the Hitler myth in the mirror of Conspiracy theories

The war is over and the last cannon silenced. The enemy is defeated, beaten. The train is half empty and half full moving faster towards the return to home, family, loved ones. Each carries with it the memories, the imprint of the suffering, hunger, cold and mud of the trenches, the roar of the bombs, and the blood of fallen friends. War is dirty, it's cruel!

I want to meet and ask Hitler: war is unjust, it is unfair, then why?

The River that has "heard" the thunder of the guns, the bursts of machine guns, the screams of pain of his countrymen. The River that has "seen" the blood flow, the blood of its soldiers, and I ask: Why?

Why General?

Why? So many battles, Why? Where masses crush to almost certain death? How many attacks! Repeated, senseless!

But how long, how many tests, how many deaths you needed to understand that it was necessary to change strategy, to add a new diversionary tactic?

You went on to order unnecessary attacks, perpetrating a massacre against heavily armed enemy trenches, defended by barbed wire, landmines and modern machine guns. How many assaults, how much obstinacy!

Perhaps your mind is not able to understand it, I wonder, in those little stars pinned on your uniform, general, there should be a heart!? Even your heart includes the brutality?

When you accentuated the repression against your infantry, your boys, mad with fury of useless assaults, after stumbling over the corpses of your comrades, who hesitated to obey your absurd orders, you shoot without mercy, like rabbits, as cowards.

The homeland defense goes, General, but with judgment, with technology, with strategy! The soldiers, sir, are human lives and are not cannon fodder!

It is not enough by the academy to make a commander, the stars are not enough to make a man!

But if there is any justice beyond the earthly life, then your soul must descend to the earth to answer the people!

In the earth there are so many wars and they do so much harm to people, I want children to play and study freely without the bombs falling on their head and a world without hunger and poverty, where everyone would live like brothers and we would like to right.

I want peace because they all deserve a comfortable and a nice bed to sleep with their teddies.  I would like that all over the world there is peace and happiness.