Date Night in Girona in footsteps of the Game of Thrones

Almost a year ago I received a gift with several boxes. Among them, were hotel stays in cities of Spain, which included a date night with dinner and breakfast. A couple of years ago I traveled to the Costa Brava for the first time. I did not even think about going through Girona, the Catalan city. But after the last season of Game of Thrones, and knowing that we were going back to the Costa Brava, how could I not visit Girona?

If you have not spent the last few years in a cave, you have already heard about the Game of Thrones series. Since the American channel HBO has adapted for television, the saga of the writer Georges RR Martin has become a phenomenon. 7 seasons have already been broadcast, and the wait for the 8th is getting longer and longer, while speculation is going on with the next events.

If you are thinking about traveling in the next holidays to the area, and you are a big fan of the series do not stop reading! And even if you are not or have not even seen a single chapter, Girona is worth it. With a few weeks in advance, I contacted the hotel, and they did not have any problems to make the reservation, so this was the beginning to plan our weekend.

Our visit was on the same day, something quick since we were staying somewhere else, but we were able to see the main locations. I understood why HBO chose this city to embody, from the sixth season, certain districts of King's Landing and Braavos. I loved to walk there, trying to find the scenes involving Maisie Williams, aka Arya Stark or Jaime Lannister.

Weekend in Girona in the footsteps of the Game of Thrones

Day 1

The day starts like any other day with work, lunch, work and back home. That's when the routine changes. Once at home, a giant backpack awaits me to fill with clothes, footwear, toiletries, first aid kit and everything necessary to travel through Girona. In these moments I realize that leaving everything for the last day is not the most ideal.

We remove everything from the cupboards and drawers and fill the backpacks (as always, with more things than necessary). Time passes and the time to catch the bus approaches. At the end, with the backpacks prepared and all the documents, we left the house.

We arrive at the airport around 10 o'clock at night, and our flight is at 6:30 in the morning. It's a very long night. We take a dinner at an airport station and at 11:30 we go to the place where we will spend the night. We woke up about 4, since the airport opens at 5 o'clock. We set out to check-in and check in the giant backpack, which, from now on, I'll call suitcase.

Everything is perfect. We passed the security check and, once inside, we had breakfast at a restaurant, and around 6 am we embarked on the plane. I take the opportunity to start the book that I plan to read on this trip. It is A Game of Thrones from the saga A Song of Ice and Fire. I'm a fan of Game of Thrones. I do not have a chapter when I notice that I am not learning anything and that my eyelids fall, so I decide to try to get some sleep.

When we land and leave the plane, the first thing we do is look in the panels where our next flight is and go to the indicated area. Once settled, I turn on the phone and call my parents! I spend hours reading until the boarding begins. We boarded the plane and spent the whole flight watching movies and trying to sleep, until we arrived in Barcelona.

At the airport we have to pass immigration. We go for our bags and leave the airport. The first thing we do is look for an ATM and get enough money, since we will have to pay the hostel and other expenses such as transportation, food. We leave the airport and look for the signs that indicate the way to catch the train, and we head towards there.

We arrived at the Sants station in Barcelona approximately 30 minutes before our train left. We had enough time to find everything without problems, and we waited a little while for the time. Well, the journey was very fast and comfortable. At 9:45 we take the Barcelona train, and before 10:30 we are already in Girona.

We left the station, and before doing anything else, we decided to go locate our hotel. Once located we went for a walk, since we would not have the room until 12 o'clock. Well, at the moment we did not reach the old town, although to start the weekend well we went to the bakery to buy some Xuixos, since in Girona they have a lot of fame. We were treated wonderfully, and the xuixos were very good.

As 12 is already approaching, we return to the hotel and they give us a room. The hotel is not very central. The room is very nice and everything is great. Now it's time to start the tourist route. Now with less weight on top we go to the center. At the hotel they gave us a map, although we also had one printed just in case.

We walked quietly, and we arrived first of all to Placa de Catalunya, our starting point for the visit in the old town of Girona. We cross the bridge and we get closer to the area that we are most interested in visiting. There we have a tourist information point nearby. A very nice girl takes care of us, and gives us a map and marks the points of interest.

With the map, I walk through what looks like the old town. There are many restaurants and bars, and some stops of typical products. We continue walking more or less straight, and well, we see that there is a bridge, and we look out, because in Girona the Casas del Onar are very famous. We saw them from bridges and different points of view. It is very beautiful to see.

Well, we continue walking and we arrive at a big building, will it be the Cathedral? Well, no, it was the Esglesia de Sant Feliu. We continue through that area, and we reach a square, and it starts to rain.

Do you remember Sam? Surely the most achuchable of the series? He undertook a long way to the Ancient Library to become a master. As it turns out, the old library is none other than the Monasterio de Sant Pere de Galligants, the now Museum of Architecture of Catalonia. This is the first location we could not enter. We go on the other side, and we arrive at the Cathedral.

Shame, shame, shame! It is to arrive at the cathedral of Girona and not be able to stop saying the phrase with which Cersei made her particular walk of fame. The Cathedral is in most part as we have seen it in the series, has a great stairway and the building is quite impressive. In the series the location was used as part of King's Landing and is a main part of the plot of the fifth season and part of the sixth. I was going to make a spoiler on the cathedral, but I better keep it to myself in case you have not seen the season.

