Travel Guide: Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the most popular tourist attractions in North America. You can enjoy beautiful Niagara Falls, rightly considered one of the natural wonders of the world. About 56 meters high, these falls, in the shape of a horseshoe, are particularly spectacular, with a width of 670 meters and a capacity of 155 million liters of water per minute.

Niagara Falls is a city in the United States in the State of New York. The city lies on the banks of the American River Falls in correspondence of the same name waterfalls. Beyond the river, in the territory of Canada, is also a town called Niagara Falls. The two cities are connected by the same name Rainbow Bridge that crosses the Niagara River right in front of the falls.

The city is located at the border between the United States and Canada. Beyond the bridge over the Niagara River which is the border, there is the twin city of Niagara Falls, belonging to the state of Canadian Ontario. The construction of hotels, bars and restaurants as well as shops of souvenirs, has transformed the city's economy into a thriving industry of tourism, in minor proportions, however, compared to the twin city in the territory of Canada, Niagara Falls, home to large hotels and casinos that have made ​​it a little Las Vegas of Canada.

Do not miss a visit to the historic Fort George, in memory of the war of 1812. Within its perimeter , you will discover areas of the officers, the guard room and the barracks of the soldiers. Every summer, uniformed staff proposes typical activities of the garrison . Also worth seeing is the ancient home of Laura Secord, a woman who during the war of 1812 he undertook a dangerous journey of 32 km in the service of his country, entering right into the history and legend of Niagara.

The observation points are located on the banks of the river, on observation towers on Goat Island and Rainbow Bridge, located just downstream of the falls. You can also do boat trips to see them from below. The boat ride that will take you directly to the foot of the falls which added to a walk up to the Canadian border will be the workhorse to better enjoy the magic of the place.

The chance to see the frozen Niagara Falls are manifold. You can opt for a walk along the riverside from the Canadian side, for a descent in the middle of the Canadian falls for a close-up view of a kind of cave, you can choose to go on the U.S. side and walk on a tower for see them from above, or you can hop on a boat that takes you right under the falls.

The system also allows you too well organized a wonderful experience, because the falls, as granted in the popular imagination, is a sight dazzling, with their deafening noise and also the rainbows that come on, are always nice.

In the middle of the race that leads from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, the Niagara River suddenly jumps from a huge cliff creating one of the world's natural wonders. The Niagara Falls straddle the border between the United States and Canada. The American 300m/1.000ft measurement of width and height of more than 50m/160ft. Although not the highest waterfalls in the world, the incredible flow of water and places of relatively easy access have attracted visitors for centuries.

In fact there is so much to see: waterfalls are two, one on the American side and one on the Canadian side the larger ones. But it is really worth it! The falls are impressive, spectacular, the most striking thing is the roar of the water that falls and shatters on the ground. It's amazing the power with which the water rushes to the ground!

A night's stay in the lively city of Niagara Falls, just to see the spectacular waterfalls that even at night, illuminated, takes a unique charm.


Zoe said...

I have been to Niagara during daytime but didn't stay there for the night. This looks amazing!

Jeevan said...

Awesome post and Niagara Falls is a dream destination for many and your post is an inspiration! The photos are mesmerizing in those flashed lights, and I couldn't image the ice falls during winter.