Be brave to change yourself and have fun

If you had a dream, a vision or an aspiration, you had to bring her or let her go. A difficult thing, because it was nice to have these dreams and indistinct in other dimensions and it was nice to have them out there that they were not subject to adversity, trauma and drama of this reality. If you have visions, dreams, aspirations, desires of the heart, dammit, take them here or let them go or its really a big waste of energy as dreams are a wonderful thing, but incumbent upon you.

Many humans will go to bed tonight and will dream of a better life, a better understanding of themselves, and a better relationship with others. Men shall dream things that really would love to do, whether it's a design or a project, to help others, in the dream but when they wake up in the morning they return to their routine, the old way of doing things. It is the mind that creates reality which knows how to juggle into reality. He knows how to avoid certain aspects of reality, but the mind does not create reality.

In a heart there is a dream, a true aspiration, which sometimes comes from the soul, sometimes by themselves, sometimes from the self soul, and the passion is attacked, and it is that passion that brings dreams into reality. That passion breaks down the barriers, and there are many to break, to bring your dreams here. That passion is what draws the energy, and the energy helps to manifest and make your dream real.

What then are the dreams, aspirations, desires, visions? What are those things that would bring so much joy, so much happiness and feelings of accomplishment? What are those things that upheaval in the barriers  that are both aspects of yourself that human consciousness are like rings, circles placed one over the other, and to surround in fact, to stifle those passions.

You have to have very clear this point, otherwise you will not understand what is stopping you. The image of the worm that dies to become a butterfly there seems terrifying because it's nice to fly instead of crawling on the ground. But the truth of your feeling is not. If this transformation had only heard this, I will no longer be vulnerable, I want to become really mature and be in full possession of myself, the way it would be much faster and there in such resistance.

 Try to remember when you have been led, still young, to become a comfort to yourself, when you were just a companion, to curl up in your own arms, talking to yourself. So, there is a very powerful force that rejects this metamorphosis. Leave the past, turn the page, abandon the lonely child, bye bye, goodbye  

As long as this belief will be so powerful in your unconscious, resist with all your strength to your personal maturation which refuse to turn the page on the past, because they do not ever give your consent to commit a crime against those who are more treasured.

There is no evolutionary path that does not ask you to turn the page of the past. If you do not, you will never become wise, you will become old child, a woman or a man who wither on the spot without being flowery. Remember it is not the death of the caterpillar to the butterfly release, but is the triumph of the caterpillar.

And if there is more than the weight of the past, there is no future. The concerns, fears for the future are but an extension of the past. A dancer is creative even if there is nothing left of her dancing when she finished dancing. Creativity is not only manifested in the production of a concrete work. You can do great things without being creative. Having invented the atomic bomb does not mean to be creative. Some professions are cruel because they do not allow you to be creative involve a lot of work though.

More there is life there is more flexibility, the less there is life there is more rigidity. The branches of a tree still alive are flexible, but those of a dead tree break easily. More fluid you are, the more you are alive. The aggressive male attitude separates us from life. And this eternal life does not cease to flow to you, does not cease to become a movie, to colour, and then here you are again faced with the same problems, struggling with the same difficulties.

Get to the source that does not stop gushing and bubbling. Search, through the large inner silence and the suspension of the ordinary functions, to feel eternally new, before the contamination of the past, a source of 'superabundant' life. This allows you to flourish. This spring, that nothing can dry up muddy.

If you are unsure of the course of action to be taken away from them doubts and hesitations will impact negatively on your actions. Insecurity is dangerous, better to act with boldness.  Any errors generated by the boldness can be easily corrected by greater audacity. The boldness inspires admiration, insecurity does not bring honor.
Boldness and hesitation generate very different objective answers. The hesitation creates obstacles; boldness eliminates them, it is therefore necessary to overcome this innate shyness and practice boldness. The audacity of a lie makes it credible, diverting attention from any inconsistencies, should we exceed all limits: ask for the moon and you'll be surprised how many times you will be able to obtain it.

Humans have a sense of the weakness of their fellows. If the first meeting show your willingness to compromise, to take a step back, wake the beast that lurks even in those who are not normally aggressive. If you are perceived as someone who closes on the defensive and it is reasonable you will be hunted down mercilessly.

