Bird of Paradise and its dedicated courtship

Bird of Paradise is native to South Africa, where it is called Crane Flower widely cultivated throughout the world, and is the official flower of the city of Los Angeles, California. In their natural habitat, Bird of Paradise flowers are pollinated by Sunbirds, who perch on horizontal "beak" of the flower. The bird's weight presses down on the "beak", which causes the petals upright to spread and release their pollen on the legs of birds. When the bird lands on the flower to flower, some pollen standing drops or falls off, the new plant pollination. Birds of paradise plants add to the aesthetic value of any landscape design.

When the bird of paradise plant flowers in your garden, you can use flowers to brighten up the room. Select a long stem that is about to bloom for use as a cut flower. Make sure you keep a single leaf while cutting the stem of flowers. Place this in a narrow neck vase full of colorful stones and water. You can enjoy the beauty of cut flowers bird paradise for three weeks.