Calcutta Midnight: The City of Joy

At the stroke of midnight, strange events happen in the city of Calcutta. Every night, the time gets frozen, a time at which the worst nightmares creep between the lives of humans. Only a few guys in the city know this secret time, they live in peace in the light of the sun, but are able to move stealthily in the darkness of the night and face the fearsome creatures of midnight.

At midnight consecrated witches, perform eternal moment of dark rites of impulses, the time at which the dance of the Black Sabbath rage, in ancient stone circles, whispering in forests, in temples without a name, never forgotten by those who know.

At midnight, the dark hour when dreams come to life of humans, in which the nightmares take on real substance, the time at which the vampires, are hunting amidst the call of the wolves and the jackals, the call of the owl and the ravens, the laments of the spectra and werewolves with the hearts of humans tremble at midnight.

Strange lights illuminate the dark and strange voices talk in the wind and at midnight, strange arcane doors open onto bewitched worlds for those who live in the dark come back to life at the stroke of midnight.

A locomotive on fire rips the night carrying a load of innocent deaths. Under pouring rain, that same night, a young lieutenant sacrifices his life to rescue two newborn twins chased by a tragic fate.

Robin, the male twin, turns sixteen, leaves the orphanage of St. Patricks and celebrates the beginning of his adult life. It is also the last day of Chowbar Society, a secret club with seven orphans, who met for years at midnight under a canopy of stars, in the main hall of an ancient ruined building in the Palace of Midnight.

The seven kids are sure that this will be their last night together, but the past knocks on the door of Robin with the beautiful sister who never knew he had entered the palace with a crazy story to tell of the embers of the fire sixteen years before when they begin to burn.

For three interminable days the members of the Society Chowbar try to decipher what lies behind the history of Robin and his sister, as they fight against a terrible second fire started by a mysterious shadow. And now when all hell seems to have taken the upper hand and the fulfilment of the inevitable fate, the fire suddenly turns off and a white snow falls on the streets of Calcutta.