Will Shahrukh Khan be seen in Dhoom 4?

The Indian public ignites on the social networks around a film that is not even confirmed yet! The reason? Shahrukh Khan would be the big villain of next installment of Dhoom 4. Filmfare published an article stating that there was a good chance of that. It triggered a flood of enthusiastic reactions and comments on Facebook and Twitter.

Indeed, Dhoom is the most popular franchise in India. The three parts have all met immense success. Dhoom 3 even become the biggest hit in the history of the Hindi box office. So it seems more than logical to see Aditya Chopra and Yash Raj Films continue a lucrative franchise.

According to Filmfare, the big boss of YRF asked Maneesh Sharma (FAN) to write the story of Dhoom 4. Vijay Krishna Acharya is currently occupied by Thugs Of Hindostan. He was the screenwriter of the previous three films and director of the third opus. Maneesh could even take over the direction of this fourth component.

This would not be surprising since Maneesh Sharma works more and more with Aditya Chopra. He is the main producer for some of the latest and upcoming Yash Raj Films productions. Maneesh Sharma at the controls of Dhoom 4 is thus official according to Filmfare. Then there is the question of the Dhoom 4 cast.

As the site points out, the saga has risen to star-power level. John Abraham in the first, Hrithik Roshan in the second and Aamir Khan in the third. After Aamir, only one of the other two remaining Khan could keep the level of popularity with the public. It is Shahrukh or Salman.

Salman signed Race 3, another popular action franchise. It should occupy him at least until the summer of 2018. It is hard to believe that he will be available for Dhoom 4. But it is not the only reason! In spite of the failure of FAN, Shahrukh Khan and Maneesh Sharma enjoyed working together. The actor repeated many times that it was one of the films he was most proud of in his entire career. The two men would have already mentioned the possibility of working together again.

Dhoom 4 would dream to push the limits of their collaboration but also of the whole saga! Aditya Chopra has asked Maneesh Sharma to give a greater dimension to the saga. Nothing is official yet. But for Shahrukh Khan, it's not necessary when it comes to a Yash Raj Films production.

A simple call from Aditya Chopra is enough. We can think that the project would release in 2019. One can also remember that already last month the Times of India had already announced King Khan in Dhoom 4. Ranveer Singh may replace Abhishek Bachchan! Hard to find yourself in the middle of so many speculations but the poster has enough to dream.