The Book of Henry starring Naomi Watts

Focus Features has released the trailer for The Book of Henry, the new movie by Colin Trevorrow about a 12-year-old young genius and his plan to save a girl trapped in a dangerous situation. The film brings to the screen a very original story that revolves around the young Henry and his single mom. These are the ingredients of The Book of Henry by Colin Trevorrow.

In the new clip, Henry (Jaeden Lieberher) tells his mother Susan (Naomi Watts) that the world's worst evil is apathy, referring to an incident that occurred a few hours earlier, where a woman in need was not helped by anyone, including Susan, who did not intervene to prevent the situation from becoming violent.

Focus Features has also published the video clip of Your Hand I Will Never Let It Go, the song by Stevie Nicks that will accompany the film. The video contains some new scenes in which Susan attends the shady deals of her neighbor Glenn Sinckleman (Dean Norris), while Henry devises a plan to save the dolce Christina (Maddie Ziegler) from him. There is also space for the talented Canadian actor Peter (Jacob Tremblay), brother of Henry.

Colin Trevorrow is back from Jurassic World and is in the process of directing Star Wars: Episode IX and then will go back to the semi-independent roots of Safety Not Guaranteed, a film that combines tension and intimacy.

Here's the synopsis. Sometimes things are not as they seem, especially in the small suburban town where lives the Carpenter family. The single mother Susan Carpenter (Naomi Watts) works as a waitress in a diner, with exuberant friend Sheila Family (Sarah Silverman). Her youngest son, Peter (Jacob Tremblay), is a playful child of 8 years.

To take care of everything and everyone in its own unique way is the eldest son of Susan, Henry (Jaeden Lieberher), aged 12, whose creativity is limitless. Protector of his adoring younger brother, and tireless advocate of his often insecure mother and, through various investments, the entire family, Henry shines like a comet.

Henry is a brilliant boy who takes care of his younger brother and mother Susan, even managing family finances. The quiet life of Henry is shocked when he discovers that his classmate and neighbour, Christina, is trapped in a very dangerous situation because of his stepfather.

Susan discovers that the family next door including the gentle companion of Henry's class, the twelve year old Christina (Maddie Ziegler) has a dangerous secret, and that Henry has devised a surprising plan to help her. While his bizarre rescue plan of Christina takes shape in exciting ways, he finds Susan in the middle.

Henry is the architect of an ingenious plan to save her, and describes in great detail in a diary, which gives the film its title. When Susan finds the diary of Harry, she decides to follow the instructions, who supports him step by step in implementing the plan. It will not be easy for the maid Susan to save Christina because the stepfather of the girl is a police commissioner.

The Book of Henry is an audible film with intense emotions. The challenge was to convey to the audience the same voltage of watching a blockbuster, but relying only on the story and the characters to do it. The screenplay is by Gregg Hurwitz, a novelist who also wrote many DC and Marvel comics, as well as several episodes of the series V.

The Book of Henry mixes laughter and drama, tension and emotion in a film that marks a return to basics for the director, who will soon be working on the creation of Star Wars: Episode IX. If you're a fan of the series Breaking Bad, you'll also recognise the brother of Walter White. The actor Dean Norris in fact lends his face to Christina's stepfather. The film will debut in US theatres on 16 June 2017.