Book Review: The Pink Scarecrow: Ankita Srivastava

The Pink Scarecrow by Ankita Srivastava is a stunning adore tale of an Army operates thoughts, wishes and ardour with a damsel in anguish that seizes us into the entrancing globe of an enthralling amorous apprehension in the milieu of an Army Cantonment and the twinkle of the fashion globe.

Opening with a military social life carnival of New Year's revelry in a cantonment club in which services demeanour is dyed inspite of the reality that the Indian Army officers imbibe unremittingly but they cannot give to wobble their forces attitude.

The central character Lieutenant Colonel Vishesh, though wobbles for a little and glance in the region of the woman of the evening, the dazzling exquisite queen, the female lead role Garvita, the champ of that year's Mrs. India, whom he apparently affront by committing the sin of staring at her, an operate in plain breach of time-honoured military civility, for which he doubts to be chastised which surely can impinge on his armed hurtle and might perhaps make him drop social honour got straddling several years.

In the midst of the contemplation of expressing regret to her, he unconsciously go into a spirited thought den where he spot one of the numerous trivial fervour that had got mislaid in the flight that of his very own ‘Pink Scarecrow’.

As he is in view of how to act contrite for his gauche deeds that he put up with the guest of the evening, he grasp the lady had not taken transgression and infact opt him to be her ballet cohort amidst so many other chaps in attendance, much to the vexation of his Commanding Officer Colonel Sameer Chauhan and so many other handsome Army and Air Force officers.

Swinging amidst evident and indiscernible passion on the salsa base while jazzing in secure propinquity with the alluring woman, Vishesh could reek her cologne and sense his cadaver warm up and start to in fact free his full air when out of the blue he is enlightened a touch by the lady. The Army officer find chided but not for any of his martial crime rather for his felony which he did as a civilian spinster 19 years back and this narrative sway amidst his present and precedent.

Garvita was the eerie, naive, sedate and altruistic cerise lass, a plain reticent and bonbon army officer’s spawn that first emerge fully dressed in cherry and appear frozen akin to an actual scarecrow, he had yet spot and had thus at once named her the ‘Pink Scarecrow’. The account start recounting as Vishesh begin recalling the events of his precedent with most flamboyant facts. The rest of the volume is all concerning his times of yore and the manner it bond to the at hand day.

The Casanova piece parley in relation to how he was the prime flirt in the city. Gravita’s panic to chat with an alien that she also like for the first instant is tackled skilfully with the phone tête-à-tête between Vishesh and Gravita extremely intricate. Finally the dance level pooled by Vishesh and the pink scarecrow is luminously levered and in reality is the out of the blue element of the paperback.

It’s an incredibly fine tender interpret and will not seize a lot of your instant, save for will entice you into a bit in Nineties with the quintessence of coyness of a lass flog the tandem. The lingo is effortless, the temperaments are extremely bona fide, and more so, the sense of the armed verve is a touch incredibly chalk and cheese.

A very few moral fibres crafts the chronicle blasé with an out of the ordinary portrayal of an archetypal Indian lass, conspicuous and down-to-earth. Garvita's disposition and her predicament have been exposed incredibly glowingly. The personality of Vishesh has an attention-grabbing intensity to it but the top piece of the yarn is its rate of knots.

The fairy-tale is easy except hitherto tap your spirit on a lot of junctures and boast a plodding lick of its own and fetch out the burly spirit in all of us to attain a touch unusual in existence to craft a name, accomplish a bit useful. Subsequent to all, these martial folks now and then aren't intuitive that manner.

Expressively on paper, sunken in delicate passion and careful sketch of the milieu, make-up and their feelings, the book appraise a few fine verses and chants that put in an ideal feel to this adore anecdote and is most skilfully in black and white dazzling bit of exertion. The canto all over the book craft it further enticing and exciting, and set vivacity in it.

The drudgery of the author is fairly evident in the shape of arty prose and special chic and opt ornate style to illustrate the characters with the entire tome show akin to a congress of gems. The metaphors of the moral fibres are extensive with inscription grace top and convert it to idolize the expression, imagery, elucidation and pose of sentences.

The writer thrive in coherent poles apart facets and preference of ladies may well be civilly discernible with apt reason and these reflection roll out to be idealistic over and over again.

On the whole, totting up, its a pretty fine tome to interpret, for those who desire to discern a tad in relation to the martial means of existence, and who are engrossed in fable literature, or who like understanding regarding the delicate poignant relations one has in those pink years of one's verve for those with a sturdy spirit clout or who have raised up out of tricky state of affairs, this reserve is a typical case of idealism to like and realize the influential exertion of prose and passion.

Publisher: Frog Books ♣ Published: 2012 ♣ ISBN-13: 9789382473138 ♣ Language: English ♣ Binding: Paperback ♣ Pages: 174