Rava Dosa Recipe without Rice Flour

Continuing our tour of the most representative dishes of Indian cuisine, today we will discover what is Dosa and how it is prepared. The dosa pronounced as doce or sometimes as dosai is a kind of crepe with spices that is very typical of South Indian cuisine but easily found everywhere and besides, it is delicious. It is usually eaten as a snack and, in its place of origin in Tamilnadu also as a breakfast.

The thin crêpe is made of lentils and rice, which after being fried in an iron plate, is filled with the most diverse ingredients. What gives it the best flavor is the mashed potato cooked with fried onions, garlic and a dose of vegetables and fruits that make it a bit bittersweet. Every mortal should try it at least once in their life.

Thus, we find dosa stuffed with mushrooms, cheese, varied vegetables, although the most common are the so-called masala dosa, stuffed with potato, vegetables, fried onions, and spices. A variant of the masala dosa is the Mysore masala dosa, served with coconut and onion chutney. In Bangalore, the masala dosa is served with a red chutney applied on its surface.

The dosa is a dish of great success among the Indian population, something that is reflected in the long queues that form in front of the street stalls where this specialty is prepared. Its price, moreover, makes it accessible to everyone as a dosage in one of these carts is around 30 rupees. If on the contrary, we order it in a restaurant, the price of the dosa can reach 60, 100 and even 120 rupees, which can not be considered a great price either.

Although it is a typical breakfast dish, its size and nutritional composition make dosa an excellent choice to taste at lunch or any time of the day. This type of snack is low in fat and has a high content of carbohydrates and proteins. On the other hand, those who still tread with fear when trying the special flavors of India will find in this dish an easy way out of their fears, because if you ask for a little spice, the dosa differs from any crêpe.

The transcription dosa is the one that prevails and that has been widely accepted by the Indian restaurant industry. Other types of dosa include Butter dosa, chili dosa, chow-chow dosa prepared with Chinese noodles, ghee dosa, green dosa prepared with some mint chutney, egg dosa, onion dosa, paper dosa, rava dosa made with semolina, which does not need fermentation and in this way is considered a fast snack or tiffin.

Other variants re the wheat dosai, vella dosai made with syrup and ghi or neyyi, ragi dosai made with millet flour, Muttai dosai, set dose, one of the most popular dosas in Karnataka. This dosa is cooked only on one side and the other cooked while serving.

Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 40 mins
Servings: 4 servings
Calories per serving: 125 calories per 100 gms


2 cups semolina
1 cup rice flour
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tbsp green chilies
1 tsp ginger
1 tsp peppercorn
1 cup sour buttermilk
4 cups water
2 tbsp coriander leaves
4 curry leaves
1 onion
1 carrot
1 tbsp cilantro
3 beans
1 tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp Bengal gram dal
1 tsp urad dal
Pinch of Hing
Oil as required
Salt to taste

Recipe Method:

Mix rice flour, rava, all-purpose flour and salt together. Add all the vegetables and spices and mix well. Add water and buttermilk and mix well. The batter will be of the thin consistency and let it sit for an hour. At the time of making dosas add more water such that it is of pouring consistency.

Heat a frying pan on high for a minute and add the oil. When it gets hot, add the mustard seeds and curry leaves and cover with a lid. Once the mustard splutters, add the dals and wait for a minute for them to brown. Add this to the dosa batter and mix well.

Add a tsp of oil and let it coat the base of the heated frying pan. Pour a ladleful of dosa batter from the outward base of the pan in a circular motion and shake the pan a bit. Add the chopped onions first in the pan and then fill the gap in the middle with dosa batter. Pour all over evenly filling the gaps. Pour oil along the edge of the dosa and the gaps in the middle and cook in medium flame for 4 minutes.

Flip over and let the dosa roast for a half a minute or so till it reaches a nice golden brown stage. Take off the pan, serve hot with chutney or sambar and a cup of hot coffee.