Saturday, October 11, 2014

Jannat 2

Jannat 2 a tumultuous rollercoaster journey of an angst ridden cop set against the murky gullies of Old Delhi stars Emraan Hashmi, Randeep Hooda, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Esha Gupta, Prachi Desai, Manish Chaudhary, Imran Zahid, Viren Basoya, directed by Kunal Deshmukh, is a Bollywood crime thriller film written by Shagufta Rafique produced by Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt.

Sonu Dilli (Emraan Hashmi) is a bandit small way, arms dealer in his spare time. After a tough interrogation, Inspector Pratap Raghuvanshi (Randeep Hooda) (known to some few special methods) convinces Sonu (more or less against his will) to join the police and to become an undercover agent fighting against trafficking weapons. But when he falls for Jhanvi (Esha Gupta), Sonu decided to abandon the danger.

Critique : After a first part which was a big success, Jannat 2 was necessarily expected. Fan First, I placed a lot of hope in this "suite", even if the characters are not the same. And disappointment is living up to expectation. Boosted by the reputation Jannat , Jannat 2 was a success in India, said semi-hit with a total of 41 crores in two weeks. But critics remained mixed, both for the soundtrack for the film.

Let us first discuss the scenario. Unlike the first phase, which had a certain depth, the second film has an appalling scenario of poverty! We are witnessing a parade of bad clich├ęs and inconsistencies. The moral transformation of the main character remains the best example ... she comes in too quickly to be credible and it is difficult to understand how this lout 'redneck' can become so quickly a model lover. In the end, we find a film that is sorely lacking in soul, as artistic sense. It's cold, incoherent, and trying too hard to add a commercial spirit to his film, the director loses pitifully.

Indeed, Kunal Deshmukh is far from the artistic sense of his colleagues from Vishesh Films (Anurag Basu, Mohit Suri)! Far from the aesthetic of Raaz 2, or poetry of Gangster, he gives us a crude film that surprises at any time by taking a cool camera, or anything else. Also players skate. Emraan, yet so good these last times, hardly embody the rustic side of his character. It makes up for in the second half, but we expected more. Esha Gupta to when it illuminates the screen well by its beauty, but, alas, her acting is less brilliant! But the prize for worst actor of the film returns well Manish Choudhary caricature ... and pathetic, that's one of the worst performance of the year!

Fortunately, Randeep Hooda is here! As for Jism 2 , it electrifies the screen each appearance but the problem is that in this film it is secondary actor. This is a brilliant actor, who has the gift to find movies that are not to its height. Yet good intentions there in spades! The scenes confronting Randeep and Emraan duel are more than successful, the love story (despite his little unlikely and innocent side) is funny, touching and effective. Again, he has a problem ... this film is supposed to be a thriller about arms trafficking not a romantic comedy!

The final scenes, heartbreaking, deep and powerful, catching a bit of that, but we also recall how Deshmukh may have talent ... it is frustrating! For the soundtrack, one finds with pleasure the legendary air of the first film in the background of each song. But the songs are largely inferior to those of the first part, but they are not bad. We note the very good "Sang hoon tere" which stands as a great success. The others, whose dance "Hua Tera Deedar" are really booming. Finally, some (rare) good ideas, a more than inspired Randeep Hooda but a lack of mastery disheartening. A real disappointment.

The gambler Arjun Dixit (Emraan Hashmi) prefers with his buddy (Vishal Malhotra) of a gaming table to another. But since they usually lose their use, they are at the moneylenders in the Cretaceous. In the emergency Arjun puts everything on a cricket bet: He wins and increases from then on thanks to its sporty "sixth sense" always higher in rank the betting kings. However, the police has him soon on his heels and his beloved friend Zoya (Sonal Chauhan) makes increasingly worried.

Yawn. Anyone hoping for a jaunty Bollywood thriller with gambling, romance and excitement, which is completely wrong here. Jannat is a drama that makes his gambling issues not much and instead satisfied is to be a dog Emraan Hashmi vehicle. The actor embodies once again its role as a standard oh-so-poor man with puppy dog eyes, the catches in the perils of the underworld and the way in love with a beautiful woman. One has the feeling of having seen this dozens of times already. And all the better.

It is particularly disappointing, as is directed by debutant Kunal Deshmukh satisfied with the Bhatt mediocrity. Producer Mukesh Bhatt and his henchmen are lately only anxious to turn reasonably close to reality, halfway gloomy and melancholy love thriller in solid appearance, often with Hashmi in the lead role. They dare not, they bring little. If we take occasional gangster out looks, you can already consider themselves lucky - and even that is slightly overestimated. But "Jannat" watered down this formula to nothingness. There is hardly anything that really tackles the overlong film.

The love story that would have to be so central, does not work from the beginning. Arjun sees his heart lady doing something stupid and bang, they are a couple. Just because. Similarly unmotivated going from there. Man does evil woman is sad, man shouts back and promised to make amends, man slips back into the demimonde. Wake me when it's over. This is also already said that the thriller part little is good. Voltage comes to no when Emran shakes his predictions from the sleeve. Everything in "Jannat" happened so arbitrary and casual. Nothing urge or push, nothing grabs.

After all, the story is not stolen. The Thriller Drama Although Two For The Money with Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey covers a similar range from, but fixed a lot to excessive bets and their processes - which only marginally is an issue here. Even composer Pritam seems for once not too much to steal, but his songs still makes not better. They belong to the typical soft-rock wave, pleasing to the ear, but quickly forgotten - what Rediff so beautiful " whoa-whoa-whoa songs called. Right. Choruses, in which these syllables are sung, there abound here, you hear about in Zara Sa into.

What remains? A disappointing and empty particularly dreary film. Emraan Hashmi doing with puppy dog eyes and curly hair the best, not to let the drown, but his charm does not stop the story alive. Newcomer Sonal Chauhan looks good, but because their Love Story comes so desired, they can not shine big. At the latest in the second half of film it is interchangeable and in the finals it is even really bad (you bastards). In supporting roles act Javed Sheikh and Vishal Malhotra solid.

These nice songs, unimaginative image and schematic design dialogs, is a ready retort film without ambition, who hides under a melancholic atmosphere. How could still advance to one of the most lucrative movies of 2008 "Jannat", remains for me personally one of the great Bollywood mystery of this vintage.