Jannat 2 Movie Review

The film Jannat 2 is at best bold. It has nothing to do with the main actor and the production team. But what does not happen today to lure the audience to the cinema?

Sonu Dilli (Emran Hashmi) lives as a arms dealer in Delhi. When the smart cop Pratap Raghuvanshi (Randeep Hooda) arrives, his world gets shaken. The hard-hitting officer forces Sunil to work as an informer for the police. This goes well until he falls in love with Jhanvi Tomar (Esha Gupta). She is a wonderful, self-confident doctor. She is the daughter of gangster Mangal Singh Tomar (Manish Chaudhary). Raghuvanshi wants to convict him at any cost.

Here it has worked and this earned almost, because Jannat 2 is little better than the predecessor. But that is not much, for that was, despite the success, a very boring. The second passage is desolate and overflowed, but at least there are a few things to like.

For example the former Miss India International Esha Gupta. In the initial phase she possesses charisma. But later she get reduced rather to attractive decoration. The soundtrack is not bad, even though Pritam contributes a few unnecessary pieces. The staging is not negative either. And last but not least, the two men are convincing.

Randeep Hooda is good in the role of a tough cop. Emraan Hashmi plays his part well, even if it is a bit boring to see him in romantic sequences. Especially when he has to play the funny guy in the beginning, he sometimes looks wrong, but later he gets better. But it does not expand its spectrum in any case.

This is true for all involved parties. Jannat 2 is a Mukesh Bhatt production with all the advantages and disadvantages. It get staged well with a melancholic touch. There are the cool protagonists, and the beautiful women. Then there is soulful music and the gangster setting.

The film is well as a dozen others from the same production house. Why the viewers want to see this at all is very strange, but the name Jannat 2 makes it. There is nothing new or especially exciting to find here.

A third part stands in the way. Finally, one can carry the whole thing for an arbitrary length of time. Emran emanate again, with a story in the half-world out of crime and corruption - and off you go. The audience will come, because of the quality can not lie, that have proved in the parts one and two. No, now the recognizable is in the foreground.

Bhatt. Hashmi. Jannat. Play it clean and it works. No matter whether you are talking about long-winded films. No matter if the story looks something slipped. For my part, I do not need a part three, at least the hope is there, but the viewers can get a bit more. At Jannat 10 we then get a great film.