It coincided that right there we found the temporary exhibition Girona Plato, which was a tour of all the films that chose the city as setting for the plot. Obviously Game of Thrones occupied an important part of the exhibition. Among the things that we could see was a costume of the night guard (a replica, I suppose) and photos of several of the locations of the series.

Behind the cathedral, in Carrer del Bisbe Josep Cartana is where Arya begged while she was blind. Going down the pedestrian streets that are to the left of the cathedral are the Arab baths, which are actually Romanesque in style. It is the second location to which we could not enter. This location appears with two different aspects like a bath and like the place where Arya embalms the corpses with her little friend, the Abandoned Girl.

Further down is the square where the theater scene of Braavos was filmed. Here Arya sees the death of her father and her sister's wedding with Joeffrey, which in reality is called the Placa dels Jurats.

As we walk towards the other side, crossing the Puja del Rei Marti, we get immersed in Braavos, the locations that appear at the beginning of the sixth season. It is also where the trepidante pursuit of Arya by the abandoned girl, parkour included (Pujada de Sant Domenec).

Leaving behind these stages and crossing the river towards the other part of the city is the ice cream shop. The queue is long because there is a lot of demand in summer. We were also able to park less than a kilometer from the cathedral. There is an air of Venice around the canals, an air of Latin quarter at the turn of the streets, a resemblance to Rome, every time we take small cobbled streets.

And the walk along the intact ramparts, overlooking the city and overlooking the Pyrenees, is really nice. Well, once seen, we entered new through some of the streets of the old town. We went into a little shop, and well, in the end we decided to cross the bridge and see what was on the other side. We went to the Plaza del Mileni and toured that area a bit.

The weather did not improve. We were already getting tired, and decided to head towards the hotel. We would still have to walk for a while. We showered quietly, and well as I said at the beginning we had the dinner included in the hotel, so at about 9 we went down to dinner.

In the half board, the romantic candlelight dinner consisted of a menu where we could choose first salad with salmon or cream of vegetables, then llobarro or port-style pork, and tiramisu dessert or lemon sorbet.

First we both chose the vegetable soup, and we did not like it too much and then the fish and the meat. Both dishes were very good. Of desserts we also chose one of each, and well, they were good, although they had too much decoration for our taste. Of course, the drink did not have to pay part, and we entered the price.

Weekend in Girona in the footsteps of the Game of Thrones

Day 2

The day dawned gray but it was not cold. We got up at 8 o'clock and went to breakfast. The truth is that if dinner did not convince us at all, breakfast was very good. There was a section of hot food, also bread, sausages, cereals, sweets (also xuixos) and a large variety of juices. The breakfast was great.

Well, we go back to the room and prepare the bags. We go to Plaza Catalunya. First we go to the Arab baths that close at 2 pm, and the cathedral closes later. The site is small, and the most beautiful is the first site that we visited, so the visit is short. Even so, the visit was good.

Now we go to the cathedral, and visit La Nave, Los Tesoros and the Clause. It was worth entering. I took out my Canon and shoot as I was seeing some of the floral decorations. We had already visited the basic sites we had planned. so with this sunny day, we decided to go back to see the Cases del Onyar, and make some more pictures of the bridges.

Noon was approaching, and we decided to go to eat. We searched Tripadvisor ideas for dinner since we still did not know the city. In the end we opted for tapas, and the truth is that we ate very well. We ate some very tender steamed mussels and a mellow black rice. The dessert recommended by the waiter (chocolate trilogy) also very good.

It was almost time to leave. It was only a weekend but it is always a shame to leave. Our train left at 17.10. We decided to go to the station early. Then we went down to the high-speed zone and we went to wait for our train. At the scheduled time our train arrived. Our journey was only to Barcelona, ​​but I must also note that the journey is very short and is very comfortable.

We arrived in Sants, and well, now we had to wait an hour for our bus to arrive at the hotel in Barcelona. This weekend was ending.

Tandoori Chicken - The Favorite of Indian food

Tandoori Chicken is one of the tastiest recipes of the spectacular Indian cuisine. The name refers to the enormous ceramic oven in which the meat (the tandoor) is roasted and the mixture of spices of this impressive gastronomic tradition (Tandoori Masala). It is one of the star dishes of Indian cuisine. A fusion of traditions that combines the combination of spices from the subcontinent and the yogurt that was introduced by the Mongol invaders.

A trip through India and its incredible places is always wonderful and full of adventures. Without hesitation, the Taj Mahal has been the monument that has impressed me most in life. It appears as if from nowhere, after crossing a building without any splendor that is no more than the entrance to this majestic building, as white and dazzling as a brilliant one. It seems incredible that a funerary monument can be so beautiful. Or maybe because it is a tribute to the beloved woman, it is so extremely beautiful. India is such a large country that it is not only worth the Taj Mahal.

At that time I did not know what a blog was, but we already liked to eat, hahaha. And one of the most outstanding things about India is, precisely, its gastronomy. I flew to New Delhi. I remember leaving the airport on an old ambassador running through the gloom of dusty streets full of dirt. There was the adrenaline rush for the first time in that place.

From Delhi, I went to the state of Himachal Pradesh, to the Indian Himalayas. In Shimla, the old summer capital of the "Raj", I ate my first Tandoori chicken. It was delicious, spicy, tender, reddish and roasted in a traditional tandoor oven.

