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The Kiss between literature and theater, sacred mythology and history, as well as intimacy of the home of a simple happy life, is used as an universal gesture of love and pleasure. As Valentine's Day approaches, on Kiss Day, we explore this fascinating, sentimental and dramatic theme declined in all possible suggestions.

The kiss is a gesture and sacred at the same time and is among the most universal of human behavior. The kiss gives a spectrum of meanings, attitudes, motivations and traditions. In the collective imagination the kiss is closely linked to the feeling of love and related emotions, but different are the symbolic values attributed to this act.

The kisses belong to specific rituals and are an expression of a different nature of feelings which cover not only the love, but also the maternal and filial affection, tenderness, sympathy, gratitude, compassion, joy, pain.

A history of the kiss could be written to highlight an evolution of the meaning of the gesture in the uses and customs of civilization, over time and through space, but every classificatory solution might look artificial, since often the categories within which to place the different types of kisses overlap. We will try here to draw up a brief summary of the kiss, paying attention only to lead a symbolic gesture.

Kiss binds to specific cultures and there are peoples who have long denied the erotic value, not recognizing it as an act intended for research and obtaining a sweet pleasure. The kiss was for example seen in western China as a simulacrum of cannibalism, while today the customs of various African people to embed in the lower lip the wooden discs or darken their teeth with betel leaves cancels any erotic connotation of the mouth.

For the Eskimo people mouth and tongue had very practical functions, and they are used to chew the leather and clean children, and intimate search is the nose, involving the olfactory proxemics. The nose kiss is indeed described by Darwin and other ethnologists as a way to share the other's space, crossing well-defined thresholds of intimacy.

With the same meaning, even today among some peoples of northern Australia, Aboriginal men gather sweat with their hands, rubbing the body and applying it on the skin again. It is a form of acceptance in their intimate zone, which is to express the degree of hospitality.

The kiss from prehistory to our descendants is a demonstration of affection that has no age, from tenderly kissing the newborn or the elderly mother to affectionately kissing the lover. The origin of the kiss, say the anthropologists, dates back to prehistoric times, when our ancestors to feed their young passed it through a kind of food kiss in their mouth.

Mothers to feed their children chewed the food and gave it them with a mouth to mouth contact that implied a significant amount of pressure of the tongue and lips and was a way of feeding children similar to that of birds that seems bizarre and strange today, but our species has probably practiced it for more than a million years.

kiss day wallpapers pics images

Lovers find each other exploring the mouth with the tongue, that, generates archaic well-being and the feeling of satisfaction and trust. This, strengthens their confidence and their link. The mouth is the first privileged organ through which the children know the people, the objects the world. The children bring everything to mouth, because it is an extremely sensitive organ and a place of transit of what gives more satisfaction of the food.

The neurobiologists have recently, with extensive research, reduced the role of passion and feeling and affirm categorically that the function of the kiss is mainly to select the partners with purely reproductive purposes. The kiss is a kind of cure-all, is the most superficial and affectionate, is the most thorough, full of eroticism and sensuality.

Kiss produces confidence, the endorphins, which stimulate the joy and keeps the sadness away, while tending to lower the level of cortisol, the stress factor, which increases in situations of anxiety and danger. When the kiss is passionate it increases blood flow to the brain, while the heart begins to throb more intensely and the pupils dilate. It also induces desire, elation and euphoria. The longer and more intense kisses excites the woman.

The kiss is not just by human beings as there are exchange of effusions between animals. Currently it is believed that the kiss has also the function to search for partners with a different genetic makeup from their own to reinforce the offspring. It manifests itself in the same way in all cultures from the Eskimos or pygmies who also mutually rub noses, as also the Mongols and the Japanese.

Kiss expresses a very wide range of situations and relationships, by submission in the presence of a powerful whom they kiss the feet of the greeting between friends and family, from the exchange of intimacy between two lovers at the wedding ceremony or in a clan. Then there are the liturgical kisses to sacred objects during services and the administration of certain sacraments, or between religious leaders.

A very special kiss from irrepressible sensuality is the French kiss, which is to kiss the other person to open his or her mouth, moving vigorously and often with exchange of light bites on the lips and on the tongue itself and is, almost always traded with eyes closed. The French kiss is an approach to the sexual act itself, or one of the so-called preliminary, and often younger people start to find out the sex through this kind of kiss.

hot kiss wallpapers pics images

The oldest kisses the visual arts are those stored in the excavations of Pompeii or in the erotic Cabinet of the Archaeological Museum of Naples, in line with an erroneous historical tradition, which takes place the birth of the kiss, in the modern sense to the first century BC, when to fight the habit of drinking for women was established that any man had met a relative path could approach to control the breath. Of course if you make sobriety is relatively simple, it is far more difficult to make sure of the love of a woman, so the kiss, from a simple approximation of the lips, would have become what we all know, from childhood.

The Latins had three different definitions for the kiss of the osculum representing respect and was used for the filial love, while basium and was used for the wives, and the Savium was an expression of lust and traded with prostitutes.

In the literary field even Shakespeare has left us unforgettable pages on the kiss, from that of Romeo and Juliet to those fatal Othello and Desdemona, the first, passionate, traded on the Cyprus stands and the last, desperate, when the bold dark savored with his lips the last moments of life from his dying love.


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