Despicable Me 3: The Minions are Back

The little yellow creatures, the incomprehensible language, yet hilarious, short hair on the head, with one eye or two, are ready to return. The affectionate leader is the former despicable Gru. The stars of Despicable Me 1 and 2 and Minions will be back in theaters with new adventures. Despicable Me 3 will, in fact, be in cinemas on August 24.

We had left the former supervillain Gru, who is now converted to the just cause after meeting detector with three orphans sisters Margot, Edith and Agnes. After becoming an adoptive father and passing from the side of good in chapter two, there was also the love story. The three sisters were now also a mother.

In the third chapter we find the whole family immediately after the wedding, "Grucy" have returned to their task of anti-bad special agents. But one of the "toughest" enemies reveals the former child prodigy, Balthasar Bratt. He lives in the obsession of the TV show of which he was the star in the eighties. It was canceled when pimples and mustache had made their appearance on the face of the child. /

Since then Balthasar collapse in a crisis of identity. He devises a big revenge on Hollywood who canceled the show and creates a small army of mini-robots. From the Bad Michael Jackson, armed with Big Bubble and an explosive Rubik cube. For the soundtrack, Pharrell Williams and Heitor Pereira will be back, but there are also several songs directly from the eighties.

We will have moonwalking where Bratt pays homage to Michael Jackson. There is the revival of music by Jump Van Halen and Take on me with his memorable video clips.

Fired by the new super manager for failing to catch Balthasar Bratt, Crane is in what is known as an identity crisis but also of perhaps middle age. Even if you put it behind his past as very bad, Crane became a model father and loving husband. In the first film, Crane discovered what it meant to be a father and the meaning of unconditional love.

In Despicable Me 2, Crane explores the experience of falling in love. Now Crane is in the middle of an identity crisis. Yes, because even as Crane and later Lucy find themselves out of work, they discover Dru, the twin brother, of whom they had never heard anything.

But when Gru is grumpy, always dressed in black, bent from the waist and is bald, Dru is talkative, dressed in white, easy to rice and especially with a long blond hair.
They are the yin and yang, two shares of the same reality. They are the good and the bad side of each of us. Because in each one there is a part that fails and so is even of these two brothers. They are separated at birth by two selfish parents.

Dru convinces Crane and gets back into the business. Among the challenges of this new episode is the one for the voice actors of Gru (Steve Carell in the original) to create two similar but different voices.

After the exploits two years ago, Despicable Me 3 marks the return of the little yellow creatures. Among them emerges in this episode, Mel. He drive a sort of mutiny of Minions with a lot of flight and the invasion of a talent show. The Minions in jail put in line the most hardened criminals but the nostalgia of their old leader will lead them to a spectacular escape.

And if the Minions are beings who speak to everyone but especially to younger viewers, the Despicable Me saga is full of cinematic references that speak to moviegoers.