The tandoor is a cylindrical clay oven heated by charcoal. It is very popular in all cuisines of northern India, especially in Punjab. It is used to roast meats or fish pricked on long metal rods, or to bake bread, such as naan, which "stick" to the walls. The interior of the oven can reach more than 450 degrees centigrade. So at home, it is difficult to achieve anything even like it.

The secret of any "tandoori" dish is to marinate the food as long as possible in a mixture of spices and yogurt. In this way, the meat acquires a delicious flavor and it becomes much more tender. Actually, people prepare two marinades. A short one with garlic-ginger and lime, and the second with all the spices. In most restaurants, the chicken arrives at the table with a red color.

It is easy to make, quick and, above all, very tasty. Spices and yogurt are the secrets of this recipe, which, according to tradition, arrived in the Indian subcontinent hand in hand with the Mongolian invaders. The most traditional way of this recipe incorporates a large amount of turmeric, which gives the meat a vivid orange color.

The tandoori masala is no more than a mixture of spices, which depending on the geographical area in which it is made can lead to different preparations. Among its most common ingredients, we can find cumin, fenugreek, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, cayenne, pepper, ginger, clove, garlic, bay leaf, turmeric, fennel, nutmeg, celery, salt, lemon and oil among others. Although as I have said before we can find many different mixtures.

In many versions, red and yellow food dyes are sometimes used to obtain more intense colors. However turmeric powder is soft and at the same time has a strong color, just like paprika. It is moderately spicy in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India, although in Western countries it is prepared milder. In the original version Cayenne pepper, paprika or Kashmiri pepper powder are used to give it its strong characteristic red color. If a lot of turmerics is added, the chicken takes an orange color. In some modern versions, they are dyed yellow and green.

You can accompany it with some type of Indian bread, and slices of tomato and red onion. To me, from always, I love the spicy and the spices. If you do not like it you're lost! As we were on our own, we had the great advantage of choosing where to go and, above all, where to eat. So we avoided the restaurants for tourists of international food to which the agencies take you. We ate in local restaurants.

History of Tandoori Chicken

The history of the origin of this dish is found in a man named Kundan Lal Gujral, who ran a restaurant in Peshawar before the partition of British India. Trying to create new recipes to keep the interest of his employers, Gujral tried to cook the chicken in a tandoor, which was used by the local people only to cook naan (bread). In the tandoor, high temperatures are reached and Gujral was able to cook the chickens in that clay oven, cooking them succulently inside and crispy on the outside.

After the partition in 1947, Punjab was divided with an eastern part within India and a western part within Pakistan. Peshawar became part of Pakistan and Gujral dealt with many refugees fleeing the riots and moving to India. Finally, Gujral moved his restaurant to New Delhi in a place called Daryaganj.

The fame of tandoori chicken has led to other dishes known as chicken tikka (which became popular in Great Britain as Chicken Tikka Masala). Tandoori chicken can be found in most Indian restaurants around the world.

Pola Festival, Tribes and Markets in Chhattisgarh

Pola is a bull worshipping festival celebrated by farmers in Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh in the Vidarbha region. On the day of Pola festival on Pithori Amavasya in the month of Shravan that coincides in August, farmers worship their bulls, which are an integral part of the agricultural chores. From the next day plowing and sowing begins.

Though the bullock is replaced by the tractor, on the new moon day in the superstitious hinterlands, rituals dedicated to the cows and ox continue to mark the festival of Pola. The exuberant tribals in Chhattisgarh love to celebrate life and this remains incomplete without the celebrations of the Pola festival. It is a thanksgiving festival to the cattle. Children play with well-decorated clay idols of Nandi bull the vehicle of Shiva.

In the evening I land in Raipur, the capital of the state of Chhattisgarh. I choose my accommodation near the bus station, because the next morning I have to continue. Only vegetarian dishes are available, I learn in the restaurant around the corner.

Day 1

Tribal Groups, Tribal Markets, Red Ants Chutney, Bastar Dussehra, Chitrakoot Falls. There were only a few lines in the travel guides when I landed in Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh for the first time after 6 hours of journey from Raipur. The place bordering the state of Orissa, seemed a paradise for intrepid explorers. My soul of a photographer could not resist long. After checking some Indian websites, my decision was made.

I could not imagine how much I would fall in love with the tribes and people of Bastar. Jagdalpur is the capital of the Bastar region, inhabited mainly by tribal people. The tribes are the oldest indigenous peoples of India who lived here thousands of years before other peoples migrated from the north.

In Jagdalpur I felt right at home right from the time of my arrival. The city is an interesting mix of old and new. There are corners that look like a small village where cowsheds stand next to small huts. Then there are streets in which smartphone shops alternate with jeans shops.

Above all, there is a fairly relaxed mood and unlike other places, garbage is swept from the roadside every now and then, so that no masses of it accumulate like elsewhere in India. We take advantage of the place to discover the village market. Sundays are hectic as from the surrounding villages people come to the Haat. This is the name of the trading place on the grounds of Sanjay Market.

The running cows are quickly shown their limits here. Even objects fly ever after the sacred animals, which are obviously not so untouchable. I combined my visit to the Chitrakot Waterfall with the beautiful tribal Lohandiguda Market. I could easily find a shared jeep to visit the market, then another for the India's widest waterfall and also called small Niagara Falls because of their horseshoe shape similar to the most famous American waterfall. Some locals would like to share a photo with me. I'm surprised.

