Hibiscus Flower Ornamental garden

The hibiscus did not know the season, each dawn the petals of a flower parted around the classic long yellow petals to the incessant rain. Everywhere regarded as evidence of a 'beautiful summer', it is symbolic of beauty, fertility, the devotion of the 'perfect bride'. The Hawaiian women carry this typical flower in her hair behind her left ear, to show their status as singles, or behind right, if committed, or behind both ears, when they want a new love while being accompanied already.

In China, hibiscus embodies wealth and fame, and the delicate flower represents the unmarried girl. In South Korea, the hibiscus flower identifies immortality, despite its delicacy, the everlasting love in marriage and the military invincibility in war. In the Malay Peninsula hibiscus with red petals, represents the life, the courage and the rapid growth of the country.