Affordable Low Cost Eco Friendly Housing Plans

What is meant by Zero cost house? A house that has no energy cost of heating, hot water production and electricity. A dream! A home where you can live comfortably, without any energy cost of heating, hot water, lighting, power appliances, TVs, PCs, etc.

Even in this situation of crisis remains the need of the home to many families. Today the request is characterized in significantly different ways compared to the recent past. First of all homes must cost considerably less. It is unthinkable that a family with current earnings can stand the prices are still in circulation.

The rent of land, building that in this situation no longer possible nor permitted nor as has happened in the past and are totally clear. At the same time there is the need to use new areas but not to recover, retrain, to allow the re-use of land and properties today for urban redevelopment, construction, structural, engineering, efficient use of energy, technological equipment, etc..

Even new more cost effective buildings, must meet standards of quality and sustainability. In a word, it is necessary to produce houses at much lower costs of the current market supply while ensuring a better quality also encouraging higher levels of socialization among residents.

Starting from a real need for those who have to pay and home living. It 'production that must adapt to the needs and not the other. It is therefore necessary to ascertain first the real needs and the characterizations of the demand for housing. What are the areas for which the request is more alive? Which is the kind of house you need? House for rent property also deferred or permanent? What are the solutions typological and technological content? What choices to allow a comfortable residence in harmony with oneself and with the other residents?

All at prices lower than those on the market today. In a nutshell with the cooperative formula means first knowing the wishes of those in need of home and then for these and these handle all phases of building production. This is the formula that makes the cooperative character of the person seeking housing solution at various stages of realization and not merely the recipient of the product home.

Cooperative housing should be promoted in construction projects that will be realized only if there is the presence and the initial adhesion of those who have a real need for an accommodation. Today, buying a home is very complicated because of the difficulty of getting a loan with easy instalments payable and due to high sales prices of the properties.

The way to save on the purchase of a house would make it, but between the cost of land and construction works you would support the same cost of a new property and ready to be purchased.

The solution to build a house at low cost would be to buy an agricultural land or building and build upon a prefabricated wooden house. The prefabricated wooden houses are made of pre-built modules to be assembled on site to add fixtures, flooring, finishes and furnishings.

Replace all incandescent bulbs with LED lighting systems, including bulbs garden or driveway. Replace the windows of your home with vinyl windows with insulating double glazing. This system will cut home energy use. Eliminate the electric stoves in favor of a system of low consumption heating. Decorated the bathroom in a smart way, replace your bathtub with a shower low water consumption.

Water your lawn with rainwater you have collected with a reservoir implanted in the ground in the garden or in simple barrels. Install solar panels on the roof of your house, for this purpose you can also request for incentives for photovoltaics. Eliminate all the vinyl asbestos, remember, the asbestos dust affect it seriously to human health and to the environment. Light up your garden with LED system that use solar energy.

The combination of new technologies, more flexible industrial systems, a broader understanding of the social fabric of the needs of citizens and the attention to energy efficiency has a new scenario. The building system for the construction of ecological house can significantly knock down the cost.