Actually, I was the one who wanted to snap the women in their colorful saris in front of the waterfall, but now I am myself part of the motif. Also striking is the preference for selfies, not unusual in itself. The fact that even cows can be seen at the Chitrakot waterfall, hardly surprised me. It almost seems as if the animals also wanted to pose for some snapshots.

Our next aim is to visit the Adivasi area around Jagdalpur. My local guide drives me by motorbike to the villages of the indigenous people. The families lives from the dokra and terracotta arts and crafts that are sold on the regular tribal markets. I quickly realized that I had arrived in a completely different world. We get into a festive celebration called Pola.

The festival is going on for three days. I had expected only a small number of people, so I was quite surprised that thousands of people from the surrounding villages had come together. The festival included an Adivasi Haat, a tribal market. Bulls were decorated with different colours and ornaments.

The most impressive thing I found was the ritual of the medicine men. They first gathered in a square where they sat down on the floor and fell into a trance accompanied by drum music. Then they began to shake, jumped up and fell around each other's necks. Allegedly, all this happened without supporting substances, only through the music.

After a while, they rose and traveled through the village with all sorts of religious equipment. In between, they stopped repeatedly and danced or performed rituals that I did not understand so well. When they reached the market again, they were surrounded by people who promised to cure illness and touch their feet. I met very nice locals here. One invites me to a have a rice flour pancake.

I tried chapura both to describe the species of red ants that tribes eat but also the chapura chutney they prepare with these ants. The taste was both sour and sweet like tamarind, but quickly became bitter. My horrible grimace made the tribal women laugh around me!

Very near was the few Adivasi people selling palm juice or salphi beer. I tried one or two sips, which for reasons of convenience were served in a rolled-up tray instead of a glass. In the rest of the market mainly vegetables were sold, which was grown in the fields of the surrounding villages. However, the largest crowd gathered around the cockfighting arena. After seeing the first rooster game, it was enough for me and we drove back to Jagdalpur.

The festival was definitely a unique experience, completely off the beaten track and something not so easy to find in the guidebook. On the way back my guide told me that three Adivasi ladies had approached him on the market and that I should stay in their house. Damn, why did he tell me that afterwards?

In the evening a celebration was supposed to be going on in the town hall, as I had read on a poster. I wanted to look at it and so I ended up on pretty much the strangest party ever. The DJ did not play music, but in front of him on the stage some guys were babbling something into the microphone and taking pictures of each other. When I was seen, which lasted only a few seconds, I was taken high on the stage, as any contradiction was pointless.

Now I was briefly interviewed. Suddenly, hands stretched out from the edge of the stage, which wanted to be shaken by me. Then people came to me from all sides with cell phones or cameras and tore themselves to be photographed with me. At some point I managed to escape from the center of the action to the edge of the stage. Then the DJ finally started the music.

Shortly thereafter, when I ventured out onto the dance floor for a minute, I was again surrounded by a pack that tore itself away to dance with me. For me it was definitely stress rather than pleasure and I had to worry about getting hurt in the scramble.

My guide brings the Mahua, the intoxicating drink made of fermented flowers. I try that, of course. I refuse only the invitation to participate in the dance, which was rather an attempt to tug me gently into their midst. Around midnight I started the retreat to the hotel.

Pola images

Day 2

I woke up in the morning greeted by the eight chicks that slipped fresh from their egg shells at that moment. I find myself in this corner of the country as in another space and time, where people in the countryside live to the rhythm of the sun. The unexpected twists are somehow the salt in the soup while traveling.

The day before yesterday I wanted to take the train from Jagdalpur to Kolkata. But the shortest route through the interior of the country was booked out for the next few days. So I decided without further ado to take a detour and make a stopover in Dantewada. Although I find a bus to Dantewada, I prefer to go with a local as Dantewada is less explored than Bastar.

The main attraction of Dantewada is the Danteshwari Temple. The Dussehra of Bastar has nothing to do with Ramayana and draws its roots and originality from the tribal culture of Chhattisgarh. Here the tribes honor the Devi Danteshwari, the native goddess of the Bastar region and tutelary goddess of the kakatiya kings dynasty. I even had the extraordinary privilege and honor to sit near the Goddess where only the royal family and priests are normally permitted.

Dussehra, in Bastar, begins with the ritual of Paath Jatra on the day of Hariyali Amavasya (Amoos Teehaar in the local language) and celebrates the arrival of the monsoon. During this ritual, a trunk of salt, one of the most used lumber in India, is cut in the forests of Bhilori and brought before the temple of the goddess Danteshwari. Several rituals are then performed on the trunk including goat sacrifices.

This trunk ceremony not only inaugurates the festival but will also be used to manufacture some wooden tools for the construction of the large tank that will walk the last two days of the festival. The ceremony of Kachan Gadi is considered to be a symbolic authorization of the deities to begin the festival. This blessing is made through a girl from the tribe of Mirgin-Mahara who enters a trance on a swing made of wood and brambles.

At the Bheetar Raini, during Bastar Dussehra, the Goddess leaves the temple to join her twin sister in Jagdalpur in a procession led by people of Bison Horn Maria tribe. They dance and go into a trance with the help of mahua or silpi, the local beers. The tribes who gather at the Danteshwari Temple in Jagdalpur bring with them their local deities called Anga Deo.

Antarctic New Year in the Midnight Sun

Last day of the year. In previous years, the issue of December 31 was rather what am I going to dress tonight? or what are we going to eat for the New Years Eve? And here today, I will walk on the Antarctic! On the program for the first landing is the Aitcho Islands, a small archipelago in the North of the Antarctic Peninsula.

