Book Review: Love Across the Borders: Sudam Chandra Panigrahi

Love across the borders by Sudam Chandra Panigrahi is a fascinating amorous heartbreaking and heartening romance of a love affair thwarted by Sino-Indian relationships, detachment and a censorious family with an astute rendering of societal stigma in a chalk and cheese catch on adore flush with shuddering sequence of events passing on the ups and downs of the central characters occurrences.

The lead role Jia, a Chinese girl working in Beijing Power, who were setting up a Power Plant in Jharsugda, adore an Indian lad, Jivan working for Varun Alumina but in the way of love, there is resistance in Jivan’s family, whose mother requests him to tie the knot with a Bengali lass and then the nervy Indo-China kindred approach detach them before they are united in the end.

The volume sets off with a rush and an infirmary where the indignant are cared for, with the love yarn embarking on when Jia and Jivan ensue to share the same space, following on with upheavals in their lives and then their reunion in Washington and the subsequent effects of the Washington meet up.

Following a lot of wiles Jivan acquire acquiescence to visit China to meet Jia, but then his aircraft crash when it appears all is lost save for, by some means Jivan survive and gets treated at a Beijing hospice where he is fated to meet his love and do meet her in the hospital room.

The writer effectively endeavour to fetch in all to craft the tome extremely appealing and has incredibly pertinently put in black and white in relation to the conflict in the subcontinent, with annotations on the edgy concerns amidst two nations and through adore, the author wishes to get the better of detestation and set up concord.

The novelist has incredibly well exposed the Sino-Indian liaisons and has endeavoured paramount to offer a fresh twist to the association and extremely fervently printed the reserve with incredibly appositely portrayed characters in the order.

The struggle countenanced by Jia and Jivan, to articulate their belief and the ramification visaged by them are very poignant on paper with the meticulousness of the past, with this chic lucid, honestly enlightened anecdote that is for all and sundry with a trouble-free lingo and fine clear inscription, with the glow of an eternal love illumining the obscurity of a heart-rending epoch, and is one of the most touching perpetual adore gone, love-found fairy-tales of a split mended by period.

The description of saga, spirit, and endurance is further stunning for the reason that the opulence with which it is put in the picture is enlightening, exhilarating and emotional that is highlighted with an adroit hand. Doesn’t matter what the span of severance, adore will endure it, for the reason that it depends on us and no-one else.

The paperback is beyond doubt extremely gripping in the manner it has been in print and is one of those all-encompassing, starry-eyed works of fiction that give the impression of being made to measure for a stretched summer afternoon transporting the past escapade, love, lust, and the travails animate.

Publisher: All About Books Global ♥ ISBN: 81-925690-0-0 ♥ Pages: 250 ♥ Format: Paperback ♥ Language: English