Book Review: A Bolt of Lightning - Satyen Nabar

A Bolt of Lightning by Satyen Nabar is an exhilarating, rollercoaster traverse through an assortment of individual sentiments that roughly everyone set off in the course of covenanting with definite veracity of verve, sprinkled with intellectual therapeutic wit, idiosyncrasy and luminously entwined humdrum run of the mill stuff in existence.

35 year old Shiva is a hotshot executive, cynical with his verve and noshed up of the louse pursuit in the business world and tumbles entirely above the rim after an out of the blue heart-rending episode. In a uproarious expedition from the meeting rooms of Bangalore to the hippies, phizog readers, discotheques and blether shindig on the luxuriant shores of Goa, Shiva endeavour to get away from it all till his existence all of a sudden transform in astonishing mode following a stirring operate of environment that bequeath him with a bizarre endowment.

Affixed by the burly union of amity with his academic comrades, Sid and Adi, and impelled by adore for Anita his at odds companion, Shiva endeavour to create the most of his implausible bequest to disentangle the covert of existence, bereavement and contentment as the yarn chase to its enlivening finale in the out of the ordinary forest dales of Arambol, Goa.

The tale is a droll and fashionable take on a central verve predicament with an extraordinary twirl in the anecdote which at once taps the compassion and amuse at the same time as tendering a captivating fresh outlook of the planet we dwell in. The misuse of prescription, melancholy, seclusion which percolates its accomplish in today's culture is pertinently covenanted in this volume.

On the other face, existence is pleasurable and anytime recoverable which is illustrated intensely in this tome and is proficient to poise the highs and lows of highbrow perplexity and rational glee in wit also very well. The magnitude of mysticism and revering temperament add an elevating occurrence in oneself while interpreting the reserve.

The inscription chic craft the volume an incredible expedition where one can recognize with the temperament and knotty to set along once you get in full swing, where it is imperative to absorb the affirmative and discover to purge the downbeat from ones individual verve and it’s incredible that the writer has been competent to abridge intricate conduct and perpetual issue about existence, fatality and providence to relate to every one of us.

All in all a ought to be interpreted splendid order well-heeled in idiom and hilarity, where the writers intense ingenious storytelling departing to ring a bell in us of our finest years with acquaintances, and unwrap up our qualms and egg on us to subsist an existence to the jam-packed and in all its exquisiteness and discover to value all in our humdrum existence and craft it out of the ordinary. It is not just a volume for appraisal but it has passion, absurdity and significance.

A Bolt of Lightning by Satyen Nabar is so extremely appealing gripping and engaging imaginary tale that your nosiness compels you to stay sensing with an affluent and ornate lingo, with the entwines and spin in the narrative charging you fascinated with scattered verses cited from our grand swing luminaries.

The writer has a prolific mind's eye and a discrete fashion of his own with the dreamy tinges in the narrative craft this attempt extraordinary and estimable where one will discover oneself celebrated with one of the temperaments and will most likely yearn to stay along in Goa before long. There is a shufti of the central character in every one of us once going in the course of mid-life predicament.

The theme stuff halo a arpeggio in each contemporary creature and is covenanted with in a stunning jokey manner, where even the obscurity of the moral fibres verve is compacted in a jolly manner which is how existence ought to be breathed in the present day to take pleasure in it to the chock-a-block. Manifold facades of a individual mortals disposition and occurrence we endure in daily existence has been tapped ahead.

An extremely neurotic interpret splendidly in black and white with brusque loaded words with a charming description and a unsullied plot, the novelist stay the booklover occupied with allusion to verve as we discern it nearly striking a chord in us of our own petite legends with delicate and innovative wit.

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing ♦ Published: 2012 ♦ ISBN: 9789381576779 ♦ Language: English ♦ Binding: Paperback ♦ Pages: 243