LG G2: High-end smartphone Specifications

LG G2, powerful and clever has the clear objective to show the capacity for innovation and style of the Korean brand, making their way also acting within the segment of top of the range of devices. The G2 seems to have what you need. The distinctive and original of this smartphone is the design. For the first time in fact the function buttons have been placed on the back of the phone, right where you usually put your fingers. This ensures greater control of the device and reduce the possibility of falls caused in previous models right from adjusting the volume during a call.

Even if left on the desk no longer need to pick up the phone and press the power button: thanks to the KnockON, simply double-tap the screen to turn it on. The choice of the positioning of two function keys on the back is the result of numerous ergonomic studies have shown that as this portion of the phone is ideal for maintaining the balance control of the phone.

Unusual is also the screen size: 5.2 inches (1080 x 1920 pixels / 423 PPI). In fact, a good compromise without encroaching on the extra-large, but mostly a measure that allows you to still use your phone with one hand. The display uses technology from LG Dual routing that reduces the frame of the phone is only 2.65 mm, almost one with the board. The color rendition and sharpness of the images is instead entrusted to the proven IPS technology, well supported by the new Graphic Ram, which has been optimized to further reduce power consumption of the screen up to 26 percent.

With the battery of 3000 mAh, so it should be fairly easy to get through the day without the need to attach itself to an electrical outlet. This is achieved thanks to the presence of the new powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 800, a quad-core 2.26 Ghz which offers advanced performance, optimizing the energy consumption better. The photo department may instead rely on a 13-megapixel rear chamber (2.1 MP front), alongside the profit Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) and the functions and Super Resolution Multi-point AF that help keep everything in fire, just like a digital camera. Not bad, finally, the ability to capture Full HD video at 60 frames per second.

The G2 running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean has been improved with a number of advanced features that aim to make life easier for users. This goal, now all the more crucial. With Answer Me, for example, you can not just automatically answer an incoming call by simply bringing the phone to your ear but at the same time reduces the volume of the ringer. With text link instead you can select information embedded in text messages, save them in memo or calendar, look for them on a map or on the Internet.

Also new is the guest mode that allows you to protect the privacy of the owner, allowing you to set up a second account that blocks access your personal data. There is also the function that transforms QuickRemote LG G2 into a universal remote. The multitasking has been enhanced with the integration of the Slide Aside that, with a simple movement of three fingers on the screen allows you to better manage open applications in the background. Still missing, however, a convincing system of customizing your phone with themes, widgets and icons.

Of course, the appeal of the brand still needs some stimulus, but technologically speaking the new smartphone from LG has the numbers to defend themselves in the fierce arena of high-end products. The design is a little more traditional, despite the choice of placing the buttons on the back, but one device from 5.2 inches with a thickness of 8.9 mm is a respectable result. A praise worthy efforts to facilitate the use of the phone, without necessarily having to surprise with extreme functionalities which then in a few uses.

The G2 is in fact a real horse race: it has a large display 5.2-inch Full HD (1080x1920 pixels), a quad-core 2.26 GHz, 13-megapixel camera and the latest generation of ultra-fast connections LTE.

The new G2 is focusing on functionality, and it shows the original placement of buttons to control the volume on the back of the body, usually exactly where you place your fingers, and which also act as the shutter button for the camera in case of self-timer. Again using the rear buttons can also access the QuickMemo that instantly turns your smartphone into a handy notepad. Despite the generous size of the display, the width is only 7 inches so you can comfortably hold it with one hand. The quality of the shots is guaranteed by the sensor extremely sensitive, and lately by an optical stabilizer of the same type as those used on high-end digital cameras.

We can use it as a universal remote for any TV or hi-fi system and, thanks to Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2, the multitasking, or running multiple applications at once, is guaranteed. Will not arrive in time to take him on vacation, we will see it from more than two months, but we can use the Quick Translator in one of our upcoming trips: translate in real time any text taken with the camera. Even without an internet connection, it is sufficient to frame a written in a foreign language to see the translation appear on the display.

LG does not seem to have left nothing to chance and has also focused on an audio with a quality never before seen on a smartphone and features like "guest mode" which allows anyone to use it while maintaining the confidentiality of proprietary data. As for the Galaxy S4, the new G2 has a cover which leaves visible a part of the screen: in this case we can not only see the time and who calls us but use the visible portion as a mini-smarphone to choose our favorite songs, view the weather, answer the phone and set the alarm.

A contradiction? Maybe, but just think how many times we extract our daily smartphone pocket to understand that they are small simple solutions like this that can make a difference.

The G2 comes with a FullHD display by 5.2 inches - the maximum amount that LG has identified as comfortable and a nearly frameless design obtained by dividing the touchscreen controller into two receivers, saving space on the sides. Another notable part of the design, of which LG is very proud, is the button on the back , below the camera lens, through which you can access the main functions such as switching, volume control, camera and quick memo.

LG has tried to make the interface of the G2 the most intuitive and customizable as possible. Among the special features are KnockOn , which allows you to turn on and off the phone with two simple tap, Answer Me that will make enough to bring the device to the ear to answer calls, Quick Remote to replace the remote controls and common Slide Aside to increase productivity going from app to another with just a swipe and then a mode Guest to protect your device when handing it over to someone else.

The UI, although it does not look like thin and simple, it is customizable at different levels and you can change the settings of the app or even the virtual buttons for navigation. One of the most important features is definitely the camera 13 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization system (OIS), which can compose shots in low light and greatly reduce the blur caused by jitter.