Grease Live

Grease Live reintroduce and re-imagines some of the most memorable moments of the show, great music and this timeless love story for a new generation. In this television adaptation live, classic musicals, the beginning of the third year means the end of the love story of Danny and Sandy summer until Sandy moved unexpectedly in Danny's school.

Danny be able to maintain its image as the bad guy as a member of the coolest T-Birds, when he and Sandy will begin to go out together, and will succeed Sandy to remain a good girl after having joined the Pink Ladies? With their friends Rizzo and Kenickie them pull in different directions, it's up to Danny and Sandy remain hopelessly devoted and leave for a new frontier to Rydell High.

The attempt to twist and change as a cult musical Grease not always drags with good results or coordinates with taste and appreciation of the public. It's hard to unhinge from our minds the image of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John (recently listed the women who have made ​​history according to Billboard): this time we test Fox in America that in one night, namely that of 31 January, propose a modern version of the musical. The performance will not be recorded before, but will air live.

It is titled Grease: Live and the first and effective innovation is the young cast: Julianne Hough , face close to you I'm not afraid , is the innocent Sandy, Aaron Tveit (star of the show "Graceland") stars as Danny Zuko and bold Rizzo has the face of one of the stars of High School Musical or Vanessa Hudgens . The cast also includes the Pink Lady Marty played by Keke Palmer , the right arm of Danny's face Carlos PenaVega and singer Carly Rae Jepsen is Frenchy. The opening of the musical special live version of Grease is performed by Jessie J.

Grease: Live offers a fresh and fun reinterpretation of some memorable moments in the middle of the show with the music and the stories timeless love of the new generation, following faithfully the plots of the original version.

From Broadway to the movies, through the generations, Grease is one of the most popular musical stories ever told and we can not wait to take her on TV in this spectacular event live, said Shana C. Waterman Fox. "His iconic characters and his songs compelling fit like a glove for Fox and we have the right quality to the production, so that each viewer can get up and sing along with Sandy, Danny, Rizzo and Kenickie.

Vanessa Hudgens and Carlos Pena (or Carlos PenaVega, as he wants to be called since married) will make us dance through Grease Live ; former Disney Channel actress and former Big Time Rush will perform one of the most famous couples and stylish in the world, namely, Rizzo and  Kenickie . Vanessa and Carlos went to New York to present the television version of Grease, which will air live on January 31 on Fox, along with Julianne Hugh (Sandy) and Aaron Tveit (Danny).

Speaking of this experience, Vanessa Hudgens has confessed that he had never seen in the role of the rebellious group: When I heard that they wanted to do it, my manager called me and told me: 'Yes, they are doing and are interested in Grease you in the role of Rizzo confessed the actress, I said, Are you sure? Not Sandy? I have always seen as Sandy. In my head I've always been a good girl. Then I thought: Oh my God, Rizzo is fantastic. I'll enjoy a lot. In a previous interview Vanessa had said that everything will be included in the live show, even the fear of being Rizzo makes.

The charm of Sandy, Rizzo and Danny complete with tight trousers and skirts vaporous never sets: knows the Fox, who on January 31 will broadcast the musical Grease: Live with a whole new cast - but strictly dressed and combed to Art, to the delight of fans which sees in the role of Danny, the wayward made ​​famous by John Travolta, the young (and blond) Aaron Tveit, actor and singer already seen the movies as Enjolras, in the film adaptation of the novel Les Misérables directed by Tom Hooper, and on television in Gossip Girl; The sweet Sandy (the unforgettable Olivia Newton John) will Julianne Hough (dancer who won two editions of Dancing with the Stars America and has starred with Cher in the movie Burlesque ) while the more rock group, Rizzo, will face by Vanessa Hudgens (Gabriella Montez in the High School Musical ).

In the teaser we see appear the singer Carly Rae Jepsen (made famous by the single "Call me maybe", whose video has generated dozens of parodies), Lauren Keyana Palmer, "Keke", already seen as Zayday Williams in the TV series Scream Queens and Kether Donohue, American actress and singer, Lindsay of the TV series You're the Worst .

The cast also Carly Rae Jepsen  (Frenchy),  Keke Palmer  (Marty),  Kether Donohue  (Jan),  David Del Rio  (Putzie),  Jordan Fisher  (Doody) and  Andrew Call  (Sonny).

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