Conversations with God - the essence

‘Tring- Tring, the phone rang…!

Hello, hello, hello, hello……………….

Oh No! not again, the phone line to god is always so busy. Oh God , please give me a chance to talk to you.

And if your are really desperate, here are a few walkthroughs, so you get it right the next time

1 - Check that the prefix is right.
2 – Check the numbers properly while dialing and not at the top.
3 - Do not be angry when you hear the signal "busy”. Wait and try again.
4 - Make sure you dial the right number.

And when you really make the breakthrough, here are a few important tips:

1 - Remember that a telephone conversation with God is not a monologue.
2 - Do not talk constantly about you, but listen to what he has to say too

And if yet again the call breaks midway:

1 - Check to see if it was you who have interrupted the connection.

A few important things to remember for the ultimate chat experience with God:

1 - Do not get used to calling God only in cases of emergency, choosing only the emergency number.
2 - Do not call God just at the "reduced call rate", i.e. mainly during night hours and Sundays.
3 - Even on weekdays you should be calling him.
4 - Remember that phone calls with God are without shots. So prepare beforehand.
5 - Do not forget to call God unceasingly that leaves you messages on your answering machine.

And here is one sample conversation with God

X: If I cannot see you, how can I know you exist?
God: Question right! How exactly do you know that I exist?

X: Well, I'm probably talking to you God?
God: How do you know you're talking to me? suppose you say to a psychiatrist: "Yesterday I spoke with God." What do you think he would say?

X: It depends on the psychiatrist. And because psychiatrists are mostly atheists, I probably would say that I talked to myself.
God: And they would be right!

X: How? You mean you do not exist?
God: Your ability to draw false conclusions is astounding. Just because you're talking to yourself it follows that I do not exist?

If you want to get to the naked truth, do not worry about right and wrong.
The conflict between right and wrong is the disease of the mind.