Sunday, October 28, 2012

Book Review: Dancing Mirrors - Rakhi Sunil Kumar

Dancing Mirrors by Rakhi Sunil Kumar is a work of fiction pedestal on present day verve of a forlorn lass, Naina who lope from her abode from London to Shimla to meet her revered lad, Raj, whom she meet up online whilst chitchatting and gets transformed into out of the blue penchant and beyond belief adore with capricious entwines and twirls encircled in gorgeous starry-eyed surroundings, which seize adore as its essential heart and endeavour to discern sentiment spaced out from worship that are of the essence en route for making certain an eternal and blissful liaison in the upcoming.

The fairy-tale swathe up the three chalk and cheese consigns of the earth London, Delhi and Shimla and is pre-eminently depicted in all the three fractions with the adore chronicle encompassing lots of ups and downs where all worship all and sundry, save for still not an iota is devoted to a person.

Naina Handa, a wannabe foxtrot performer cares for Raj but shortly grasp that he is not the chap for her and stride reverse sooner than instigating adore allure although by that moment, Raj has been in full swing become amorous for Naina for whom she is the solitary lass in the entire planet but, Naina has to go away from him for the reason that he doesn’t bout up her touchstone.

She meets Raj’s doppelganger brother, Aaryan Oberoi, who is affluent and fine-looking and furthermore her person in charge and he slowly but surely start fancying her and intend for nuptials, but, by then Naina becomes conscious that she feels affection for Raj more than Aaryan and the ambiguity prolongs to linger above the cranium of the booklover, with what’s going to ensue subsequently being an out of the blue weave at the conclusion.

The tale is swelteringly acerbic, passion raising and is a luminous and jovial anecdote founded on our individual existence when you plunge for a big shot and you under no circumstances be on familiar terms with that someone who will be your life cohort.

A splendid tome recounted by the writer in a trouble-free and entertaining manner with the narrative in quest of interest with its striking eloquent painting of the knolls, mountains with the nippy zephyr in a minute ephemeral all the way through your cheek and put down you anaesthetized while making you aware of the tenderness of adore that is so chaste.

The writer has done an enormous work with the lingo of the moral fibres with their sentiment portrayed in a bright comportment so as to fashion a lucid reflection on the oculus which craft the yarn further out of the ordinary and compel the booklover to cling on to it till the finish.

The idiom employed is comprehensible for the booklovers with an extremely silver-tongued, and entrancing manner of setting in feelings in shape of black and white expressions, with the whole thing being ideal, which in fact illustrate the state of affairs, and no one be acquainted with what is at hand in their providence.

On the whole a completely invigorating and extremely passionate must read with an incredibly saccharine ending that will engage with it so greatly akin to it occurring in facade of your ogle with adore, not all the way through apparition but in the course of compassion that will make you take note of your sensitivity and not your ogle and craft all set to seize on a traverse of adore sphere!

Title: Dancing Mirrors ♦ Publisher: Indialog Publications ♦ Author: Rakhi Sunil Kumar ♦ Edition: Paperback ♦ Language: English ♦ ISBN: 81-8443-043-4 ♦ Pages: 160