But before disembarking, I have to put on my heavy off-road gear. I wear long-sleeved sweatshirt, polar fleece, anorak, boots, double pair of socks, pants, lined and waterproof over-pants. I also wear gloves, hat, scarf, not forgetting of course sunscreen, camera, and sunglasses with a beautiful orange life jacket to complete.

Here we go! Distributed in groups, we head to the mainland. And it's fun! The black sand beach is approaching and we are here. I finally set foot on the white continent! And that's my first surprise. Antarctica! I imagined it like a huge piece of ice all white. And in fact not at all. The beach is all black. It is very rocky, with many rocky peaks and green too, with whole places covered with moss. That's wonderful.

We are welcomed by the first gentoo penguins of the trip. They waddle quietly, continuing to go about their business without paying attention to us. We also see our first seals and first sea lions. It's amazing to be able to approach all these animals so closely. Never driven out by man, they are not afraid of us.

After a short walk in the snow to climb a hill, we have a breathtaking view of an incredible panorama. It is rocky peaks as far as the eye can see. The black sand beaches are half covered by snow with a dark blue and milky sea. There are green reflections on the stones covered with moss. It's magical, perhaps one of the most beautiful landscapes ever seen in my life. We really feel that we are in another world.

It is so virgin and immaculate. I'm wondering if I really have the right to be in a place like this. Antarctica remains one of the only places in the world completely untouched by human pollution. Of course we take a lot of precautions to leave no trace of our passage. Nevertheless, our arrival leaves inevitably traces.

Guilt or not, I savor in any case the exceptional chance to be here. We get back on the boat for a nice hot chocolate and a good shower to warm up. And the day is not over. Tonight is the New Years Eve! And where were you for the New Year last year? At a friend's house in New York or in Sydney or at a party in Paris! And here I find the opportunity to rebound.

At least from next time I can say that I spent the New Year in Antarctica! And it is true that this eve was one of the most exceptional of my life. For the evening dress, it was not quite that. I wear jeans, black tee-shirt with long sleeves, and sandals with hiking socks. But it does not matter. I'm in Antarctica!

For the New Year's Eve meal is the skewers of shrimp, pork and chicken. We rush to the bar to start the evening with the bartender. From plastic balloons, glitter masks and flower necklaces, everything is there to warm up the atmosphere. For now it is rather, how to say, a little cold.

We distribute masks and necklaces to lift people up from their chairs. The meal is over and it's time to dance! Fortunately, there are also the young guys from the staff, guides and drivers, who join us to party. It is almost midnight, but it is difficult to realize. Outside it is still day. The sun is of course not there, but the light is very clear.

It's like being late in the day. The captain arrives for the final count with champagne and wish Happy new year! That's it, we're in the New Year. Celebrating the new year in broad daylight is really amazing. And Antarctica is the only place in the world where we can do it.

The majority of passengers go to bed after midnight, but the best are left. Worried at the beginning of the trip to be the only young to want to party, I finally found good evening companions. Alcohol flows afloat all night. I take full advantage of this exceptional moment. Every new year has always been a special moment for me.

Antarctic New Year in the Midnight Sun

Day 2

It was hard to get up in this morning of January 1 aboard the cruise. At least I am entitled to a little sleep, with a breakfast at 8:30, instead of 7:30. But the magical spectacle of icebergs all around the boat and a good bowl of coffee quickly dispel the fog of this morning hangover.

As soon as the breakfast is over, it is time to prepare for a landing on the Cuverville Island, inhabited by many gentoo penguin colonies. I head to the reception desk of the boat. There is nothing like fresh air to recover from a night, and here I am again walking on the white continent.

Thousands of Gentoo penguins roam as far as the eye can see, on the beach and on the rocks. The instruction is not to approach them within 5 meters so as not to disturb them, but here it is difficult. They are really everywhere. The key is to walk slowly, and make sure we give them priority when there is one who is about to cross in front of us. Here it is not a priority for pedestrians, but priority for penguins.

The best way to observe them quietly is to sit on a piece of rock, do not move and let them approach. It's really great to see animals that are not afraid of humans. And they are even curious. While going about their business, looking for small pebbles, they go to the sea. They come back, discuss or peck at their neighbor. They do not hesitate to come to see us, certainly wondering where these large animals come out in groups. For a moment, I even wonder who the animal is and who is watching who. One of them approaches me to the point of almost touching me. I reach out, but he will not come further.

We get back on the boat for lunch, and then land at Neko Harbor. There are again the Gentoo penguins. But we do not get tired of it. They are so endearing and fascinating to watch. And the setting is completely breathtaking. The boat must carefully cross a half-frozen water dotted with pieces of ice.

It is hard to find the words to describe the beauty of the landscape that leaves me speechless. And as for the photos, they only give a tiny view of reality. We climb in the powder snow to admire the view. We will not be far from an hour slumped together on the rocks to enjoy the happiness of this incredible show. There is a perfectly translucent sea of ​​ice dotted with icebergs, in which the snowy mountains and a majestic glacier are reflected.

And back on the beach, the bartender is waiting for us with bottles of champagne! Cheers! We drink in the middle of penguins and icebergs! I have to pinch myself to believe it. It's really the best January 1 of my life!

