Ambi Pur Mini Vent Clip Review

A good smell in the car makes you feel better, a breath of fresh air and fragrance is always a pleasure. Ambi Pur sweeps odors and imparts a pleasant fragrance, which constantly renews the air in your car. Ambi Pur has become yet another fashion item with which to customize the car, just like the usual bells and whistles from mirror or suction of a thousand iguanas that inhabit our rear windows.

It works, and offers a shortlist of choices so vast and delicate to make you forget the bad experiences in office immediately. Ambi Pur car air fresheners combine the finest quality fragrances made from real liquid perfume and spread through a single device, which cleverly is designed to work with the ventilation system of your car to improve your trip mood and enjoy the freshness anytime, anywhere while you travel.

Ambi pur’s natural smell helps to neutralize odors leaving a fresh natural scent of wood and mists. The interior of a car retain odors more than we can imagine how the combination of smoking for both weathering soak the tissues and feels that bad musty smell.

Ambi pur is most innovative and most effective that attaches to the dashboard on the ventilation grid and a small bottle that contains a scented liquid fragrance can be adjusted, increasing or reducing it to a minimum.

It is most aesthetically beautiful and easier to use with slits allowing a wider release more pronounced scent with light breeze from a fresh and persistent, delicate and effective at the same time.

It is much more comfortable flitting before eyes at every turn that lasts much longer long and especially smells so gradual as opposed to the colourful trees that you opened them as soon as you nauseated in fragrance!