Life Problems and Coping Strategies

Have you ever thought about how life would be flat if it were not for the amazing succession of experiences that it offers? God gave us the gift of His creation characterized by a wide variety of situations, day and night cycles and seasons, making our life full of contrasts, changes, and a crescendo of challenges. Life is characterized by so many nuances and alternatives to constantly push us to experience new emotions.

Life is made up of many victories, more or less large, but also many things that did not go as hoped for like a competition, an exam, a promotion that has not yet arrived, a divorce, a breakup with a son. We never imagined that our existence could be as it has been so far? Despite expectations, life surprises us by putting us to the test.

Yet there are people who, instead of being influenced by painful experiences, are able to take the "good" things and be confident in what the future holds and translate the hardships of life in opportunities to discover their limits, to understand what worked and what did not work, will help us to become better people and more competent.

The real freedom is, in my opinion, in the strong determination that we maintain in the face of obstacles. In this way we get an attitude of independence with respect to facts which are outside of our "I" and illuminate our way. And the darkness inherent in our life comes from the conviction of "no possibility", "I can not", "can not do it", "it is impossible for me to win" are all phrases that often we say to ourselves and determine our failure.

When we are afraid of failure, in fact, we begin to devote to a project by implementing just that unconscious strategy that will lead to failure. Our internal representation, the image of us that we can not, affects our physiology, the process of elaboration of thoughts, state of mind and the actions we take. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The fears become our internal limits. It is not so much a matter of "draw" with the thought that we would like to avoid rather a matter of beliefs and actions. If I am convinced that I will never be happy, my attention will be paid to everything in life that makes me unhappy giving up, unconsciously, to do the right actions can change the situation.

If, however, we consider the experiences and situations as evidence from which to learn, we will discover the great resources. We will know what to do and what not to do to achieve the desired result. There is no need to attribute negative emotions to what does not work. Failure does not exist because you can always learn something: a new strategy, skill, more information about ourselves, the environment, the people we want next, about our desires.

We'll find out each time stronger than we think we are. Let us remember one thing: when we are afraid, it means that we are close to our limit. If we accept the challenge, the call, I will overcome, but if we give up, the same limit will recur in various guises.
It 'a call, it is the hero's journey. We can be heroes, the protagonists of our life or sit on the bench and wait for it to pass. The choice is ours.

Whatever the goal, the successful practice of a sport, learn a foreign language or play a new musical instrument, when you are young it is easier to get involved, meet new challenges and discover their innate talents. But well into adulthood having more of the goals to be achieved helps to extend your life and live better.

The life of every individual is characterized by its choices, values that decide to pursue, the difficulties encounters and the people you refer. Freedom of choice is one of the greatest gifts that God has given to man. Unlike animals, humans do not act only on instinct.

We have the ability to accept or decline the opportunities that present them. Make wise choices and decide to carry out a project behaving in a healthy and intact, can not only bring great satisfaction and a better understanding of life.

Conversely, making the wrong choices can be very costly, sometimes it may even endanger life itself. In the beginning, God showed the first humans, Adam and Eve, two trees in the Garden of Eden to represent two different styles of life. It is certainly not a fairy tale. God told them not to eat any fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Surely you remember the story about humanity and the repercussions that followed them.

Everyone has the opportunity to choose. Normally an individual makes a choice based on what it considers to be more important than anything else, decide how to live, and is aware of the fact that not all values are equal. Everyone has 24 hours a day available, but some people use the time more efficiently than others. If we give a value to time, we can use it to complete important projects and long term. An athlete must train, a worker must produce, a student has to study, etc.

It is said that if a person does not know the direction you are going, you'll probably end up lost that usually means having to figure out how he used the time. Time is one of the most precious gifts, but it can turn into a curse if it is not well used. Spend precious moments to learn the divine values are one of the best ways to take advantage of the time available.

Regardless of how valid the choices made, sooner or later we have to face challenges and difficulties that will test our character. Even with the good people bad things can happen, and be in the wrong place at the wrong time can cause irreparable damage sometimes.

Some people are born with severe disabilities, while others are victims of natural disasters or wars. In addition to these random events, we can also aggravate the situation by making the wrong choices, with repercussions far more unpleasant than we can imagine. Driving fast, not fastening the seat belt or deciding to attend a wrong company are many choices we do every day.

Individual experiences can teach you something or score in a negative way, but the way in which an individual fails to repair any errors made is indicative of his character. Life wants us to learn from our mistakes and choose to change by making wise choices. Sometimes that means having to suffer the devastating consequences of bad choices to find the motivation that drives us to make the right.

Finding a contact person that leads us to make wise choices is one of the key ingredients for a healthy existence. The parents, a brother or sister are part of the support network of each individual. Attending wise people is a great way to become ourselves individuals of common sense. The wise man will hear and increase learning, and the man with understanding will obtain wise counsel. Many people leave that one's life is dictated by routine and accidental circumstances, instead of making creative choices that lead to significant improvements.

Deciding to 'feed' your mind, body and spirit can be a springboard to a life full of achievements and satisfaction. As a child I had the privilege of being always been encouraged to work with commitment and devotion to win more awards important were assigned within the family or group of friends. Developing programs and objectives and be encouraged to join them at a young age helped me more time than I imagined was educative to learn how to carry out the purposes set out and visit the places I have been.

There are so many opportunities for you to choose from, especially if you can identify and nurture the desire to grow and learn. Take responsibility for your own life; accept the challenges that present themselves to become a better person. Establish goals and remember that your life is a series of choices you make, values that pursuit, and the difficulties that face people who choose to attend. Challenges of life are in your hands. Accept them and affront them with good cheer! You'll see that in the end you'll get out the good fruit!