Book Review: Chanakya's Chant: Ashwin Sanghi

Chanakya's Chant Ashwin Sanghi

Chanakya's Chant by Ashwin Sanghi is a roller coaster traverse with murders, manoeuvres, political plays, espionage, and covetousness that sprint on two analogous trails one on the original Chanakya, contemporary of Alexander the Great and Chandragupta Maurya and the subsequent on Gangasagar Mishra, who circle out to be the kingmaker in Indian affairs of state.

Chanakya has been an enthralling personality and a schemer shrewd to dig up the pre-eminent out of both worlds with his wiliness at all times winning him praise with respect and now the author has transported Chanakya reverse once more in an attempt to intermingle contemporary India with primordial India and how Chanakya Neetis still hold germane in the radiance of the day where the tale swing among two eras in an endeavour to sketch awareness connecting the two front temperaments where the past recur itself.

Set in circa 340 BC, this swift suspenseful story offer you with an exhilarating mélange of schemes and subplots that fling you in the course of supremacy, political affairs, and olden times of Magadha, 2300 years back and since there to New Delhi in the present day start, where Chanakya, the Brahmin lad swear vengeance against Dhanananda, the ruler of Magadha for the loss of his father.

Even though at first he falls short but gradually gains knowledge from his error by coming across his environs and jamboree the endurance strategy from the rule of life and he mature up to turn out to be a master schemer of his period and obtain the retribution and bit by bit, through his cunning conduct daub Chandragupta Maurya to the throne and thus place sprout to the initial realm in India of the Mauryan empire. He also prevents Alexander the Great’s move on to raid India through his astute diplomacy.

In an alike style the author get us in the course of today’s clout drama to take control and clean up Indian affairs of state and at the similar instance deliver service to its populace, where we hit upon Pandit Gangasagar Mishra functioning up to his means to let Chandni Gupta be chosen as the Prime minister of India and the tune has been identical of by means of ones Achilles' heel as you potency and scheming string to suit the call of the hour.

But it’s easier said than done with every instant cannot be a hit, so to assign Chandni Gupta as PM, Gangadhar Mishra has to countenance an assortment of confronts but ultimately triumph over the demanding times and boast his line of attack.

As olden and prickly the Arthashastra is, the author presents the quintessence of it wisely promoting Chanakya and fashion the cinder of curiosity with the finely paced out of the ordinary amusing and succulent interpret. The fad that's largely endearing a propos the tome is the speech marks worn all the way through the paperback with the two narratives swap sandwiched between one another that craft it a truly fascinating interpret.

The book is a quick lick twofold suspenseful story, fused skilfully at the finish that will not allow you to close your volume till you finish. The language is accessible and the characters have been depicted in an extremely bright manner where the account efficiently whip the at hand confinement and consequences. The characters, Chanakya and Gangasagar, are clever, calculating and hoary and the manner these two characters manoeuvre and affect their sly strategy, stay the booklover presume till the conclusion.

On the whole, a finely printed stirring fulfilling high-speed, down-to-earth opinionated suspenseful story, the reserve is an incredibly express convert with legend, pretence, brutality, execute and perfidy, which will remain you occupied and engrossed and you won’t desire to go away till the very last part. The order confirms us that political affairs are not only dragging each other’s pelt, but entail a lot further.

Publisher: Westland ◘ Published: 2012 ◘ ISBN-13 9789381626818 ◘ Language: English ◘ Binding: Paperback ◘ Pages: 448