The bold move makes you look bigger and powerful than you are, and if it comes suddenly generate an even greater fear. If someone intimidated with a bold move set a precedent and each subsequent encounter others will be on the defensive dreading your next shot. If you are thrown into action without being convinced you put the spanner in the works alone, if there is a problem you will enter into confusion, seeing choices where there are none.

When you take time to reflect created a vacuum that also allows others to reflect your uncertainty infects others with negative energy, produces embarrassment and raises doubts. The audacity fills in the gaps, speed of movement and energy of action leave no room for doubt and concern. In seduction, the hesitation, revealing the intentions of the seducer to the victim, is fatal; the audacity that leaves no time to think is a guarantee of success.

The audacity gives you visibility, makes you look older than you are, the shy merges with the upholstery, the bold attracts attention and draws attention to those who acquire power: it does not take her eyes from those who dare, you are eager to see the next move.
We are all essentially the timid, we want to avoid the tensions and conflicts and to be loved by all, even if sometimes we dream of doing an act resounding seldom do we realize it, the consequences scare us, we fear the opinions of others and hostility that we could arouse unless we decide to stay longer at our place.

Even if we justify our timidity with respect for others and the desire not to offend it hurt, in fact the opposite is true, we live closed in on ourselves worried about how others see us. The audacity instead makes outgoing, makes men feel at ease, making them less and less aware of if repressed.

It is clearly seen in the seduction, the great gift of the seducers of success is the nerve, as shown by Casanova demonstrated a dedication without fear, without doubts and hesitations, simply because it felt. Part of the appeal lies in the feeling of being seduced involved, temporarily out of him, oblivious of the doubts that constantly disturb our lives.

If the seducer hesitates, the spell is broken and the prey back to being aware of what is happening, the deliberate attempt of seduction, awareness of the seducer, the audacity of the other diverts attention from himself and creates a 'illusion, never produces embarrassment or ineptitude, so we admire the daring and prefer their company, their safety is contagious and makes us go out of our realm of reflection and introversion.

Few are born bold, daring to be cultivated and developed; you will always find the opportunity to exercise it: the best time is to delicate negotiation, particularly when we have to fix the price, how many times we humble ourselves asking too little. When negotiating, requests more courageous work better concessions, require that work best meet the counterparty, set a high price and then increase it again.

If boldness is not natural, it is not shyness, it is a habit acquired in the hope of avoiding conflict, if shyness has taken hold of you, rid of them. The fear of the consequences of a bold act is an excuse to escape reality, and in fact the consequences of shyness are the worst, diminish your value and creates a vicious cycle of insecurity and failure that feeds on itself, the problems caused by an act of boldness can be masked and sometimes solved by an act of greater boldness.
The lion leaves no gaps in his way, his movements are too nimble, its too fast and powerful jaws. The timid hare would do anything to escape the danger, but in the rush to escape and retreat, backing away, falls into the trap and jump directly into the mouth of the enemy. The audacity is never to be the basic strategy of your action, but rather a tactical tool to use at the appropriate time.

Think and plan in advance and make the last act bold move that will ensure its success. Boldness is a learned response and can be kept under control and used voluntarily. Face life with courage alone can be exhausting and sometimes fatal, is unnecessarily offend too many people, as evidenced by those who can not control it.
Shyness has no place in the realm of power, although sometimes you can take advantage in pretending to be, but in this case it is not real shyness but an offensive weapon to attract someone and then pounce better of him.

Try to recognize what you aspire to freedom in the past, to a truly new life, a future completely open and you will also discover what prevents this transformation. It 's wonderful, but tomorrow, tomorrow. Why always tomorrow? Why not now, since the fullness of life comes in you all the time?

Life is a movement, a process, as they say, a dance, a flow that does not stop, and be prisoners of the past means to be under the influence of a number of blocks that hinder us in life. These blocks can be physically seen: the energy no longer circulates and we are unable to vibrate with her, to go with the flow of life, in a word, to blossom.

It is not just to go in this direction, but to take the plunge. The door is open, exit. You know, what you have taken for a snake that is not a simple rope, do not stay locked in the house, go into the garden! To finally live in the fullness of the present, in which every second foreshadows a free future, no longer stereotyped and repeated indefinitely, but a celebration of innovation, the festival of renewal.