Alex Pandian Movie Review

Studio Green's most recent offering, Alex Pandian (the name taken from a character deified by Superstar Rajinikanth) set everybody's heartbeats hustling when it was initially declared. The cast, comprising of adaptable on-screen character Karthi, Anushka Shetty and the humorist of the times, Santhanam, should convey an awesome Pongal celebration spectacle with a flawless mix of flavors.

Unfortunately, it appears like each scene in the motion picture contends with itself to be known as the blandest one. A shaken champion (Anushka) who keeps running along a train track, dupatta waving, as she tries to board a train (into which the lowlifes move in any case)?

Reprobates who drive around in vehicles, raising dust storms, waving arrivals and pointless firearms? Check. Their slugs puzzle the van in which venture to every part of the saint (Karthi), the courageous woman, and his entertainer sidekick (Santhanam)?

There are twelve lowlifes who gush punch dialogs, goad the saint with stock words that include tonsuring and speedily get pounded in the nearby market? Check. Tunes and moves like clockwork, punches, both verbal and physical, which resonate in your ears and go on perpetually? Check, once more.

Alex Pandian's storyline was extremely well known in mass movies amid the eighties. That, in itself, is not a terrible thing. Masala performers can be extraordinary amusing to watch, with the right fixings and on-screen characters.

Here, however, regardless of having an able star thrown and a lucky specialized team (cinematographer Saravanan) and a writer known for his jive-commendable numbers, DSP, chief Suraj's screenplay takes an eminent plunge, right off a precipice.

There's a saint, who is on the keep running with a courageous woman, and has a couple of scenes in the organization of the humorist. Furthermore, there are a lot of battle groupings, all stable and wrath, also a boatload of melodies, tossed in, before the end of which you wish the executive had really attempted to think or the like of a story.

The stars have rest strolled through their parts; the script falls flat them, and they are left carrying a heap of out-dated platitudes.

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Jeevan said...

Hope this film works for Aatharva... Catherine sure to come a round in tamil cinema, a talented beauty!