Tasting Chocolate Mousse in Brussels, Ghent and Bruges

Brussels smells like chocolate and those of us who are chocolate lovers go crazy. There are chocolate shops on any street. There are several brands that have fame but are very expensive such as Marcolini, Neuhaus and others are more affordable as Leonidas and Geller. The chocolatiers of the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert are very expensive.

As for the waffles, they are divine, as the dough is soft, tasty and without lumps. They fill it with whatever you want and enjoy it. The only problem is that they are a bit expensive. We ate some next to the manneken pis and we took them with chocolate strawberries, but they were vice.

Our trip begins with arrival at Charleroi airport at 22:30 h. The flight is punctual as usual. We head from Charleroi to Brussels by bus that are synchronized with the flights arriving at the airport. The journey takes 1 hour. They drop us off at the Brussels Midi station. As it was quite late, we took a train at the same station to the Brussels Central.

From the station, although it was quite late (almost 00:30 h), we walked to the apartment that we had rented next to the Grand Place.

Chocolate Cake images

Day 2 - Bruges

We have a good breakfast at the hotel cafeteria with a very cozy decoration, impeccable service and some cakes, smoothies and other delicious specialties. The coffee and tea came in their own coffee pots and teapots, to be served in ceramic cups, with varied decoration and accompanied by a glass of chocolate mousse and vanilla ice cream and homemade masterful cinnamon cookies.

I did not resist leaving my tea immortalized. The large plates, also made of earthenware, contained generous portions of homemade cakes, either blueberries, apples, chocolate with a very fine texture. It was further proof that the city had to satisfy us fully.

We take the train. The journey is about 30 minutes and very comfortable. We arrived in Bruges and stopped at the tourist office, where we asked if we could take a map and a girl gave us one. Walking a little further we reach Minnewater which is very bucolic and romantic with his ducklings.

Next to the Minnewater is the Beguinage of Bruges. It is part of the World Heritage Site according to UNESCO, along with the rest of Beguinages that have been in Flanders. The occupants were women who in their time decided to live single and in community. It is a set that transports us to another time.

There are several houses and a church dedicated to St. Elizabeth if I remember correctly in which there is a smell of candle that is wonderful. Once we leave the Beguinage we head for the Wijngaardstraat, Warplein and Walstraat until one of our obligatory stops at the chocolate shop located in Katelijnestraat.

We could see the large number of stores dedicated to the sale of lace products, bobbins and other confections, such as cushions with the drawing of a cat dressed as Audrey Hepburn. The chocolate shop is great, just like the people who serve us. We decided to take what they simply call Hot Chocolate, a big cup of hot milk.

They also serve a small jug with pure chocolate so we mix it with milk, and two dishes. There is one with cream and another with four chocolates. There is one of black chocolate, another of white chocolate and another filled with hazelnut. It is delicious. With the coffee we also get the cream and the chocolates.

Once our sugar level is satisfied, in that same street we enter a specialized shop, of course, in chocolate, with varied products and of good quality and price. They also have a sugar free section. It is a good option to eat Belgian chocolate without having to spend too much money.

With our chocolate we went to the Church of Our Lady, since I wanted to see the only work of Michelangelo that is outside Italy. This work is supposed to be here because it was acquired by a wealthy Flemish merchant. After the church, we walk around Gruuthusestraat, where we find an arch that we cross. From here we can see the Church of Our Lady from another perspective and some images of the canal. This area is romantic.

We walked to Mariastraat. Surrounding it and walking on Steenstraat, a totally commercial street we arrived at the Grote Markt. There was a kind of super tent in the middle of the square. We decided to enter the hall. Before entering the hall, the adorable smells of French fries had reached our noses. There are two positions right on either side of Belfort.

On the right there is a huge queue that did not move. As the potatoes opened our appetite and it was time we decided to go eat. We went to the Philipstockstraat. It did not take us long to find a table and we ate half a roast chicken, with salad and potatoes. With the full course and the spirit in all the high, we continued the walk until the Burg square.

The square is very beautiful and it highlights several buildings, including the town hall and the Basilica of the Holy Blood. Here we enter and we have to climb about two floors of stairs until we come across the church itself. This time in one of the side naves of the same, a good lady was dedicated to guard a kind of test tube that is supposed to contain the blood of Christ.

The faithful who wish to go up there and only to pass by must give a donation. As a believer, it seems absurd. I think that if it is true that it is the blood of Christ, we should be able to see without having to pay a donation for it. It is precious for any believer or in this case Catholic. I do not understand this kind of things, nor will I ever understand them.

The church is not ugly, but there is a guy who is responsible for shouting people as if he were a guard. We had to see the Jan van Eyck square and from the Burg we walked a ratin there by the Wapenmarkerstraat. There ends one of the Bruges canals and on one side there is a very cute building that is a Library.

The decision to make a cruise through the canals of Bruges was already made in advance, so we went to one of the multiple piers there. In our case we caught a boat on the back of the Huidenvettersplein. The journey lasted about 40 minutes and cost. The boy who took us explained things in English, French, Flemish and German.

After disembarking we decided to buy there a chocolate box. And then have a beer. We wanted to visit a very remote place that we had read that was very good. It is located on De Garre Street. We enter a kind of alley and there we find it in the background in a very authentic and rustic place. It has spiral staircases to climb.

They make their own product and we decided on it. They put us some glasses with some squares of very tasty cheese. Now we had to go back to Ghent and retracing our walk more or less in the early hours of the morning we arrived at Minnewater. In these moments the sun had already been shining while during the afternoon it was beautiful.

