Ambi Pur - Refreshing Air Freshener

Monsoons are upon us, what better time to have wet, damp homes with a nauseating smell all over? The temperature outside the home is very humid and sometimes it becomes difficult with an unpleasant heavy air. So it is very important that your home is always welcoming and has a fresh and pleasant smell. The house is in fact a safe place, a refuge in which we move away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world to enjoy their intimacy.

Ambi Pur, provides a fragrance in the environment, which allows you to take care of your home just as you do with yourself that eliminates odors, with the freshness of fragrances that promotes an higher olfactory experience thanks to a propellant that does not alter the natural scent of delicate fragrances.

It eliminates odors with versatile fragrances according to different needs, which recalls the romance of the sea in monsoons and wraps the environment in the household with a gentle breeze bringing even more revitalizing poetry during the rains with lyrical top notes, together in a symphony between land and sea evoking the drops of dew in the early hours of the morning cool blades of grass and flowers where you would be able to remember a lush garden just refreshed by gentle raindrops.

Ambi Pur counteracts unpleasant odors, manages to recreate in the home of the real wellness oasis with an increasingly fragrant and welcoming distant worlds with an aromatic transport that is possible to live every hour. The disbursement of each fragrance, after some time, in different rooms of the house maintains a constant and pleasant feeling of cleanliness and freshness with a combination of refined and elegant design that is inspired by the relaxing lavender fields.

A mix that recalls the pleasure of a delicate tea scented with the return of a long walk and a combination of fresh and liveliness inspired by the morning breeze, the sparkling burst of force that is felt as soon as you open the windows of the house and the air will smell the scent of freshly cut grass.

The aroma meets the perfume of gardens in bloom to give life to this evocative fragrance with a combination of warm and cozy atmosphere inspired by the magnificence of nature where the sweet fragrance of the flower of the desert merges with the heady evergreen notes.