I Came, I Saw, I Conquered all the hearts

In my life I have travelled many roads, I lived in different cities and countries, and I have met many people. With some paths were intertwined for short and long periods, I tried to write together pieces of our history, to be active subjects of our time. But most of the things done, I like to think of things with them, thanks to them, I learned.

With my mother, woman and psychiatrist, I learned honesty as a way to keep open hearts and minds to another. I learned that the madness and diversity, before diseases and problems, are embodied in people. And people are always worthy of care, love, attention. I learned that diversity is not, and never should be a stigma, but a great resource for everyone.

With my father, a man and leader in the truest sense, I learned the strength and courage of the idea of freedom. I learned the meaning of the struggle as a force of liberation and transformation of the existing.

In Calcutta, with the other boys and girls of my college, I learned friendship, the deep bond between people united by love and common passions. I learned that the outrage is not enough, that you have to understand, study and investigate the processes of history and politics, to try to change them.

I learned the strength from the crowd. I learned that the power is offset by the power, which is the transforming power and not conservative, that another world is indeed possible and that this belief goes beyond all boundaries, geographic, cultural, gender, race and creed. But, I learned even fear.

With many and many companions of study and research, and with some outstanding masters, I learned the passion for study. Culture as a tool for growth, before human rights and I learned that culture is large and hospitable that does not give up like an old ruin, but to live in a collective creative space.

I learned responsibility in work and that humility is a skill that is built step by step, along the path of life. Here, I also saw and learned the devastating force of a crisis that hurts the lives and dignity of many, many people. And I learned that support and help cannot take on the face of blackmail for those who see their material and social resources vanish. I learned that the word austerity has changed its meaning, and it’s no longer the expression of a practical form of moral existence, but an instrument of controlling people.

With my companions, and friends I learned that the common good is a good slogan for a pretty face, but the belief that we are not merely individuals who belong to communities that want to share participation in the fundamental life makes possible the existence of a community, that this desire does not exist without that thing we call democracy.

I learned the idea of an open and plural left, being able to transcend their own boundaries in listening and dialogue with the multiple worlds that express a desire for change. I learned that you have to accept the challenge to change the society, make it their own and return it to the many voices calling for social justice.

With my sweetheart, a sensitive woman, and a caring life partner, I learned the love and happiness everyday of the force to be two, not double, but the opposite of one.

Many things still have to be learnt, but with this little wealth of experience, faces and words is the only thing I can say with certainty that I will not live in vacuum because this is my story, it's me.