Reality TV: The Horror of Everyday Life

Let's face it, finding an original idea, to create a stimulating and fun gameshow, among other things, in order to enhance a programme is still being explored and, is not easy even if only for having giving birth to the concept of a TV show. Here are my top 10 picks for a TV show:

Pest Control: 10 female competitors are locked in a house infested with giant cockroaches. The goal is to socialize with bugs and get to build a relationship with their dialogue based on trust and mutual respect. The winner is the competitor who still retains her mental clarity.

The Hide and Seek: 10 bachelors between the ages of 25 and 30 are taken on an island and divided into two teams. The aim of the game is to collect as many edible fruits, vegetables, animals. The team that makes the most out of them wins.

The library: 10 competitors are locked in a house equipped with every comfort and in which they have free access to all books or magazines but not in any other means of mass communication. The winner is the competitor who is more aware of the happenings in the world which will be found out through an interview.

The Crossing: 10 families are loaded on as many caravans without water, electricity, gas, food, water or medicines for 10 days. The aim of the game is to cover the entire route without any kind of help and the one who survives is the winner.

The wait: 10 people are gathered under a tree filled with bee hives. The winner is the competitor who, after 10 days of waiting, still stands still their.

The castle: 10 people are locked in a castle with the colored walls and a grandfather clock. After a month it will be communicated to them the news of the spread of an epidemic on a global scale, so that they will be convinced that they are the only ones to survive in the world. After 10 days of isolation, during the final episode a popular face disguised as a leper and bedsores will be brought into the castle. The winner is the competitor who does not get scared.

Utopia: 10 people will be segregated in the famous Hotel and subjected to various types of physical and psychological torture for 10 days. The winner is the competitor who, out of the house, still looks with optimism to the world.

The entertainer: A man dressed up completely and made to look and behave like a woman will be locked in a house with huge beds in the shape of heart, and every week a new male contestant will be introduced into the house in the pretext of sleeping with her. The one who can unravel the pretext without touching from more than 1 metre will be the winner.

The bar: 10 teetotallers will be locked inside a bar open to the public and forced to live seated at a small table. The winner is the competitor who, after 10 days still sit their and without having a sip of any of the wines.

Public Demand: The show will aim to emulate, in a decidedly humorous and grotesque, various types of television shows, various re-incarnations of the shows. We will have to choose our competitor for the prestigious TV show, and more importantly we have to import our own face.

The show we propose will have two faces for each night, where others will be added later. The two folks will have a great capacity in doing what the audience will want. The purpose of each show will be to do the stuff and provide humorous answers to the audience and accumulate points to be given by the majority audience, and to determine from time to time the winner of the evening.

The challenge can be repeated as many times as you want, but the overall score will increase only by improving their performance: The challenges will be to shake the Move to run faster, or tilt it correctly to break a target, or quickly dress and make alter-ego and then dominate the catwalk replicating the movements that appear on screen, or doing Kitchen stuff, where participants will win based on who cooks more pancakes and pizzas as possible within the time limit, stopping occasionally to break eggs.

Then it can be about renovation of selected people’s apartments, like painting the walls, sawing the boards, or to reconstruct tile mosaics. It will certainly be colourful, cute and functional at the kind of game that is simple and easy with presenters who will not have too many expressions to show, but still the end result be nice.

The music composition, orchestra will all of course be in a very "television" like and different depending on the show and never be repetitive. It must be said that with the scoring system, the ability to repeat tests to improve and shows superior to unlock can also offer some evening fun. The thing worth mentioning in this regard is that if you want to play in teams you will need at least two participants. It is an extremely interesting territory to explore with new productions.

Seriously it is obvious that the humour is favoured in short format, making people laugh is easier when you have a limited time than on the long-term.