Microsoft Lumia 640 Review

Microsoft renews the offer of smartphones Lumia with a model that is placed formally in the segment of medium-low-end devices. Lumia 640 is positioned as close to the Lumia 735 and less near the Lumia 630, contrary to what the name might suggest. Lumia 640 contributes, therefore, to strengthen Lumia an offer that is becoming increasingly rich in proposals suited to users who do not want to exceed the threshold of EUR 200 in the purchase of the smartphone.

Far from being a catalog chaotic, in which each model is cannibalized from that place just above or just below it, the new line-up of Windows Phone Lumia assumes greater consistency, if we take into consideration the new models come on the market with the Microsoft brand . Lumia 435, 532 and 535 in end ultra low-cost and low, Lumia 640 and XL 640 in the medium-low and medium. We find then in the full review, if Lumia 640 has the credentials to perform properly the role assigned to it: bring balance in an area of the catalog undoubtedly important.

Hardware, Materials and Ergonomics

Package contents reduced to a minimum with regard Lumia 640 that, in this, is no different from any Lumia catalog. In the box you will find only the charger cable with fixed and removable USB type. Headphones and any USB cable must be purchased, then, separately.

The smartphone integrates a 400 Snapdragon SoC, quad-core 1.2 GHz with Adreno 305 graphics accelerator , a hardware equipment now classic, with a SoC no more recent, but proven, reliable and perfectly able to manage the Windows Phone operating system. Do not miss 1 GB of RAM , as with all smartphones Lumia recently produced, and 8 GB of storage, expandable via microSD.

Construction that does not go unnoticed that the Lumia 640, which meets the eye, and those who demand even a mid-range device a good solid construction. The model object of our test back to show off the color cyan , appreciated by the users loyal to the Lumia range during the previous production Nokia. A polycarbonate shell glossy, but not very susceptible to the accumulation of impressions, and with an eye for the finish enhanced by edges trasludici. Careful design, in line with the tradition of the Nokia / Microsoft and flawless construction, essentially.

The ergonomic aspects are convincing. The display 5 "affects the overall size of the smartphone that remain, in any case, within a range such that it sufficiently comfortable to use. To improve ergonomics and usability helps the placement of the power button placed sideways and useful trick software that allows you to log on and off the device with a double tap (shutdown can be made ​​in any section, it is sufficient that the virtual keys are displayed on the screen).


The display 5 "HD resolution (720 x 1280 pixels) exhibited good brightness, a convincing performance of the color range (can be changed using the appropriate settings Lumia Denim), viewing angle discreet and a pixel density that does not make weigh the absence of a FullHD panel (294 ppi are close to the level where it is objectively difficult to distinguish individual pixels). The screen surface can be exploited fully by hiding the button bar virtual screen (called up with one swipe).

Battery, Audio, Reception

Also because of a well-optimized operating system and SoC little energy consuming, Lumia 640 is able to ferry us without too much difficulty until the end of the day stress which ended with a remaining capacity of about 15%. An excellent result, which is not always easy to achieve without activating power save mode more or less aggressive. In the case of Lumia 640 such devices were not in any way necessary.

Very good also the phone part , both as regards the reception, both from the point of view of the quality of the audio in the capsule. The model we tested is a single SIM (micro format) and LTE connectivity. Maximum volume of the external speaker more than enough for hands-free calling.


The software platform is based on Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 and firmware Lumia Denim. Lumia 640 , Lumia 640 with XL, is the only device Lumia - at the time - to integrate the second update of Windows Phone 8.1, whose release for models already on the market is rather controversial.

Announcements are not many, but it becomes apparent the work of rationalization in the setup menu , divided into nine groups (network and wireless, customization, account, system, time and language, input and accessibility, privacy, update backup, additional features ), each callable with a tap on the corresponding title. A taste certainly welcome the news intended for integration in Windows 10.

For the rest, Windows Phone is the same as always, unchanged its ability to affect positively to the absence of any lag, instability and delays the response of the user interface.

Everything flows optimally with Lumia 640, which on rare occasions hesitates. One of the very few cases is the web browser, which has been progressively worsening performance release after release of Windows Phone.

The situation does not change much by trying some of the (few) alternative browsers, but with Windows 10 closer and Spartan who has what it takes to bring high-level section of the Lumia web browsing, you can turn a blind eye, even if the other can not help but notice a rather disappointing performance. Very well, however, all other sections by mail, contact management, to arrive at Cortana who continues to act as one of the assistants more digital "smart" market.

Did not reveal any problems using the virtual keyboard, always ready, very precise and easy to handle thanks to the interaction surface with the display. The applications of wide use, such as Facebook, move to the best as regards the fluidity, while the platform hardware is adequate for also play 3D titles, as Asphalt 8.

Camera and Multimedia

Lumia 640 is certainly not a top model range, nor a cameraphone born with the express purpose of setting new standards in the category, but defends equally well when it goes on to examine the performance of the photo. The focus is fast enough, the opportunity to manually intervene on numerous shooting parameters and 8MP adequate to achieve pleasing shots even in low light and with macros.

The videos can be recorded at up to 1080p resolution at 30 FPS and even then the performance is not exposed to particular criticism, given the category of product.

To close the multimedia helps the rear speaker from the high volume that provides a good yield even when listening to music.


With the arrival of the Lumia 640 Windows Phone smartphone catalog of products marketed by Microsoft is enriched with a model that makes a balance of its main qualities. Hardware configuration suitable for a product of the same category, construction and careful design, software platform performance, excellent autonomy and street price of around 180 Euros.

Unless the prospective buyer the Windows Phone operating system proves not unattractive - strengths and weaknesses should be known by now - this is a smartphone that has the credentials to become a new best seller catalog Lumia. Who wants to hold the outlay will find alternatives in Lumia branded Microsoft already on the market, just think of the great Lumia 435 and 532.


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