Travel Kolkata Tiger Sunderbans Bengal

Normally I like to travel comfortably, spoil myself a bit with a holiday right in the middle of the Sunderban jungles, away from the cities and classic tourist routes. I was a little doubtful but fortunately I was brave and I wanted to experience a new way to travel and see the world. If you want to visit a place where you feel you are connected to nature, this is the place for you!

A reserve forest really far away from so-called civilization in a landscape of unearthly beauty, it takes two or three days to get into the rhythm of Sunderbans, a real corner of paradise, at first to get out in a boat from where you can see all the animals or listen to all the incredible sounds of the forest.

I must say that the experience at Sunderbans has far exceeded my expectations. It was an amazing trip, unique, shocking with river transport into the hallowed forests nothing short of folklore, a wonderful adventure along the rivers of the region up to the Sunderban delta, a natural paradise in which locals also accommodate and guide visitors to explore the reserve.

The small wooden bungalows are comfortable and clean, with a wonderful view of the river of the community, while the kitchen is simple and traditional, but always rich and tasty. Between a walk in the forest, a football game with the boys of the village and a gaze on the veranda at sunset, the days have passed quickly and the greeting of the whole community at the time of departure will always remain among my memories!

This trip was really amazing! My eyes have seen unspeakable things, just got a multitude of colourful butterflies I flew joyfully around opening me the view of the village and its inhabitants, hospitable and helpful. There have been numerous trips in the forest, really wonderful, never seen anything more magical!

Surrounded by greenery, in all its shades and gradations, I was able to learn the names of various plants, thanks to the extraordinary and experienced village folks, who knew even recognize the song of every bird! Remaining silent and looking up I saw birds of every kind and colour and shape! In the forest, nothing beats the look.

The beautiful canoe trip in the flooded river was so evocative and mystical with exciting and wonderful encounter with the Royal Bengal tigers drinking in the river during a boat trip along the river. They seem to approach, but jump back in the game and seem to mark the dancers with their pinkish-gray.

We lived for ten days in close contact with the locals, who welcomed us warmly. I was able to enter the world of the community, interact with the locals and enjoy the beautiful nature! It's a land where ancient traditions and daily rituals can be felt along the life of every day with gorgeous people, pure and especially the behaviour of women who, although are farmers in their traditional clothing, they look like queens.

Life in Sunderbans is relaxing and interesting at the same time. We spent our days walking in the unspoiled tropical forest, making night and day boat trips, exploring the remarkable, pristine beauty of this region.

It is not easy to get there but the wild and authentic experience you get from Sunderbans is incomparable for the sweetness of the population, for landscapes, for the people, for friends, for the emotions, for the sea blue-green sunsets, the red rocks and the scent of sundari trees and for the beauty and magic unleashed by the for all that has been and represent, always. It has been a dream holiday with a wonderful place and wonderful people. Who loves animals, this is the place!