The Story of the Teddy Bear

It's a great love story between the teddy bear and your lady love. A bond that since she was born. The bear is always there with her, is familiar and reassuring. In the first months of life, she does not distinguish herself from her mother. Its sure to be one with her. However, she begins to realize that you are two different entities and that there is a distance between you. And then the bear, to welcome presence becomes critical to address this gap.

It becomes an object of mediation between them the transition in the construction of its identity. She chooses to compensate for the absence of her mother. That's why you must never, ever expect to replace it with a friend or stuffed with an equal but newer. If you notice it right away and you feel lost. For her, in fact, it is not the same thing, just because her teddy bear as a bridge between when she is fully attached to it and when she starts to be more independent.

The bear, through the texture and smell reminds of her mother her perfume, her skin, the moments were one. So even though now it became bruised and old she prefers other plush new and more beautiful. For her it is a reassuring object that creates a bond between the places and people that surround her and love her. She does not give any importance to its appearance. For her, it becomes especially crucial at certain times, such as sleep, because it helps her feel less alone and more secure.

The transitional object, however and does not necessarily have to be a teddy day bear, may be just another stuffed animal, a blanket or a piece of clothing, like a sock. She will choose depending on the sense of security that the power of attorney. Sometimes, however, in even the most beautiful love stories there are hitches.

What if she has forgotten the bear somewhere, or even lost?

Try to calm her down without scolding her. She must feel understood. When she is older you can explain what happened and suggest that they try to give it to their friends. Do not use silly phrases like, it went away or it was so old. The first would make her feel abandoned, the second for her makes no sense. If she is still small, or does not accept the loss, try to propose a substitute object on which you have sprinkled a little of your perfume.

At what age is right to give teddy?

There is no precise age. It often remains a valuable tool. After a age, she herself separates gradually from her favorite item and leave it at home, even if it remains a source of comfort in case of need, despite not having the most basic functions had in childhood. She, in fact, is still fond but it manages to give it up. Be careful, though she must decide when to quit teddy.

Do not ever, ever take the initiative to throw it, even if it was reduced to a wreck. She will not ever forgive. The little bear should be kept in her bedroom, even if does not follow her everywhere. If, however, she still can not part with it, it is best to leave it with her for life.

Have you already thought about what to give on Valentine's Day? A small teddy bear love to squeeze and cuddle is an ideal gift for lovers!