We took the train back happy as partridges and went to Ghent and we had a pizza and a few garlic loaves. We walked to the hotel, which really was quite close and climbed a small slope that seemed interminable to me. Between the cold, the bag, the haste and the accumulated fatigue, I almost arrived at the reception without breath and with my heart at a gallop.

In front of the door was the bathroom, quite spacious and very well equipped, with enough cleaning supplies and a bathrobe and slippers for me. A short corridor led to a small hall, with the desk, mini-bar, a Nespresso coffee machine (but without George Clooney) and a closet. In the rest area, there is a very large double bed, where we settled.

Between one and the other there was a coffee table, a sofa, two armchairs and a small table with a large plasma television. The entire front wall was covered by large windows, but without views, because it faced an office building. So since we were only at night, it was necessary to be with the curtains drawn in case there was someone with a great fondness for overtime.

We left the suitcase and went to the street. The first stop was made in a small shop of hats, scarves, gloves and other outerwear to buy a scarf and gloves. We continue on our way and see the place fully illuminated in Christmas decorations. On the opposite sidewalk is the cafe. We went with the intention of having a beer and dinner.

After dinner we continue our walk. At that time there was a light show on the facade and sound that further increased the Christmas air with the fir with blue light bulbs and the birth with figures on a large scale that was located on one side. We were there a long time until the countdown began and the show ended, after which we continued walking and we reached the square.

The whole square and adjacent streets were full of Christmas decor stalls and, just in front there was one where they sold hot wine and waffles. Needless to say, we thought it was better to drink hot wine to mitigate the cold. We had a lot because the glass was like the coffee cup in Starbucks, that never ended. I do not know if they would also have it in a small size or if they gave us the big one.

We had to go to bed relatively soon because we could already feel the fatigue of the day of travel and tomorrow Ghent was waiting for us.

Day 3 - Ghent

The day in Ghent dawned with a very early sun that gave us a lot of hope that the day was going to be beautiful. We had breakfast near the hotel in a place just at the entrance that had four tables outside. Although it was rather small, there was a wide variety of bread and pastries as well as coffee, chocolates, smoothies, juices.

Everything was great and we had breakfast abundantly for much less than what it would have cost us at the hotel. When we returned to the room after having breakfast, the sky had turned gray. We were a bit sad, because we had thought of going up to the Belfort to have a nice view of the city. But nevertheless we kept hope.

We took our beloved tram to the center and we got off in front of the Gravensteen. At first we entered the Saint Nicholas' Church, which we liked a lot. From there we went to Belfort. At this point the sky was rather gray.

The climb to the Belfort is by elevator. We climbed to the top floor and then decided to go down. When we go down to the floor immediately before the one above we can see an exhibition and in another floor there is the golden dragon statue that crowns the Belfort. After visiting the Belfort and admiring the views, we stop to take a cappuccino.

With it we order a chocolate mousse and a cake. The truth that up in the Belfort was quite windy and we wanted to warm up a bit. We started our steps to St Bavo's Cathedral to visit the church and also the world famous board of the Van Eyck brothers. The ticket price includes the explanatory audioguide of the work that I have to tell you is great.

From the front, to put it in some way, Adam and Eve are being restored, and the back is all in restoration. We can see everything around. The room is well lit, with a dim light that seems appropriate. Its bell tower is also in the process of being restored. From there we went to the City Hall, a large and spectacular building because of the variegatedness of its facades.

It was already lunchtime and we decided on an Italian restaurant located right next to Gravensteen Castle. They closed at 2 o'clock, and so they did not bother to attend us properly. I took cannelloni with spinach and cottage cheese and to drink a kriek. After this we did a walk in which we are dedicated to do some shopping in Korenmarkt.

Up we went with our coffees on a table in front of the glass from where we can see a nice view of the square, very busy at that time. We decided to go to rest a bit at the hotel. We had thought that night, since it was the last one in Ghent, to dine in picnic in Graslei to see the lighting of the canal and other monuments. So on the way to the hotel we stopped to buy our dinner.

Before dinner we paired up to Patershol, typical neighborhood of the city and where we can find all kinds of local hospitality and others. It was getting dark and the temperature and the atmosphere were very nice. We reach the Vrijdagmarkt square where the statue of Jacob Van Artevelde is located.

In this same square, there is the famous Dulle Griet brewery where there is the famous ritual of leaving the shoe in pledge if you ask for a one liter beer. The place is cool because it has that typical atmosphere that every good brewery should have, and as a curiosity in the ceiling they hang jugs of beer.

From Dulle Griet and taking a walk through Patershol we reached our destination that was Graslei where we had our picnic. It was not uncommon because the truth was that there were many people doing it, and well equipped with their plaid blankets for the cold of the night. Until 10 o'clock at night they did not light the lights of the different monuments.

We hesitated between going to the hotel. At a confluence with another perpendicular street, and in what would be a somewhat wider area of ​​sidewalk is the little fountain with the small Manneken Pis. That day they had not dressed him at all. So we found him in the natural, with the niche surrounded by a kind of mistletoe with little Christmas lights.

We were not sleepy and did want to take something to finish the night well. Therefore, we headed again in the direction of the square and in a side street there was an ice-cream shop with one of those fondues where the chocolate falls in cascade and fruit skewers with a smell. We asked for one with strawberries with white chocolate, and banana with dark chocolate. It was difficult to decide which was better if the strawberry or the banana.

