Baggout - Fashion Shopping Online

Baggout has an assortment of top merchandise obtainable online that are liked and bought by your friends. The mission and idea of the platform is to take control away from marketers of corporates and provide it into the hands of genuine customers like you and me. The website is a one stop shop for buying merchandise which are accessible across all e-commerce platforms.

There are two broad options offered to the customer for browsing Baggout’s merchandise set:

o   Trending – This stream showcases the merchandise which are most liked by Baggout’s users; in addition, there are options to view these products category wise. At present, there are six categories which are offered to be precise- Men, Women, Home, Kids, Gadgets and Books.

o   Friends Feed (My Stream) – This stream showcases the products which have been liked and bought by the user’s acquaintances and their social acquaintances.

Good thing is that all the products that are scheduled on Baggout have been posted by several bona fide consumers after she has purchased the same from an online shop.

Baggout is as well entering partnerships with a number of e-commerce sites in which the consumers of the associate sites will get a preference to share their purchased stuff on Baggout.

While browsing the platform, users can tick “buy button” on merchandise which will send her to the e-commerce site where the merchandise is to be had.

In case user is attracted in merchandise and would like to return to the same later; she can like the merchandise which will result in the merchandise being saved onto the user’s profile.

Baggout can be accessed through the website on desktop/laptop and through their android app on mobile phone.