less easy to be realized. Especially those who travel thirty or forty years of the long straight tracks, without needing to occur in many twists and turns, with the same job, the same interests, attending more or less always the same people, the devil makes an effort to give new meaning to their lives when they change all the coordinates around and not find yourself more the same view.

Its also true that many are those who has now thousands of interests and commitments that fill the existence, as well as many are also those who enjoy the maximum pleasure with the life partners, but this does not eliminate the difficulties of those who are accustomed to a day punctuated by schedules, activities, relationships,  well-defined and suddenly perceives the emptiness around him.

Its time to discover their passions, their interests and their own motivations, beyond the established routine, and it is certainly a good move to avoid falling into the trap of life without meaning, but not everyone can do it.

The point then is that the experiences recounted by many seniors testify to insufficient activity of a redesign and reinvention once and for all. On the contrary it seems by many accounts that new projects and interests to which we dedicate ourselves once reached fifty-sixty years have the characteristics of impermanence.

Few namely, the life projects that can last for two or three decades, while it is much more likely that new projects, interests and activities in which it is sensible to have a relatively limited duration, either for health reasons or because today everything about our lives has less stability over time.

So here we are called to put in place a capacity for continuous renewal, to demonstrate paradoxically as we age a willingness to get back on the game every little availability that maybe during the previous adult life there had been requested.