Travluxe at 11

by - November 05, 2016

It's been long 11 years and honestly, the saying that time flies fast applies very aptly to this blog. It's more than an overwhelming feeling and more so because of the imagination that Travluxe has been able to capture. The day this blog was started I could have never imagined this blog would come this long and I can only say it is you and only you who have kept this blog going.

First and foremost I would like to thank God who gives me the words to write instead of actions to regret (point to heaven), "thank you". And to those who are new to this blog, in the beginning, what inspired me to blog? Here I must mention, It was just during some Google searching on some topics that I had bumped into the beautiful world of the blogosphere and the design and content of some of them really struck me.

Then the second inspiration came from this place of Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh, which was my first post on this blog. The place is so beautiful and the people and the culture of this place influenced me so much that I wanted to bring to light about this little-known place to the entire world.

And today its very heartening to know people get more and more curious about this place and by a number of queries I have been getting regarding this place, I can only say it has been worth it. A mixture of the earlier blogs mentioned and this beautiful place gave birth to the so-called 'Travluxe'. After that, things just went on adding to it. Over the years this blog may have been rebranded quite a few times and diversified into a lot into many topics but one thing has remained the same, that is its true focus on all things related to travel and lifestyle.


And I would not be here tonight without the unwavering support of what has been my partner, the love of my life, without whose silent support, inspiration and the motivation, perhaps this blog wouldn't have been possible and is the main energy, who is driving this blog. I love you more than you can imagine. And I know my grandfather is watching and with her my family that made me who I am. I miss them tonight and know that the debt to them is beyond measure.

As I have mentioned earlier my main intention of blogging is to showcase the beauty and diversity of this amazing country of India, about its myriad cultures, customs, traditions and the aura in diversity to the entire world. After some time it also does become an addiction of some sorts.

Now, why the name Travluxe? I see this blog as a platform where I can write a post related to different topics under the sun almost anything and everything, which might interest or impact most of the people, just like in an informal gossip among friends and other people. A garden comprises of lots of myriad and beautiful post and so is this blog with a diverse range of posts. Photography provides the added flavor to it. As also this blog covers the aura of the diversity of India. The basic theme of this blog can be related to Travel and Lifestyle.

I blog because it widens my world. I love the thought that somewhere across the oceans, a person I have never met (and may never meet) is getting to know something I wrote or a picture I captured. Blogging forces me to articulate my thoughts. Sometimes, I don't know what I think, until I write it down. Examine it. Critique it. Sometimes what comes out in a blog surprises me.

When I started blogging, there were so few visitors in the initial stages, and every morning I used to open my blog to see that there are no comments on my blog, it initially used to dishearten me but as I have said earlier the inspiration was there, to move ahead and today I feel it was worth it. The number of comments has crossed thousands now and this blog attracts more than a 1000 visitors every day.

Through Blogs I have come to learn and know about so many facts, places and cities in this world, which perhaps I would have never known, hadn't been it for blogging. I have also learned so much about Photography skills and techniques through different blogs.

It is a learning curve indeed. I have so many interesting posts where I just laughed my heart's content and also some posts when tears rolled down my cheeks as also lots and lots of thoughtful posts. It does have an impact on our lives and blogging is also an emotional journey especially when bloggers share moments alike.
Blogging has enabled me to have a wide array of friends now, perhaps from every part of the world now and it is such a beautiful experience sharing thoughts among them.

This blog has also given me a platform to contribute to different popular informative, educative online websites today specializing in various fields, where perhaps I could never have contributed. I will thank all those respective websites editors, who have given me a scope to enhance my knowledge and skills and reach out to a mass audience and getting known to the entire world.

Over time lots of visitors liked different posts and they wanted to link from my post to related posts on their site. Even once I got an offer from a visitor who wanted to write and post a poem on my blog based on one of my photographs. It gives a nice feeling when visitors want to do that and thanks very much to them too. It also feels very nice to know when someone got inspired by me or my blog and actually started blogging.

People of different spheres have visited my blog; most of them came through search engines and others by reference. Some of them found what they wanted and spent time reading my posts, while others left within few seconds and probably even cursed me for not keeping the content they were looking for and blaming the search engine for wrongly directing them to my page. At times I felt as if I am on top of the world when some of my posts got listed in the top of search results for specific queries.

But above all, I will never forget who this award truly belongs. It belongs to you. It belongs to you. I thank "Each and Everyone" of you for every single comment and email that you've sent my way. It's meant so much to know when I've captured your interest, introduced you to a new fact you'd never heard of, made you think or laugh, or inspired you to contribute to one of my lists.

It's also meant a lot just to know you've been reading. Yes, you! I thank all of you who cared to leave a word when I published a new post and when I did not, wondering where I was, what I was up to and if I was ok. This is the energy which propels me to go on. Once again I would especially like to thank "Each and Everyone" of you, who are very very special to me.

Without your support, words, inspiration, I simply could not have carried on. I won't take names here but I must say again "Each and Everyone" of you are very special to me. I would also specially thank all the silent visitors to this blog also as well as the first-timers, the part-timers and a very special one to all the regular ones. Your presence had added lots of glitter and priceless value to this blog.

I would also especially like to thank all those who have kept my blog in their Blogrolls or linking to this site. I would like to thank everyone, who at different times has provided suggestions as also inspiration regarding this blog whether about the content, posts, design or layout of this blog.

Last but not the least, Google, thank you, and to Blogger for giving me the chance to express myself to all those willing to listen and for giving the wonderful platform to bloggers to showcase their strengths, as well as providing an extra motivation now to go further with this award as also making it more challenging and improvise more with the increased expectation from readers, which we plan to cover through more, travel, food and lifestyle related posts.

I would continue to expect your support and inspiration to carry my work a long way ahead because it is for you only that this blog exists and you can only help me along in this beautiful journey and for the award here's a toast for a grand cake and coffee.

As you can see, I have finally gotten around to launching my very own blog. Do not worry, I have no plans on becoming the next Facebook or Google or anything so grandiose! Heck, I am not even sure I am doing this right and that anyone will be able to see what I am blogging.

As such, I am not going to launch into an in-depth session about why I am doing this and why you should even care about reading my thoughts. From my experiences reading others blogs, I do understand that this is all about personal expression and using technology to share one's thoughts and ideas.

As such, I think my focus will be on sharing a lot of the conversations that I tend to have as I am traveling the country for my job. And I do that a lot. Travel, that is. Oh, and I have conversations with myself as well. Not to worry, though. Not out loud. Well, just that one time in Dubuque where the flight attendant was eavesdropping. LOL (do people still use that?) More on that story another time.

There is so much to learn about doing all this. So, if you see silliness, it is likely I have flubbed something along the way. Please feel free to share with me what is acceptable and if you spot an error leave a comment (I am assuming you know how to do that better than I do at this point and I will learn how to be a first-rate blogger. Well, not shooting for first-rate out of the gates, but maybe someday soon!

Thanks for checking in. That is all for now. Adios.

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  1. Congrats for completing 9 year in blogging, Kalyan!! You are one of the few blog mates continue blogging./sharing from the beginning. Tawang is a wonderful place I come to know only through your and make introduction to you. My greeting to our partner as well