Sunday, October 7, 2012

Book Review: Age Of Hiblisk - Sumukh Naik

Age of Hiblisk, A Story with a Soul by Sumukh Naik is a touchstone castle in the air narrative with a high-quality blend of escapade and way of life of the expedition of Prince William and Princess Sara, the central characters, all the way through the exquisite devout planets of Pantolis, Hiblisk, and Ikra, belligerent in opposition to an wicked stratagem menacing the very subsistence of their planet.

The tale gyrates in the region of three races of Pantolis, Hiblisk and Ikra with Pantolis being the terra firma peopled by typical beings, save for a little number of spiritualists as well as affiliates of the enjoin who make certain the silky operation of Pantolis, while Hiblisk is a globe of assorted mysterious beings with strange furtive and a number of uncharted territories and Ikra being an chimera globe.

The yarn embark on in the planet of Pantolis where in the boundary of the two disputed realms of Jaguar and Ivory, eerie episodes intriguingly consign, vegetation turn black, a pestilence scatter and dwellings along with the folks in it fade devoid of a outline. The affair is passed to the prince of Jaguar, William who makes a decision to assist the hamlet but in turn find ensnared by the services of Ivory whilst vacating the village dwellers and find strained into an absolute capitulate.

It is established by the Eleventh Master, the head of the command that the being who is aiding the empire of Ivory is in reality, Dushtt, the offspring of his close chum Ratraa, the peer of the realm of the gangland and facilitate the prince get away from the cell of Ivory besides his subjects and also, Princess Sara, the princess of the monarchy of Ivory, a constituent of the Ivorian sovereigns in opposition to the variance on Jaguar.

The Eleventh Master comprehend that William and Sara are two folks with a chaste compassion and gracious intent and are populace whom he can confide and consecrate them with miraculous clouts for their mêlée in opposition to the vice military of Dushtt and transmit them to the globe of Hiblisk, in a charge to arrange them for the combat which would fix on the upcoming of Pantolis.

As their cruise unfurls, they grasp the spot on aim at the back of the panic in use by the sinister army of Dushtt to assert pre-eminence over the terrain of Pantolis and afar. Each fresh eye-opener transport to radiance the precise folly engaged by the shadowy services and covert of caring life, which have been securely fortified for epoch by the assorted culture of the furtive humankind.

Their expedition also pioneer them to the celestial forces that keep an eye on the purpose of the planet and bestow them entrée to celebrated, numinous arsenal and sophisticated saintly gen which shed light on the surge of their indulgent deeds en route for an assortment of facets in verve.

They exploit the facts achieved to endeavour fetching concord to their conflict despoiled terrain and wrestle the always emerging valour and persuade the baffling shady services that irk their sovereignty where the lone instant in Sara’s womb embrace the rejoin, heady adequate to amend the stance of the dreadful planet we subsist in.

The largely imperative facet of any reserve, the conspire or the anecdote in addition, was truly first-rate, and to the tip, accumulating extra zest to it with scarcely any detour from the key connive and there was a ideal jumble of quest, like in the case of any castle in Spain narrative but with it, way of life was also mixed up, and on a number of instances, the novelist resonant like a dreamer further than a raconteur, with extremely out of the ordinary viewpoints on temperament and the poise linking first-rate and vice, on ladies, the obligation of fine folks, and so on, without a doubt creating it a chronicle with an essence.

The times gone by of Pantolis and Hiblisk were besides finely recounted and assist the booklover to stay trail of the spaces and was in addition fairly chalk and cheese, to a certain extent than spotlighting on the conformist mêlée of fine in opposition to crooks, it loom the entire chore in a chalk and cheese comportment with an assortment of entwines and twirls without doubt a blend which any booklover would glance presumptuous to.

The writer persistently restate that the first-class characteristics and iniquity facets go hand-in-hand even though the extent may well differ and that ensue to be the case even in the genuine globe, as well as his tome. Finely in black and white alongside with adequately created discourses, it is in truth a pleasurable experience sensing it.

Title: Age Of Hiblisk ♥ Author: Sumukh Naik ♥ ISBN: 9789381791059 ♥ Binding: Paperback ♥ Published: 2012 ♥ Publisher: Apk Publishers ♥ Pages: 400 ♥ Language: English