Book Review: Ohh Gods are Online: Rashma Kalsie & George Dixon

Ohh Gods Are Online by Rashma Kalsie and George Dixon is an unreal work of fiction co-authored by two novelists through online connection, who have certainly not met, with an exquisite story of bona fide divinity, being in attendance in the numeral orb, shady blokes and implicit humanity, on themes such as Hindu idols, devotion, extant predicaments, and Indian lawmakers trailblazer seize on faith.

The conspire of the volume, above all, explores existence issues as is in relation to the verve of, and the tête-à-tête among Jesus Christ aka Chris, the dude and Krishna. Both the deities are breathing as human beings; Chris, in the attractive coastline settlement of Clacton-on-Sea, England and Krishna as a deprived lad who worships his mother extremely in Delhi, India.

The tale starts on as Chris interprets a critique in the daily on the subject of social networking and settles on to open a Facebook account and is flabbergasted to notice that a lot of of the gods by now boast an account there. Once on Facebook, he starts in on chitchat with Krishna and Gautam Buddha aka Buddy Roy with mainly their exchanges idealistic in temperament, a propos the connotation of living with the lots of demise that ensue and hail them to the subsequent globe.

They hook up with each other and then charts for a reunion where they may well congregate and get-together. Then the volume out of the blue acquires a turnaround and brings in a series of chalk and cheese temperaments as these spirits go all-out to remain the globe carrying out efficiently and their pursuit in opposition to Nick.

Krishna in his most recent avatar toil as an assist in an infirmary with Sunderaman his boss, who is ravenous and hard-hitting with his workforce and cares for to gobble even at he cost of the patients provisions, a mean individual whose simple endeavour in verve is to please his tummy and libido with an eccentric entwine of providence roll him into a dog. Yashoda, Krishna’s worldly mother is a changed forlorn prostitute, a lady faithful to her spirit and spawn with his father gone after fathering him.

In the meantime in the planet of divinity is Nick further to the equation who is keen on to inflict mayhem, slay folks and fetch them to his globe of iniquity feelings and deeds. The tsunami was his exploit and the ramp of Sunderaman into a beleaguer was his undertaking and there was further in his tactics. The culmination of the reserve is straight and finish on a gifted note.

It is more of a rational narrative neither schemed nor premeditated and was endorsed to stream if the idols were existing in contemporary epoch in the centre of mankind as perplexed about existences implication as souls obsessed to social media as it subsist at the moment, the knowledge and the numerous hitches in particular in conveying.

The inscription fashion of the tome is simple and exhilarating with enchantment in the commentary with certain fractions of the paperback elevate in mind's eye like the revelry of Old Nick, the wicked spirit, in Jaywick. The paperback is truly pleasant with a conception certainly not tapped with this much action before and enclose firm allusion to truth which ruses the booklover.

The order has your interest by the idiosyncratic designate and the idea is whacky, and was as brisk and out of the ordinary as it shows from the wrap. The volume is humorous and amusing and the way Christ has been portrayed to go during the identical thrill and unease of altering his profile image is hilarious yet solicitous. You can more or less sense his fretfulness and consternation and it was these slight droll flashes that ended this tome such an agreeable interpret.

The paperback is like a gulp of unsullied space and compose for an amusing convert which foliage you with a smirk with the sardonic exposé of individual conduct in the digital globe. The characters are those we have grown up with as a result it is effortless to recount to them save for to envision them online is what craft it so much entertaining. It is profoundly ingrained in folklore and most of the personalities appear so genuine that you will covet to trust them.

On the whole the reserve is a gasp of fresh and clean tone, and uphold an ironic indication of soul deeds in the digital gamut of expertise of individual creatures who cannot bond with their kith and kin, associates, fellow citizens and all the existent folks in their verve and sure, even with their idols and can’t grin at their fellow commuters, who don’t ever see the chap take a pew on the next chair to them on the local train. Truly, individual mortals astonish non stop!

Publisher: Srishti ♦ Published: June 2013 ♦ ISBN-13: 9789380349947 ♦ Language: English ♦ Binding: Paperback ♦ Pages: 224