Prema Oka Maikam Movie Review

Charmy has been attempting to get back her lost greatness and she pinned bunches of trusts on the film Prema Oka Maikam. Chandu, who made the film Tenth Class is the executive. Rahul of Happy Days popularity played the male lead.

Mallika (Charmy), a whore hits and man on street because of plastered drive. The man loses his visual perception. She comes to realize that he is lyricist Lalit (Rahul) and requests that he be with her till he recovers his sight. Mallika comes to realize what life is subsequent to conversing with Lalit. Through his journal she comes to realize that he was enamored with Swathy (Sharanya). What she does to unite the couple frames the story.

Happy Days notoriety Rahul acted in a couple movies later however none of them clicked at film industry. It is to be sure a miracle that it is exceptionally hard to get additional opportunity for his acting aptitudes. He is extremely feeble in expressions. He acted alike both while having the sight and when visually impaired.

'Tenth Class' popularity Saranya has no components of a courageous woman. It doesn't imply that she has ability. Just the producers ought to know why she was gotten as champion for the film.

The film was advanced with Charmy on publications. Charmy may have likewise suspected that it was a woman arranged film. Yet, her part was restricted just for 30 minutes.

Rao Ramesh, Chandra Mohan, Surekha Vani and others assumed insignificant parts. There was just Tagubothu Ramesh as humorist in the film and one needs to comprehend that the scenes made with him should be comic drama.

Not even a solitary melody merits listening in this film for which the music was scored by two music chiefs. The back ground score likewise gave final knockout for gathering of people. The music is not even keeping pace with that of 1990s Doordarshan serials.

Questions rise if Editor was available for this film. Cinematographer is alright to some degree. Chief fizzled completely.

Chandu thought to make a wonderful adoration story with a goal to bring tears for gathering of people. He was to be sure fruitful in bringing tears for the torment. No hints are left why this film was made and how Charmy consented.

Prema Oka Maikam winds up like an unending torment ever found as of late. This film remains as the best one in the rundown of most exceedingly terrible movies. Had Kasab watched this film, he would have specifically gone to paradise as there could be no greater torment in damnation than watching this film on this planet. In the event that we talk about additional about the film, it ends up being more painful than watching the film and consequently putting a full stop here.

On the off chance that anybody feels that we are stifling the little movies, please go and test. You can lackadaisical say sorry for us.

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Max Coutinho said...

Hi Kalyan,

Charmi is charming. Her beauty is astonishing...I hope she is more than beauty though; I hope she has great talent (otherwise it would be a waste).