Book Review: Masks Of The Lost Kings - Tom Bane

Masks of the Lost Kings by Tom Bane is a fast-paced action quest with an amorous twirl into the primeval vestiges of Egypt and the mystifying shrines of the Mayans, entwining a romance of stratagem and sham that remains you on the rim.

It all sets in motion with the abrupt vanishing of fortune seeker Ben Sanders in Mexico, when a gorgeous gifted droll archaeologist Suzy da Silva, who also has diverse types of bellicose skills, is rushed from the cosseted surroundings of Oxford University and propelled into a noxious audacious whirlpool of deception and detection in Egypt, Israel, Mexico and Alaska, for bringing to light the times of yore and erudition about the way of life.

Uniting with astrophysicist Tom Brooking, Suzy, at first although not stupefied by him, journeys four continents, to unchain the genesis of Christianity in Egypt and the transcendent inscrutability of the Golden Death Mask of Tutankhamun's tomb, where she had a inkling that the providence of mankind is preset in the dim, dirty, resonant compartments of the hallowed sepulchre and the baffling Mayan Temple of Inscriptions, to divulge the vanished furtive of the Mayan Calendar.

In concert, they menace their verve, shadowed by belligerent killers and turncoat special services, combating the services of an olden iniquity to discern secreted gen so prized that it has slouched quiescent for over a thousand years of a surreptitious connect to stellar sequences that rendezvous to the period of the Pharaohs and was also well-known to Mayan monarchs.

What sets off out as a seductive conundrum that would make an appealing expert notion has grown to be an intercontinental scheme whose executors are ready to do no matter which, to remain it from being exposed.

Folks who Suzy relies on are not all that they give the impression to be and find herself into all sorts of abrades, but was able to search out out of those clammy circumstances, and she did have assist in the slightest likely spaces. She was off beam regarding this basis from the start, but in the closing stages, become conscious all alongside that they were gazing out for her and her comrade, Tom whom she defunct up remising the length of for her escapade and ends up being the astound she grips to when she has no inspiration who she can and can't confide in. Just like Suzy and Tom, you don't discern who the fine chaps are and you without doubt don't distinguish who to rely on.

The entire narrative is a intriguing intrepid escapade reserve crammed with ingenious distant spaces and a bona fide breathtaking chronological quest delightfully in black and white, so appealing, that you sense swathes in the fairy-tale from the second you interpret, and is jam-packed with profundity and charily contemplated conspires and oodles of precise and momentous in sequence, with a mélange of times gone by, natural features and art enchantingly incorporated, and you would under no circumstances on one occasion consider misplaced or snowed under the times gone by.

The opening contour of this tome is verse in wave and put in action this exhilarating and mesmeric suspenseful story with each segment of the order enormously exciting and once the core exploit starts off you will find clutched in the yarn and plainly won't covet to place down your volume till you end sensing from start to conclusion, which is so engaging and entrancing.

The reserve embody a touch subterranean than just a nascent anecdote pedestal in the sun sodden desolate tracts and is concerning an obscurity with tons of twirls and twists with a common craving to confirm the folklore and furtive of the Egyptians and Mayans were in fact realistic dealings and prophecies.

The writer did an exceptional work enlarging equally the plot and the characters who are sturdy and perfectly fascinating whom you would be capable to see with, with the key central character, Suzy, being spirited, plucky, sharp, intricate and striking with the escapade across-the-board and picturesque in compass, overflowing with twirls and spins, like shrivelling a show.

There is so very much to uncover about the characters, what is happening, who it is happening to, who is connected and is absolutely a stunning plot filled with wondrous twists and turns. The novelists inscription chic is innate, gripping and electrifying and stay you yearning to interpret further and his bequest and mastery of chronicle enlightenment and obscurity entwinement are also idiosyncratic and craft sensing this volume a full pleasure traverse.

On the whole, the tome is a true page turner and a pleasurable amusing interpret with the action effortless to tag on, which readers will be pleased about, with the quantity of minutiae and investigate that go into putting in the picture such a flowing and absorbing saga.

Author: Tom Bane ♦ Pages: 382 ♦ Publisher: Telemachus Press ♦ Language: English ♦ ISBN: 978-1937698614 ♦ Published: March 2012 ♦ Binding: Paperback ♦ Language: English ♦ Genre: Crime, Thriller & Adventure