La Causa - Peruvian Layered Salad with Chicken

by - November 29, 2014

The causa is a kind of hearty tart with mashed potatoes, avocado, fillings like tuna paste, scampi, chicken and mayonnaise. The mashed potatoes are used cold and serve as cake dough. Depending on where you are, the Causa is prepared artfully as a tart or in the style of a filled dumpling or as a dish, in which the mashed potatoes forms the lower layer and the remaining ingredients are layered on top of it, can be prepared.

In Lima, you can usually find the creative variations that look like fruit tarts at first glance. Here the variation is called causa limeña. In Northern Peru it is called Causa norteñaand is more like a layered salad. At the Causa norteña fish fillet is placed on a layer of mashed potatoes and steamed onions. On a journey even further to the north, just before the border with Ecuador, in the small coastal town and the beach paradise of Peru, Máncora, we found the causa as a filled rolling pin.

The stuffing, which here in the coastal region of the north consists of scampi, is rolled up in the potato dough together with avocado and mayonnaise. One has to say that there is a "sharpness difference" in Peru. The food is sharper in the north of the country than in the south. Here is the mashed potatoes or the filling ever enriched with chili. But a cool cuzqueña, the most popular beer in Peru, quickly extinguishes the fire in the mouth.

The funniest modification of it are however by far the Causushis. The Peruvian cuisine is varied and has been significantly influenced by the Japanese cuisine. Sushi and Makis are the absolute hit in Peru. What could be better than doing the cause in the form of sushi? This variation is offered by the Tanta restaurant chain owned by Peruvian celebrity chef Acurio Gastón, which is located throughout Lima, specializing in fusion food.

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