With these images of the lights reflecting off the waters of the Ghent canals, after a while we went to the hotel. Mysteriously, we had not bought anything beyond some chocolate bars and some dolls for immediate consumption. Reminding ourselves of the exquisite second dessert that we had taken, we said goodbye in the elevator. Tomorrow the capital of the country awaited us.

Chocolate belgium images

Day 4 - Brussels

Rain. That was the first thing we saw in the morning from the window when we got up. And when we open the window we notice something else. Cold. Fortunately that morning we did not have any scheduled things to see and we hoped that the rain did not bother us much. We decided to go to a bakery that was next to our accommodation. There we had a chocolate mousse and a lemon cake. With the rain that fell the chocolate taste the best.

We headed towards Brussels from Sint Pieters-Gent by train and as always we are punctual. After a journey of about 30 minutes, we arrive at the central station of Brussels. To stay in the capital, we had opted for an apartment located on Rue de la Croix de Fer, about ten minutes from the station. We arrived and left the suitcases, since it was still too early to be in the room and we went to wander a little.

Being quite close, we went to the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula. On the way to it we found one of the famous comicstrip that are all over Brussels and that I had loved when I saw it on the internet. But going back to the Cathedral it is in Gothic style and quite imposing and beautiful. There are a good number of stairs to be able to enter it. As we enter, there are some pictures of when the current kings of the Belgians and Balduino got married and such caught my attention.

After we went to the MIM. Since the museum did not interest us much, we wanted to take a cappuccino and see the views. The building is beautiful in Art Nouveau style. There is a terrace from where we can have a good view of Brussels.

Once we leave the MIM from there we can see the area of ​​Mont Des Arts, which at that time was full of people because there was a kind of folk festival and there were several groups performing. From there we went down with a pseudo-human tide, until we reach the Madeline street, where the Marjolaine store is located, with its Art Nouveau facade as well. Right next there was the Belgian Frites, put on the sign, where we bought a good cone.

After eating the chips and walking a little further, we arrived at the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. Crossing these galleries we see the famous Rue des Bouchers, full of restaurants and waiters who never stop calling to eat at their premises. We decided to go and see how our experience is.

The place was bursting and at that time a very large group of Orientals arrived. It looked like a wedding, with which we almost thought we were not going to have a table. They took us to the second floor where we had our table. We ordered pasta to eat. The place was full, but they have a very large number of waiters. After about 40 minutes a plate of pasta and some lasagna arrive.

After the meal we went to the apartment to unpack our bags and clean things up and with a little rest we got into the arcade entrance. From our accommodation we headed to the area of ​​Grote Markt. We buy some truffles and other chocolates. After a while of delighting in the little square we went to see another of the attractions with more flash and hearth of the city. It is not the Atomium vut the Manneken Pis.

We decided to have a beer in a very cool place with a terrace and others right there where the Manneken Pis is. The bottom was overflowing, so we went to the top floor and waited a bit until two adjacent tables were vacated. We started with a Mort Subite cherry beer that, according to my friends was very good, although I did not like it too much. In my case I took a Blanche de Bruxelles.

Then I tried one made by the monks of an abbey, the Chimay Azul, very good for lovers of beer with a strong flavor, although this one also has a certain sweetish point. They serve it at room temperature. It made us ask for another one to change flavor. This time I opted for a Stella Artois. We accompany the beers with some cheese dishes, others of a kind of sausage, different sandwiches, tortillas.

The waitress who served us set a half quarrel when we began to eat the cheese tacos from a plate left in our table. Although we had asked for it, it turns out that she had been wrong and it was not for us but for another table. She took the plate and after a while came with ours. We never understood why she took away the one we had already started and brought a new one because it was the same cheese. Then we asked and in the end, she just laughed.

We wanted to see the Grand Place lit up at night, so we headed for a quick dinner. We went to the one that is right in front of the Stock Exchange. The square was lit around 10 o'clock at night and it was beautiful. It was also full of people who were almost all on the ground and when it was illuminated, we all broke into an applause.

After that gourmet moment, we had to buy the chocolates because the next day we would not have time for it. Although we left at mid morning, we did not want to go running. So we went to rue du Beurre, an authentic temptation from beginning to end. When we did the counting to see how many boxes we had to carry, we were clear that they could not be from Neuhaus or Godiva because the budget would go too far.

So we opted for some tin boxes shaped like the typical houses of the square that we had already seen in the shop windows of the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. Possibly, the chocolate would not be as delicious as the first but we tried and were really good (I really think it is difficult to find some Belgian chocolate that is not).

The place was smaller but the store was very stocked. We had to have the dessert. We continued to see trays and there were the boats with fruit skewers coated in chocolate. We ordered the skewers but we wanted them for dark chocolate and there were none, so we had to wait for them to be made. We would have liked the chocolate to be hot and melted.

So I told the lady who prepared it because we did not want to waste too much time, but looking at me in a strange way, she followed her own without flinching. The way to make them was most interesting by threading the fruit on the toothpick, pouring the hot chocolate over it with a saucepan and putting it on a rack to cool it down.

When I asked her to give it to us as it is, and not to worry about cooling them, she told me that to get them out we had to wait for them to cool down, because if they did not get hard, they could not stop to clean it. As she saw that we were in a hurry, she accelerated the cooling process in a rather interesting way. She opened and closed the door of the house to serve as a fan. With that good taste in the mouth we went to rest.

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