Vicky Donor Movie Review

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Vicky Donor is a film about the importance of donating sperm to help childless couples starring Ayushmann Khurrana, trying to make sense of his wayward life, hoping to get a job somewhere brought in by a well qualified infertility doctor to supply him with high quality sperm, Dolly Ahluwalia, Yami Gautam and Annu Kapoor in the lead roles directed by Shoojit Sircar is a Bollywood comedy drama film produced by actor John Abraham.

Dr. Baldev Chaddha (Annu Kapoor) is leading in Delhi, a clinic specializing in assisted reproduction, and a sperm bank. However, his business is in trouble and start to make our doctor goes in search of the ideal donor whose sperm would be as infallible as the warriors of Alexander the Great. Eventually he found it in the person of Vicky Arora (Ayushmann Khurrana) which, however, does not pay from mine. Vicky is a lanky 25-year-old only son of a widow who scrapes by helping his mother in her beauty salon in expectation of a lucrative job and, if possible, not too tiring.

When Chaddha proposes to Vicky to become his ideal donor, the latter refuses, but he will quickly change your mind through his first pay, and then as gifts to the doctor as satisfied customers. Finally convinced by Dr Baldev he does a good deed while improving the lives of his family, Vicky will quickly become disillusioned. The easy money has a ransom: the eyes of others and in particular the potential girlfriends who rush to paste him a big slap when they proudly announces that it is sperm donor.

Scalded Vicky finally silence his activity, albeit lucrative, but disgraceful to others. As he goes to the bank to open an account, he falls for an employee, Ashima Roy, a young woman of Bengali origin as beautiful as liberated and modern. Vicky made assiduous court to the beauty who agrees to marry him, but they have yet to convince their respective families and especially the fight against prejudice that Punjabis and Bengalis maintain some against others.

Finally all is well that ends well almost, Vicky and Ashima marry, but do not have many children. Then Ashima pass several medical examinations to determine the reason for the infertility. She learns quick succession she can have children and that her husband was the sperm donor.

Released on Indian screens in April 2012, Vicky Donor was directed by Shoojit Sircar and produced by John Abraham , which is the first production. Yes, you read that right, it's the same hunk bodybuilder who plays muscle and humor in Dostana or Desi Boyz, proving that one can have in the arm and in the head, by financing a risky film. Indeed, for the subject matter, infertility and assisted reproduction, Vicky Donor proposes to twist at several taboos in Indian society and in particular issues related to eroticism and sexuality, relegated to the sphere private, so hidden as a shameful secret, although the trend is towards liberalization of late cinema.

Unlike I AM, especially I AM AFIA, which addressed the same issue in a more serious aspect, Vicky Donor is presented primarily as a comedy and will address the issue on a lighter tone. Nevertheless, we guess the social pressure to reactions of the characters. Under a modern appearance, prejudices are still there, tenacious, and these are not always older who demonstrate conservatism.

Despite the laudable effort to make a film both entertaining and educational, to change attitudes, Vicky Donor has some kinks. If the first part is resolutely innovative, the second takes the path of a more conventional romantic comedy with scenes of seduction and lovebirds struggle for the triumph of their love of family reticence, mainly based on cultural prejudice that Indians of different regions on top of each other. By dint of trying too hard to kiss, we finally embrace evil and Vicky Donor falls, in this area, in déjà vu.

Besides the subject matter, the other commercial risk Vicky Donor, low-budget film still 5 crore was not having movie stars in his poster, Ayushmann Khurrana and Yami Gautam are television actors. Also John Abraham in person, he made ​​a special appearance in a sung sequence to promote his film.

Music, signed by several composers, Abhishek-Akshay, Bann, Rochak Kohli and Ayushmann Khurrana (lead actor) is nice, but not memorable: the accompaniment of guitar making romantic songs all similar to each other; about "Rum & Whisky", this is a bhangra / pop without much originality.

Vicky Donor was the surprise success of the first half of 2012 at the box office of Hindi films. Yet out in full cricket season, sometimes harmful to the film, the film has garnered 40 crores revenue, reporting a significant profit to its producer (given the original bet) and proving that comedy, from the moment it does not fall into caricature or gravelly given the subject is a good option when you want to reach a wide audience on societal issues. Said superhit Vicky Donor drew the attention of the film industry in South India. The actor Siddharth would have bought the rights to do a remake in Tamil / Telugu where he would take the lead role.

A very original film, with a good pace, with actors sympathetic and credible, with set design and dialogue well done. A good film funny, entertaining, but also very tender and for those who rip off some tear easily moved.

From this premise seemingly unlikely, and instead confirmed by the fact already when the script was already under development, comes a comedy that might be childish as his hero, and instead proves to be witty and moving. There are many elements that work, starting with the cast, with many facets, helped by a physicality to any man that keeps it believable through many metamorphoses of the character, is a delightful mix of grace and cynicism and all the other roles, chosen without falling into the stereotype.

The screenplay is balanced and mild, with beats that you can shift the pitch up or down the rows as needed and the time . The sentimentality is kept in check with the exception of a musical score intrusive and manipulative by directing a clean and honest that it never lingers on the item or on the comic or dramatic.

Vicky Donor manages to touch important topics the generation precarious than that of unemployed twenty somethings in a world of limited options failure to handover the part of those who should have done their fathers but have avoided that responsibility; the needs of young people guidance and support, even more moral than economic, and the recognition of their existence and their value; whether or not, on the part of fathers to their children and to give confidence to bet on the future.

Ayushmann will try the way to a greater awareness and a gradual acquisition of their adult role, revealing first of all to himself unexpected resources. It should not be revealed, however, if the protagonist will find that road, following a plot that is never obvious and reserve several surprises, telling a part of the world whose melting pot has not neutralized the ethnic origin of immigrants just view the movies. We tremble to the idea but escapes the underscore heavy and coarse humor, offered on a silver platter, to achieve the right balance between popular appeal and intelligent reflection.

But the end it is proposed that the work of the director is not so much about the veracity of the story as to represent a range of issues today than ever present in individuals and in society, namely, the growth and maturation of an adult, even in spite of the importance of parental and just as a biological parent accounts than the one adopted in mind and last but not least, as the immense value of emotions and relationships.

In addition to all this is to point out that this play is favorably well directed, full of witty dialogue, but never vulgar while touching on subjects a bit special, filmed with a balanced style and slight dampening the most dramatic moments, in the name of humor and good feelings but without in a mock gooders. Very good place for a couple of hours of fun smart but unpretentious.