The education of the puppy: the basics

We are entering into the Christmas period, when many will think to treat yourself or give away a dog, especially a puppy. In this regard, we propose you an article in the Newspaper of the National League for the Defense of the Dog, despite being past few years since its publication, always remains very current. We hope that people read it carefully because in its extreme simplicity, unfortunately contains a great truth.

A puppy at Christmas makes tenderness in  ritual goodness those days, among the colored lights of the tree and the shepherds and the Magi and angels, the puppy that offers and demands love, fills my heart with joy and makes us feel so good.

Many parents, involved pre-Christmas atmosphere, you leave wrest the promise of this loving gift, or you bring it to friends as if it were a box of chocolates. And then it is all a web of phone calls: "find me a puppy", "help me find a puppy" ...; in principle they want all white or all black, or with stains so and so, but then time is running out, and then the puppy is fine, however, as they are color or race!

Then, in the spring come the trips, the walks, the holidays upon us, and the puppy, although it is always equally tender and helpless, though still offers and asks for love, it becomes a hindrance, a problem: "no longer plays" "not fun anymore", "we no longer know where to put it" . Often is recycled in bulk, but abandoned or forsaken really.

Let's take the puppy at Christmas, but behave as if we were at Easter: think about BEFORE you then come the holidays, think BEFORE all the different problems that may arise. The adoption of an animal must always be a conscious and rational choice . We think especially that a puppy is not only decorative, but it is a living creature, that can get sick and need us, who is entitled to our help, we'll also spend some money to treat him; if we think that in such a case it could deny, then let's take, Let us seek not ever.

Rather, in this case, a nice bamboccio cloth, at most a fat map that only needs a little 'of water every twenty days and some rare attention.

And if after all these considerations, at Christmas we should wish to have an animal with us, we could adopt a poor stray, from one of the many kennels and shelters of our cities, maybe a puppy already grown or - better - an adult dog, hungry even just a caress.

We adopt a dog kennel ... but remember that it's forever !!

If we really want a puppy, and at Christmas we do not find, expect: in spring, unfortunately, there is a plethora of puppies mostly undesirable, because born to poor animals abandoned (perhaps by former Christmas puppies) or from animals whose owners prefer ignore that there are many ways to control births, a moral duty for each of us.

We adopt, therefore, a puppy but with the knowledge of what it will mean for the whole of his life. Make no mistake, however certain: any sacrifice will be well worth it, and in advance !!