Bang Bang Review

Did you see Dhoom 2? Bang Bang is the Dhoom 2 without the creativity and means of Dhoom 3, with a scenario that reminds strangely of Dhoom 2, to wonder if Hrithik Roshan would not have badly lived his ouster of Dhoom 3, and decided to surf on the wave of the Dhoom all alone, even if he has to take a big splash.

The Bang Bang script should fit on one page and is easy to summarize. The Kohinoor diamond is stolen from the Tower of London. A great villain with a terrorist tendency is in pursuit of the thief. The thief encounters by mistake a nice girl in Shimla. They fall in love and she finds embraced in this story because she dreams of wide open spaces and that takes her to places of which she dreamed before. In love, she thinks the thief is not that bad, but she periodically has doubts.

So we embark in an action film with a romantic tendency, and without any particular expectations, we quickly realize its limitations with a minimalist scenario, already seen action scenes and that drags on. The special effects would scream with laughter and is amateurish. The psychological intensity can only hold in the thickness of a tissue paper, and not even the use of the handkerchief is required because all this is very nice.

Why watch this movie? If you're a fan of Hrithik Roshan like me but then go and see Guzaarish, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Jodhaa Akhbar, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Koi Mil Gaya or even Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon. Because in Bang Bang, his acting abilities are limited to approximate expressions. His famous silhouette is almost disproportionate and his abs have a taste of corrugated cardboard. In addition, he had to put a blow of silicone on his lips that are moderately seductive.

Are you a fan of Katrina Kaif? So go ahead, because she has a real role here, unlike the other Dhoom, and she has the best part of the dialogues and situations. In her role as a nice and naive girl, but far from being silly and deeply rooted in reality, she has a sympathetic role and she plays well. She brings a touch of humanity, humor, and benevolent simplicity. In fact, she challenges the too basic scenario and with each intervention, she pushes the symbolic hero to become human.

Do you like pure and simple action movies? I do not recommend Bang Bang as you will be disappointed. The action scenes are worn, unimaginative, with scenes already seen and there is too much driving or motorcycle driving in traffic, and less well-filmed than in the Dhoom, or Don, and even the fight scenes cannot be compared to the delirium of Dabangg. The only originality is a number of flying fish moves by Hrithik, who has moderately convinced me but it seems that it is a new technique and they are doing well.

On the music side it is very bang bang, bling bling, boïng boïng, very far from Indian music, and even if we go looking for romance, it seems very limited and even pushed. On the choreography side too, it's very basic, soulless, repetitive gymnastics, which stir in rhythm with a knee on the right or a knee on the left and it feels like a stretching course.

Finally, a little glimpse of the geographical frenzy as one passes from Prague to a Pacific island by train, returning to Prague in the next scene. I like the freedoms of Bollywood, but there they take the viewer for granted, and this idea pursued me in the whole film.